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Monday, February 16, 2009


Proton just annouced the name of it new MPV. Ironically the name is "EXORA". A flower.
For those who does not know. 'Exora' or 'Bunga Jejarum' in malay look likes this:-
I was quite dissapointed that of all names, Proton choose Exora, which belong in a group of PLANT.

Well few months ago, i join Proton MPV naming contest, and submitted few entries of name suggestion which includes, 'Proton Opera' which i think represent the spacious MPV, dramatic, larger than life characteristic of MPV physical appearance.

and also 'Proton Aurora', a spectrum of beautiful ray of light in the sky representing the positive emotional attachment to the new MPV.

Yet proton choose EXORA. although they do use any animalistic names similar to kancil or kelisa, EXORA is a flower! which personally to me belong to group of vegitation/plant. Which something that they clearly stated in the contest terms and condition, entries should not contains animalistic or vegitation name!

Im not saying that Proton should pick my idea instead.NO. Im just disappointed, of all thousands of entries they pick a name that can raise argument based their contest terms and conditions. Thats all.

The judges decision is final and binding and no correspondence will be entertained.
oh well....im a lil disappointed tho. I wonder who are the lucky winner?


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