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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Regional malay music channel

"88% of Chinese youth prefer music from China

85% of Indian youth prefer music from India

80% of Korean youth prefer music from Korea

87% of Thai youth prefer music from Thailand

92% of Indonesian youth prefer music from Indonesia

Our rule of thumb is that 80% of preference is for local language music and other content"

Source: MTV Music Matters Research. April 2007. 15-34 in 10 Countries. Synovate.

I personally think that its about time MTV open up a new channel catering specifically for malay language musical contents catering for Indonesia,Brunei,Singapore and Malaysia audience.

Well, Other than MTV, Astro might also rejuvenate the RIA channel to become a regional malay language music channel for the SEA region.(at least PRIMA can be fully utilised for malay drama,talkshows, and movies) Afterall, with increasing numbers of malay language musical content and artistes,most of the content's has a very short lifespan.Despite the production cost in having music videos,the videousually end up in a media archive, only being play ocassionally to fill in gap during broadcast.

Furthermore,the revenue potential from advertisement, catering for such demographic, and many other revenue generating activities are something these media giants should think about.

Who knows, if its not them, maybe someday the idea of of having a regional malay language music channel will be pioneer by Star TV, or TCS.(regardless who launch it first), until then, the idea of having the annual 'Anugerah Planet Muzik' to me,doesnt really make sense.

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