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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Geng, Pengembaraan Bermula

I just returned home from watching Geng, Pengembaraan Bermula. The much awaited Malaysian 3D animated movie for 2009. The film has exceed all my expectation and suprised me with it entertaining storyline with smooth execution. Which until now, many of malaysians movie(animation included), are lacking of. (with exception of Yasmin Ahmad's film).

Im sure that, Mr Hassan Mutalib will be proud of 'Geng' achievement, from it 3D animaton quality and other technical aspect of the films, a bounds of leap from the historic 'Sang Kancil' series until the latest 'Budak Lapok'. 'Geng' proves that with supports from many, our local animators too can produce a Hollywood quality animation movie.

First off all, i would like to congratulate Les Copaque for proving that they are not wasting our goverment money and support the media giants.The quality of 'Geng' i believe is worth the investment of time,money etc.

I hope they pays their staff esp to the animators well, according to their hard work.Because these behind the curtains people has dedicate their skills and time to ensure success of 'Geng'. Their hardwork should get encouragement and rewarded fairly.

Anyhow, Im glad that i finally able to purchased tickets for 'Geng' after severals trials. Most of the time,the screening sessions status are either 'selling fast' or 'sold out' since the opening of the movie!! It is so dissapointing when some of the cinema operators did not add screening sessions for 'Geng' to cater the public support. Ironicly,screening times for 'Benjamin Buttons' are a lot to choose from,with multiple screening halls!

I have to watch 'Geng' at MBO cineplex at Galaxy ampang for god sake, and yet have to purchase tickets earlier in the day for 10.45pm screening time! Les Copaque definately has to overcome this situation as soon as possible, to ensure the cinema operators addding more screening time for 'Geng' to cater the increasing demands. Or else their target of achieving RM10 Million box office collection might have a rough patch.

Well, I have to tell you, our hall is a full house!. Packed with people from various age and ethnic. Chinese, malay, you name it. All of us come with friends and families. Little kids as early as 3 year old to granpa and grandma!! Its a tiny gathering to the most of us who are also 'upin and ipin' TV series followers.

Upin and Ipin definately has steal the show with their adoreable yet naughty antiques, same goes with other characters, kak ros,tok dalang,lim,badrol,rajoo,muthu,mak uda.Each of them has their own unique strenght of delivery. Each of them are not only loveable but they are also memorable!

The cinematography technique is beautifully done to create mood for the storyline. The breathtaking views of kampung is brilliantly portrayed, the only thing, that is lacking probably the cave scene where the stone texture and visuals are pretty much the same.(but it doesnt make the scene look bad or anything). The stunt technique in some of the scenes are refreshingly tastefully done.I can see alot of effort has been pour to execute it as perfectly as possible.

I guarantee the face of satisfaction glows from many faces,from the moment the credit roll untill the end credit. Many of us didnt bug eventough the movie ended, just to watch the ending scenes during the credit.Im sure, some of it key scenes, jokes,dialog of the characters will become taglines by malaysian to use in their daily conversations and jokes.

'Geng' is definately is almost perfect work of craft, be it on the artistic directon or it marketing strategy. Each of it elements each other well bring success of both artistic qualities and selling factors. I dont want to elaborate in detail about it because it will be another chapter of it al together.But it has definately proves that the strategy of making a great movie depends on it success of selling the movie through direct and indirect of every facets of the movie.

Having said all that, i think Les copaques has already know the weakness of the movie. I dont want to detail up on that part because, the movie has already complete. But hopefully,for future release, i hope to see an improvement on the production part of the movie esp on the dubbing technique. I dont know if it cause by cinema sound system or the movie itself, the sound during the singing scene is unclear and quite far off.

The success of 'Geng' should be a lesson to all malaysian movie producers out there, be it animation of not. If you produce a movie with a proper execution and interesting,entertaining storyline, people will come and watch with full support. But if you only talk big, saviours your own movie with sweet promises but fail to deliver in many aspect, sorry, you will only bring the name of the local industry even lower.

Im very sure, the success of 'Geng' will inspires many wannabees outthere to produce a similar movie.No matter who they are, i hope they done more than enough homework to come out with a similar or better quality of movies.

'Geng' has definately has set a high standard of local animation movies. Who knows, after 11 years birth of 'Silat Lagenda'. Malaysia animation movies has finally arrived to a level standard, eventough there are still alot of improvement, we are definately on the right track for a much bigger prospect. It is most appropriate and not wrong to say that has begin a new Malaysian phenomenon..

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