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Thursday, February 12, 2009

High Speed Broadband via Fibre


Honestly,malaysia broadband service is still way behind the service standard of other countries.
Many of us are not aware that, broadband service in Malaysia is consider expensive due to many reasons, among many are:-

1) Expensive Platform of service

Streamyx/ADSL) are riding on the cooper platform, although cooper is an old technology, which many of us thought taking for granted of it its value,the truth is cooper is an expensive platform. Although it is a legacy from the past, maintaining of cooper does not come cheap. Thus, the telco couldnt offer a competitive price. Futhermore, the continous cases of copper theft will continue to increase cooper operating cost. As a nearly obsolete platform, many of it manufacturing spare parts and maintainance support group will soon shutting down their offices and supplies to concerntate on the development of the new communication technologies.

2)Lack of users.

Although internet users in Malaysia are increasing. The numbers is not huge enough to bring the price down as compared to the other countries. Majority of the internet users are educated people reside in urban/town area, wherey the bigger chuck of Malaysia esp in rural areas does not use internet in daily basis, let alone own a computer.

3) lack of content and application

Unlike europe and USA, malaysians does not have much choice to enjoy local content. Our daily internet doses are majorly provided and comes from international content, such as yahoo, google, youtube, torrent, etc channeling our traffic and bandwith into international gateways. Thus thats why we malaysians are paying more than users in europe and america.Hopefully with the implementation of HSBB it will entice and encourage more local entreprenurs to develop local content content,and application,

Hopefully, soon with the implementation of HSBB, Malaysians will be able to enjoy premium data speed as currently only being enjoyed by corporate companies. With the implementation of fibre to home and building. We will enjoy broadband with a minimum speed of 20Mbps at a much cheaper price.

Fibre platform will allow diverse flexibility to malaysians to fully enjoy high data speed for internet,but for many other multimedia services such as interactive tv, E-appplications such as commerce,education,medical,security etc.

It will not only bring fruitful benefit to the us as public, but also to the development of the country economy with the strengthen, reliable platform to support various industry growth.

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