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Monday, March 23, 2009


a token from sunburst to remember by... hehhe TQ emmet.

Lucky boys who got picked to join him on stage. Last photos before my battery runs out!

Pharell with his shirt on. of course.

Notice the green pass. I got IT!!

Emmet. Glorious.

You wont see this in RTW, during estranged set.

Crowd moshing to Estranged.

Din looks hot n sweaty.

Hm...i wonder who picked his outfit.

Rich spotted wearing nike shirt, and transformer cap.


im not sure who dis is, maybe muck?

crowd check at dusk.


Cosmic kitchen

Aminah from cosmic kitchen

The otherside orchestra

love, will free your heart...love will break your heart...


Bakri tersenyum. I always love when musicians plays and flirts with crowd.

Layan gerhana Ska Cinta lagi best!.

Russian Winters.

Crowd yg tengok Russian Winters. sedih.


crowd yang serbu sun stage.

Show muh clash dgn bunkface. So i terskip bunkface.hish!

Screarming his lung out as usual. Lan.

sazzy dunk herself in a water for charity sake

around 5pm, see the crowd?

Projek Pistol

Projek Pistol
Jeng jeng. Sorry gambar terbalik dari susunan bawah ke atas. lol. Hate or love it. Sunburst dah tamat. Leaving memories to the goers.

As usual in event like this, there always be indian illegal parking operators taking advantages. This time they charge RM10. Thank god i manage to escape them.

We reached there about 4pm. For such a huge scale event, the crowd numbers were not that great. There were ample of free space everyone, at all stages. Probably the poor turn up will provide a lot of breathing space for everyone.The weather was brilliant. Blue skies, with no rain continues untill end of the event.

There are four stage covering various musical genres, a bigger stage were the Sky and Sun stage, whereby Loud&Clear and Livesounds is a much scaller stage under a huge tent. Obviously some smartie pants from pineapple has mixed Bunkface, Hujan, Estrella, The otherside Orchestra, with a lesser known band. Causing people to missed their slot to make way for another band. These band should be place at either Sky or Sun stage, a much bigger stage. I wish next time they segmented the tent accordingly. RnB/Rap in one stage, and lesser known indie bands in one stage. Thats more appropriate.

And oh Yeah, Erykah Badu and Andra & Backbone didnt show up at the very last minute. Poor to those who purchased ticket to see them perform. The crowd turn up was poor, as you can see from the picture above. The number increase at night, however i belief it must be less than 10K. and the number alone just peak during the KORN/NERD slot. Leaving the two smaller stage, almost empty. LOL.

It was not all bitter for sunburst tho, Other than that, it was a great set up, especially with the RnR tents, (although they cant beat recharge). Their food stalls were top notch, providing wide variety of food! I cant help myself but spent my money at the food stalls! hehehehe. From Grills,malay food, japanese, KFC, thai, western...truly a guilty pleasure treats lah. Comparing to other local music festival, this is the first time that i truly spent my time at the food stalls. hehhee to eat, not just to fill my empty stomach.

Btw, I enjoy all the performance that i able to catch esp meet uncle hussain, estrella, the otherside orchestra, estranged, dead mushroom, projek pistol and of course butterfingers(i got emmet's green sunburst id!), NERD and korn.

Cosmic Kitchen suprisingly able to pull the crowd with their song 'sayang'. The crowd love the track. Aminah surely got a smooth jazzy vocal chords. His brother salim also part of the band. This is my first time watching their performance. Quite interesting. What i like most is her outfit esemble of batik sarong. Cool.

It was the first time i watch NERD. i must say im so impressed by Pharell's showmanship, and his ability to pull crowd. Similar to emmet,shayna zaid, pharell also put no 1 priority to his fans. And hes so sempoi and not poyo at all, eventough he is a big star!

I was right at the front stage among many others NERD chaotic fans. Girls and boys alike. yes! hehehe. Actually in front of the security fence, there were many photographers, official and non official alike. Some of them i believe are insiders and their friends and friends and maybe sunburst gang. Pharell saw them push the fans off, while they enjoy themselves with the camera etc. So, Pharell stop the show and remind them not to be rude to the fans who actually PAID to see him. LOL. Hes so dead on spot! I LOVE HIS STYLE!

So what he did was, later he picked bunch of to join him on stage! he picked a guys from from black,to chinese,to malay to caucasian guys. Guys in Tshirt, Shirtless guy, cute guys,macho guys.
geeky guys. You know. a well mixed of fans.! Pharell security guy remind each of the guys to "stay calm on stage and enjoy urself". Thats what i heard. Later to perform their new song 'pop corn' the boys went down the stage, and they picked the girls with from various type(lol). To have fun on stage while they performed the song. Everybody went wild of course. Nope, He did no take his shirt of eventough few girls screaming him to. BUT he did give a peek of his abs 'accidently' while fanning his abs to the fan. He must be feeling the heat.

Of course by the time KORN started their performance, the crowd already filled up the stage arena. So we just slide in trying to get a better view. we met Fizol from TWKUA. Joining the crowd aswell. Friendly and Chatty.

As soon as KORN finished we head home, same goes to others who started to make their move aswell. Skipping Twilight Action Girl for supper :)

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