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Monday, March 30, 2009

Miloskilos at Anggun Showcase in KL

It was blissful raining evening that Friday. The traffic congestion almost delay timing to arrive on time at Hotel Istana. Nope, we weren’t there for dinner buffet or anything but specifically to support Anggun’s Elevation Showcase. A rarely event which any Anggun fans shouldn’t miss.

The last time Anggun was in KL, probably was for the launching event of Audimars Piguet watch at Starhill Gallery, not to promote ‘Luminescence’ an album that was release during that time. It was probably in 2006 or 2007. The last time Anggun performed in a showcase was at Hard Rock Café to promote Chrysalis probably in 2001 or 2002.She also performed in a slot at KL Jazz festival few years ago maybe in 2003, 2004. I am not able to catch her performance cause I was not in Kuala Lumpur.

The first time I saw Anggun performance was by accident, during a Dunhill private event at KL Tower. Her showmanship was amazing the last time I saw her, with petals roses and a paperfan, and at that event, I actually diminished my initial impression that she wasn’t that beautiful. However,if you met her in person, you cant help but envy her beautiful skin,hair, exotic looks, charms and of course her charisma! She is a down to earth, superstar!

I never meet Anggun up close or in person, eventough few years back I dedicated my time and passion to maintain a fansite known as ‘voice of anggun’,which I shut down due to lack of time and at that time it is hard to get updated news on Anggun. I believe her team does not believe in Internet or technology as a marketing tool, so I decided to support her locally in my own way. Fortunately Anggun fanbase grew larger and so does the amount of dedicated, better fansite.

Soonest as I received the news of her showcase in Hotel Istana, I immediately made my RSVP and counted the days. LOL. I made few preparation hoping that this time I be able to meet her in person, probably get a chance to get all my CDs signed and handed her a gift. I bought her a book ‘ Life in terengganu’ by Awang Goneng, A local author who now resides in Holland. The book is actually an autobiography of his life growing up in Terengganu when he was young. A very picturesque memoirs, something that I think Anggun may like since I read somewhere that she enjoy readings people’s life story. So I wrap the book in a blue cover with a blue ribbon, representing my personal style, something feminine yet masculine at the same time. Lol.

Anyway after the registration we rushed ourselves to the very front seat. Without shame. Of course!. The halls was modestly decorated with Elevation backdrop, a grand piano, a keyboard, a sofa ( to be used as props I guess), and a mic and notes stand. I guess everyone were anxiously waiting for the event to start. I was quite surprised most of the guests were local celebrities, singers, musicians, you know the mover and shakers of Malaysia music industry , the royalties and of course the most important of all, the loyal fans of Anggun from different walks of life and ages(mostly those who attended were people in their 20s and above).Since the venue is in Hotel Istana. The invitations are by RSVP and limited to 200 external guests only.

Honestly everyone was nervous to see Anggun. Moment later, the lights were dimmed, and Anggun video career path achievements were played. As a fan, I was delighted when I saw some of the very rare video clippins, especially the rosie o Donald part where Rosie interviewed her and asked her about her feelings off her debut album and a short footage of her snow on sahara performance in America, other than session of the west clip. She look stunning!, Thank god, they included her performance footage at the world music awards 2008 performing ‘no stress’. I guess, by then, everyone who does not aware of her must fainted of her modest achievement. Ha ha ha. I was smiling from ear to ear. Im so proud of her sucess, and to be able to prove to other people that Anggun is a very successful Asian singer for real by them, watching the montage was so satisfying.

Soon as the montage ended. Adi a radio DJ from Era fm, (the second largest most popular malay radio station to date) appear on stage. Giving his introduction on Anggun and acknowledge the royal guests. He look so nervous, few times he got tongue twisted.He acknowledge some of the guest which includes, Amy search, Adi asked Amy what he like about Anggun, and Amy search replied that he admire her unique vocal. Later on he invited Imran Ajmain on stage as an opening act. Imran Ajmain is a Singaporean male singer who are famous in Malaysia and Singapore for his ballad songs. He has a good singing voice.Imran look nervous as hell aswell. He admitted that Anggun is one of his favourite singer. It tooks a while for him to calm his nervous down, then he open the night with his hit song, ‘Selamat Ulang Tahun’. He then performed Anggun’s ‘On the breath of an Angel’ with his own personal style. Since he is a true performer, he doesn’t imitate Anggun style at all. He made it his own. Everyone seem to enjoy his version but of course, there can be only one Anggun.

After that, Adi invited another opening act, this time it was Nurul. Wearing a black jacket with black leggings and heels. Eventough it was a fabulous outfit, it doesn’t compliment well with her body shape. I mean, with a huge thigh like that, its best to cover it not show it. Opps. Anyway Nurul surprised me with her vocal delivery on Anggun’s Kembali. She didnt imitate Anggun's style, but make deliver it in her own way.

Soon as Nurul finised her performance she Introduce Anggun to the stage, reminding everyone how she admire Anggun’s down to earth personality. Anggun appear on stage, looking vibrant in white. I believe the dress was made by a local designer. The fabrique doesn’t look glamourous. It was a kabuki short dress. Something’s not right with that dress. But the heel was drop dead gorgeous. A shimmering glittery ‘diamonds’ stoneslike heel.Her dark healthy hair her glowing skins. She look simply stunning, as usual.LOL. She warmth the room with her effectious smiles and greet everyone with “assalamualaikum…Apa khabar….” People just ADORE her!

She started her performance with songs ‘Yang Aku Tunggu’. The camera people were busy taking shots of her. Since the royalties were in front. The guest didn’t come forward to the stage to take closer shots of Anggun. But the sides of official photographers were actually quite disturbing. She teases the audience with her humorous jokes spontenously, It made people forget the superstar side of her. Later she performed the haunting ‘snow on the sahara’ sending shivers to the audience with her captivating vocals. The musican who backed her that night was the talented and handsome Edrie Hashim, and Rosario on the keyboard and piano. Soon as Snow On Sahara ended she talks again, complimenting her dress and her shoe. Catwalking on the stage, smiling and laughing mimicking the supermodel, the audience laugh with her spontaneous warm personality. She then apologise because talking too much. Hehe and tease mr Rosario to sit at the lonely sofa. Rosario hesitate at first, not knowing what to do, Anggun tease him again, then he obliged. Soon as he sit. She performed ‘Jadi Milikmu’ with a shyful Mr Rosario and the sofa as her props. The audience enjoyed her performance and so does Mr Rosario. If hes married, maybe his wife will forgive him for being cheeky2 with Anggun.

Then, Mr Rosario moved to the grand piano and start hitting the notes for ‘Berganti Hati’. Anggun mood changed to the song mood and the audience listen attentively to her vocals, delivering ‘Berganti Hati’ notes by notes till end. When the song ended, she invited Imran Ajmain and Nurul on stage to perform with her. Nurul, again complimenting Anggun personality and charm I guess Anggun mustve blushed herself with the non stopping compliment, but the more people compliment her, she gets more down to earth and thanking the compliment in a modest way. Before they started singing, Nurul tells the audience how much she liked the lyric of the song, she praises the lyricst and then ask Anggun who wrote the song, and Anggun answer slowly coyly…”sayalah…” It surprised Nurul even futher, and then she started complimenting Anggun again. Lol.

Then they performed the song ‘Mantra’, giving life to the song in their own unique vocal, complimenting each other vocals without overshadowing each other. I notice in everytime Anggun perform with other singer she always compliment their vocals and does not drown their vocals with her vocals, regardless the performer is a superstars or just a reality tv contestants. As soon as the song ended, They call it an end The audience didn’t bug a big, shouting we want more, hungry for an encore. Unfortunately that was it. It was the end of the night and Anggun and the two singers leave the stage.

I was worried that I couldn’t pass the gift to Anggun. By hook the gift must reach Anggun’s hand only. So without thinking twice I run to the backstage, Edrie was there, so I asked politely where Anggun is. Edrie said Anggun and others has rushed to the side doors, so we rushed to catch up. Fortunately I saw Anggun in an elevator with her entourage from heben music and metadome. The elevator’s door was almost closing but I manage to slip my hands and reach out the gift to Anggun smilingly and shouting Thank you at the same time. She smiles and say thank you. And the elevator’s door then closed.

Well, I thank god for making an easy ways for me to make it. Maybe in Anggun next visits,my access will be much easier and closer.Maybe at that time, I will get all my Anggun CDs signed by her in person. As I always like to put it, “jika kita punya mimpi, kita harus pergi kepadanya” …

Observation and Trivia:-

1. Anggun has finally embraced the fact that fashion and music works together. During her 7 days promo visit, Anggun is seen wearing a different outfit for every tv shows and interview. She successfully does not repeat her outfit twice. Thank god!

2. ‘Elevation’ Promo visit is the most successful and most well covered compared to other album promotion activities. She visited various TV and radio stations from the most popular(satellite and free tv) to the most national(RTM).She also performed during a slot in high ratings Reality TV contest Akademi Fantasia concert on Saturday.

3. On Friday, 27th March 2009, ‘Jadi Milikmu’ Hit #1 on Carta Era 30 at EraFm. A local chart on one of the most popular mainstream radio comprising both local and international songs. Congratulations. The single than remain on the chart for severals weeks in severals positions.

4. In severals interview, Anggun said that most probably she will return again to do a full concert next year IF the local promoter here interested to invite her and able to organize the concert.

5. Anggun might be opening up possibilities in accepting film roles if she is interested with role. In one of the interview, she disclose that she might consider accepting a bond girl role if the Daniel Craig is Bond. So film producers outthere, keep the offers coming! hehee.

6. Although there are many radio stations in Malaysia. Anggun get most airplay at Era.fm. Unfortunately her songs doesnt get airplay elsewhere, and until now none of her english songs in 'Elevation' receives airplay on english format stations.

Note: Don’t forget to watch Anggun radio/Tv interview at EraTV this Thursday, 2nd April, 1030pm and Anggun performance at AF week 3 concert during repeat session along this week.

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

miloskilos at Konsert AF week 3

*This clearer photo were taken by Astro.

Anggun pnya pasal, kiteorg serbu gak Dewan Sri Putra, for the first time utk support Anggun. Alhamdulilah, walaupun pada asalnya ada masalah kerana staff ERA tidak muncul. Tapi tuhan permudahkan juga hajat kiteorg, thanks to team Murai terutamanya ajieb.

Pada awalnya tiket adalah dibaris tengah. Tapi sejurus sahaja kami masuk, ada staff Astro mengusher kami ke depan. Terus dapat seat depan stage. tengah. Alhamdulilah Syukran Rahmatullah :).Happy dan exicted giler.

As usual, team produksi Astro mmg happening dan bekerja keras utk memastikan setiap aspek produksi berjalan lancar. Aku observe cara kerja dieorg dengan teliti, untuk dibuat rujukan. Sememangnya aku mmg suka perhati cara kerja belakang tabir dan akan membuat perbandingan dengan cara kerja team produksi distesen2 tv yang lain. Every single thing counts. So far cara kerja team Astro AF one of the best. Ramai whos who within the communicaton and entertaining business ada, tapi since aku tak bawak comp card, lain hari lah nak networking.

Soon later, count down start, then AC muncul dipentas. Utk minggu ketiga, pakaian dia masih tip top. cuma kali ini pentas ada palang menda tah. Maybe di minggu akan datang akan berubah menjadi pusat pelancaran roket, bakal pemenang AF7 akan ditransformasi menjadi alien dan dilancarkan ke marikh pula. opps. kidding.

Yazid, Pawana.

sgtlah predictble aksi2 dia. Aku tunggu mcm sesuatu yang berlainan dari selalu2,ya lah, at his age, aku expect Yazid boleh offer sesuatu yang lain, tapi aku salah, dia tetap bagi persembahan predictble utk deliver lagu 'pawana'. Low notes ada yang tak kesampaian, Konfidennya improving (yalah sebb dapat lagu makanan dia), better stage presence,unfortunately boringlah persembahan dia.

Aril - Andaikan aku pergi dulu.

isk isk dia ni bawak lagu 'siyal' sayanglah kalau dia keluar dulu. Dia ni kena polished2 suara tu. dia ada suara unik bagi aku,pakej ada. few more weeks in AF7, he will completely transform to become a true star. Aku suka rendition Aril utk lagu arumugam ni, Aku tk minat alleycats langsung. Tapi sedap pulak bila Aril bawak lagu ini. Lastly Rini keluar, she touches Aril. Rini, ko mmg brani matikan nak menyampuk utk lagu2 mengerikan mcm ni.

Claudia -lama tk jumpe.

Hmm..lagu ni boring, dan rasanya tk membantu claudia menyerlah. Tapi aku sgt suka suara claudia yang clear dan marketable tu. smooth delivery overall. pakaian dia nampak cam pelik sket.

Rini - seloka cinta

suara die jelas sgt kat dewan. word by word dan lantang.mcm aku ckp ritu, suara minah ni mcm tina turner sket. tapi imej die tak selari dgn suara dia.everything doesnt seems right. maybe dia better keluar,so dat boleh buat EP dgn lagu yg sesuai dgn imej dia. pelik sgtlah aku tgk minah bertudung tapi nyanyi tergedik2. Baik bukak tudung terus. Rasanya ni persembahan Rini yang terbaik setakat ini, but terimalah hakikat imej Rini yang serba tak kena ni mmg buat orang ramai tk suka kt dia. too bad. Mungkin dia yang akan keluar minggu ini. total votes pun nyawa2 ikan je.

Qhaud - Pilihlah aku.

Unoriginal lah persembahan dia. he imitates the voice of the original singer.(lupa sapa nama). Qhaud, tolonglah cari cepat2 suara dan stail asli ko. cukup2lah sorang mawi kat mesia ni. aku dah nak start menyampah dah skit2. sayang aku rasa mamat ni punya suara dan bakat. Isk. annoying mata nengok dia.

Akim- lagu gembala

Lagu ni sudirman punya kan? it should be very theatrical, dgn crafted,drafted movement n facial expression and vocal projection. Aku tgk adalah cubaaan2 akim utk membuat semua tu, tapi tak berapa nak menjadi, nevertheless he tried and gave us something that is uniquely his. Aku suka body movement Aril, its very him aku rasa. original. Vokal lemah lagilah, easily detected by a orang biasa mcm aku ni, most of his choreography was on point. BTW rambut dia, buruk lah, knapa dia ditransformasikan seperti tu? frame wajah akim ni macho, he should maintain his machoness, imej2 mat jambu ni better pass kat someone else yang more suitable, macam aril ke.

Rubisa - angan2

My god, buruknya baju. kesian pulak nengok rubisa. Dia ni tak star langsung lah. Suara pun biasa2 je. i mean nothing extraodinary with her voice.Suara dia mmg sedap tapi, forgettable lah.Maybe akan keluar di minggu2 berikutnya.

Zizi - Rindu

Tone dia ni utk lagu ni sedap jugak tapi diction dia ada yang tk clear. Energy dia bagus. bersungguh2 dia perform.Harapnya adalah orang undi dia. Maybe abang2 gatal dah start suka kat minah ni. Next week diary teruskan mengedik.tapi jangan over, karang out u go koz abang gatal bukan ada kredit nak afundi.

Sidi - Radio

sesuai sgt Sidi dapat lagu radio ni. hehehe mcm tahu2 je sidi sesuai utk radio.HAHAHa. Again dia ditransformkan utk menjadi another mat jambu, tetapi ya ampun. TAK SESUAI LAH! compact powder sekati,dgn lipstik,isk isk knapa dia perlu dijambukan?? aku rasa kalo dia dimachokan at least ada jugak pompuan haus akan vote dia, forgettable performance. Definately akan out sooner or later.

Obri - Abang Beca

Sesuai sgt Obri perform lagu ini. ada unsur theatrical, dari dalam dewan, dia ni nampak good looking lah jugak, sesuai lah utk slot slot drama dan filem2 prof or david teoh. Maybe boleh jadi pelakon komedi jugak. BTW aku suka his own rendition of abang beca. Mcm sedap pulak lagu tu tengok die perform esp part yang kayuh kayuh tu. memorable lah part tu. Ramai jugak penyokong dia kat dewan,riuh gakler time dia performed.

Aishah - Mata

mengecewakan!! Lagu mata versi Aishah amatlah memboringkan penyampaian dia. I dunno why she still wanna maintain imej aku tk reti berhiheels n tanak adapt utk perform in hi heels. Mcm bangga sgt bila seme orang tahu dia tak reti pakai hi heels, nak simpati votes ke?! ni dah minggu ke 3. get over the heels already and move! persembahan yang terkepit2 dan menyeksakan aku nak tgk. Please, kalo tanak pakai heels, better next time kaki ayam terus..damn, aku berharap sgt dia make it work with this song, coz lagu ni ada byk ruang2 potensi utk catch ppl attention dgn kreativiti dan teknik persembahan yang menarik.too bad.

Isma - Rambu Ramba

Malas nak komen pasal Isma, dia mmg dah pandai nyanyi. Tapi tolonglah get over badi2 siti nurhaliza yang melekat kat badan dia. Serba serbi Siti, cara senyum,cara nangis,cara ketawa, cara kontrol ayu, cara menari, cara bercakap, gerak geri.pendek kata, semuanya sebjik2 siti nurhaliza. Do we all need another Siti klon?aku rasa dlm byk2 klon siti, isma adalah yang paling sebijik. Kalo nak tahu, How siti like in AF, then just watch Isma. Aku rasa dia ni boleh jadi star kalo mampu cari aura yang tersendiri.BTW dia nyanyi mmg pandai.

Hafiz - Agogo

Lagu apa ni? hahaha klakar pulak aku dengar lirik dia. Tapi Hafiz nail it every seconds. Dia tahu kawal suara, his movements on point. He's selling it very well. Aku suka bila dia tarik suara dia.Wow. very original. Cepat2lah menang dan buat album dan lawan sama itu Afgan. Hafiz maintain!!

Best performance male : hafiz
best performance female: Isma
Worst performance male: Sidi
Worst performance female: Aishah

Then later on jeng jeng jengg......Zap! anggun muncul dgn dress ala baju kelawar kuning. Kesian,paham sgt knapa dia dress up mcm tu.. AF7 ni kan tv familia. Tapi respek lah sbb dia dress mcm utk sbg menghormati sensitiviti tempatan. When she got on the stage, ppl already started screaming, she stand in the middle of the stage with the mic stand, smiling and waving to the audience. Once'Jadi Milikmu' intro began she gets in the mood screamed 'selamat malam malaysia!!'and do her thing. the audience clapping along to her song. Those who were in front, (the whos who) started to gets crazy, and moving their body to the song.

She then moved to the fanatiks and roam the stage soon after she finised the first verse. In each verses she will adds move and add more colours to her performance, Esp during the brigde, she walks to the contestants and giving them all high five, jumping, dancing and finished up the bridge.It was memorable and fun to watch, at the same time proves that how confident she is on stage, and she acknowlegdes all the contestant on stage. She understand she was there to support the contestant, and the show was about the contestant, not about her alone. I took notes and observe all that.Hehehe.

Right after she finished AC mizal, the host of the concert scream her named "anggun!!" and introduce anggun to the audience, aknowledging her achievement, Anggun said "terima Kasih!!".
AC then asked her for advice to the contestants.She modestly said"aku cuma mahu bilang yang aku sangat terkejut begitu banyaknya bakat2 di malaysia" Ac replied "sama saja, saya pun terkejut" Anggun effectiously and spontenously tilt her face to the audience and scream "yeahhhh" in a bubbly way. Hehehhe. She is so funny!. Then she add"suaranya bagus semua, potensi mereka besar sekali, kalau mahu sesuatu, kalau punya mimpi, harus bangun, tidur,mandi, dan berjuang, pokoknya kerja keras dan terus berdoa" WELL SAID Anggun!!

To watch her performance:


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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Zee Avi in Rolling Stone Magazine

Zee Avi's was mentioned in Rolling Stone's Spring Music Preview column in March 2009. Issue 1075.

Zee Avi
Zee Avi 5/19

"She's got a voice that sounds like something from the past, but you can't put your finger on it," says Jack Johnson of Zee Avi, the Malaysian YouTube discovery he signed to his label. The singer-songwriter flew in from Kuala Lumpur to work with Johnson's band at its solar-powered studio in L.A. The album has a brunch-friendly acoustic swing vibe: "Just You and Me" features Avi on ukulele, "First of the Gang to Die" is a chilled-out Morrissey cover, and on "Kantoi," she sings in the Malay-English hybrid known as Manglish. "I do that one last when I perform at home," she says. "It really gets the crowd going."

Check her out!



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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bunkface - Revolusi


Aku keliru
menjadi buntu
arah yang ingin ku tuju

rasa resah ku
kian celaru
dengan ilham ku tempuh

aku cuma mahukan
bayangan resah ku akan hilang
tapi keadaan memaksa
menghadapi semua


Inikah revolusi
atau hanya ilusi
bagaikan mimpi jadi realiti

Rasional diriku
rasional dirimu
penentu masa
masa depan ku

adakah masa
menjadi punca
diriku dalam dilema

benarkah anjakkan paradigma
susuli ku terima

aku cuma mahukan
bayangan resah ku akan hilang
tapi keadaan memaksa
menghadapi semua

C/O dan C/O

Bunkface kembali dengan single terbaru, Revolusi!. Masih mampu menyengat dengan mengulang acuan resipi yang sama seperti single terdahulu. Well? why fix if its not broken. Yang pasti, single ini pasti akan menjadi kegilaan peminat mahupun pendengar untuk terus mengukuhkan lagi nama Bunkface pada tahun ini.


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Gig Alert! Viva La Indie Rawk

5/2/2009 12:00 PM at Viva La Indie Rawk @Number One Cafe, Jalan Silang.
(next to Mydin near Puduraya), Kuala Lumpur,
Cost: RM18 + free CD

Bands: Couple, The Times(they cant make it, so it will be replace by Grey Sky Morning), Laila’s, Dazmelon, Silwayd, The Night Act, Billiary Atresia, Fool Wave Party, Romancesa, Sparanormal, The Diamond

Dont missed it guys!

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Alert! Freedom 09


Monday, March 23, 2009


a token from sunburst to remember by... hehhe TQ emmet.

Lucky boys who got picked to join him on stage. Last photos before my battery runs out!

Pharell with his shirt on. of course.

Notice the green pass. I got IT!!

Emmet. Glorious.

You wont see this in RTW, during estranged set.

Crowd moshing to Estranged.

Din looks hot n sweaty.

Hm...i wonder who picked his outfit.

Rich spotted wearing nike shirt, and transformer cap.


im not sure who dis is, maybe muck?

crowd check at dusk.


Cosmic kitchen

Aminah from cosmic kitchen

The otherside orchestra

love, will free your heart...love will break your heart...


Bakri tersenyum. I always love when musicians plays and flirts with crowd.

Layan gerhana Ska Cinta lagi best!.

Russian Winters.

Crowd yg tengok Russian Winters. sedih.


crowd yang serbu sun stage.

Show muh clash dgn bunkface. So i terskip bunkface.hish!

Screarming his lung out as usual. Lan.

sazzy dunk herself in a water for charity sake

around 5pm, see the crowd?

Projek Pistol

Projek Pistol
Jeng jeng. Sorry gambar terbalik dari susunan bawah ke atas. lol. Hate or love it. Sunburst dah tamat. Leaving memories to the goers.

As usual in event like this, there always be indian illegal parking operators taking advantages. This time they charge RM10. Thank god i manage to escape them.

We reached there about 4pm. For such a huge scale event, the crowd numbers were not that great. There were ample of free space everyone, at all stages. Probably the poor turn up will provide a lot of breathing space for everyone.The weather was brilliant. Blue skies, with no rain continues untill end of the event.

There are four stage covering various musical genres, a bigger stage were the Sky and Sun stage, whereby Loud&Clear and Livesounds is a much scaller stage under a huge tent. Obviously some smartie pants from pineapple has mixed Bunkface, Hujan, Estrella, The otherside Orchestra, with a lesser known band. Causing people to missed their slot to make way for another band. These band should be place at either Sky or Sun stage, a much bigger stage. I wish next time they segmented the tent accordingly. RnB/Rap in one stage, and lesser known indie bands in one stage. Thats more appropriate.

And oh Yeah, Erykah Badu and Andra & Backbone didnt show up at the very last minute. Poor to those who purchased ticket to see them perform. The crowd turn up was poor, as you can see from the picture above. The number increase at night, however i belief it must be less than 10K. and the number alone just peak during the KORN/NERD slot. Leaving the two smaller stage, almost empty. LOL.

It was not all bitter for sunburst tho, Other than that, it was a great set up, especially with the RnR tents, (although they cant beat recharge). Their food stalls were top notch, providing wide variety of food! I cant help myself but spent my money at the food stalls! hehehehe. From Grills,malay food, japanese, KFC, thai, western...truly a guilty pleasure treats lah. Comparing to other local music festival, this is the first time that i truly spent my time at the food stalls. hehhee to eat, not just to fill my empty stomach.

Btw, I enjoy all the performance that i able to catch esp meet uncle hussain, estrella, the otherside orchestra, estranged, dead mushroom, projek pistol and of course butterfingers(i got emmet's green sunburst id!), NERD and korn.

Cosmic Kitchen suprisingly able to pull the crowd with their song 'sayang'. The crowd love the track. Aminah surely got a smooth jazzy vocal chords. His brother salim also part of the band. This is my first time watching their performance. Quite interesting. What i like most is her outfit esemble of batik sarong. Cool.

It was the first time i watch NERD. i must say im so impressed by Pharell's showmanship, and his ability to pull crowd. Similar to emmet,shayna zaid, pharell also put no 1 priority to his fans. And hes so sempoi and not poyo at all, eventough he is a big star!

I was right at the front stage among many others NERD chaotic fans. Girls and boys alike. yes! hehehe. Actually in front of the security fence, there were many photographers, official and non official alike. Some of them i believe are insiders and their friends and friends and maybe sunburst gang. Pharell saw them push the fans off, while they enjoy themselves with the camera etc. So, Pharell stop the show and remind them not to be rude to the fans who actually PAID to see him. LOL. Hes so dead on spot! I LOVE HIS STYLE!

So what he did was, later he picked bunch of to join him on stage! he picked a guys from from black,to chinese,to malay to caucasian guys. Guys in Tshirt, Shirtless guy, cute guys,macho guys.
geeky guys. You know. a well mixed of fans.! Pharell security guy remind each of the guys to "stay calm on stage and enjoy urself". Thats what i heard. Later to perform their new song 'pop corn' the boys went down the stage, and they picked the girls with from various type(lol). To have fun on stage while they performed the song. Everybody went wild of course. Nope, He did no take his shirt of eventough few girls screaming him to. BUT he did give a peek of his abs 'accidently' while fanning his abs to the fan. He must be feeling the heat.

Of course by the time KORN started their performance, the crowd already filled up the stage arena. So we just slide in trying to get a better view. we met Fizol from TWKUA. Joining the crowd aswell. Friendly and Chatty.

As soon as KORN finished we head home, same goes to others who started to make their move aswell. Skipping Twilight Action Girl for supper :)

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