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Monday, April 27, 2009

Zee Avi's Bitter Heart, official track listing!

Track Listings

1. Bitter Heart
2. Poppy
3. Honey Bee
4. Just You And Me
5. Is This The End
6. Monte
7. Kantoi
8. I Am Me Once More
9. First Of The Gang To Die
10. Darlin' It Ain't Easy
11. The Story
12. Let Me In

Editorial Reviews

About the Artist
Zee Avi is just 23 but she's an old soul. A huge talent in a petite frame bringing a universal message from the unlikely birthplace of Borneo, an ancient island east of Malaysia which remains an untouched, natural paradise, an apt description of her songs. How Avi came to record her debut album in L.A., the first joint release from Ian Montone's Monotone Label and Jack Johnson's Brushfire Records, is a true 21st century tale of the way the Internet has transformed the music business and shrunk the globe in the process. Born in the tiny town of Miri in Sarawak on the island of Borneo, Zee grew up near the South China Sea in a liberal, encouraging household where her father owned an energy consultancy. "I was bred to be a lawyer," she says, but music was in her blood. Her father's father sang and played double-bass, accordion, violin and guitar in bands. At age 12, Zee moved from Borneo to Kuala Lumpur where she has been based since. At 17, Zee started locking herself in a room for hours on end to learn to play guitar. Guitar took a back seat for 4 years while she was studying fashion design in London. When she returned to Kuala Lumpur, she picked the instrument back up and began writing songs and performing with a band. Zee began recording her songs on a webcam and posting them on YouTube for a friend to hear. "I remember getting so excited when there was one new comment from some random person I didn't know... One was written by Kris Rowley, a U.K. singer-songwriter with a YouTube following under the name Zzzzzzzzap. He began posting her videos on his site, which began a viral snowball effect. The day before her 22nd birthday, Zee posted what she intended to be "my last video," a holiday song, "No Christmas for Me." By the time she checked her e-mail Avi had almost 3,000 messages including a slew of label offers. One email came from Ian Montone, who had been shown the YouTube clip by Raconteurs' drummer, Patrick Keeler, prompting Montone to get in touch and offer to release her music on the Monotone Label. Before she knew it Zee was on a plane to L.A. to record her debut with producer Robert Carranza at Brushfire's Solar Powered Plastic Plant. "No Christmas for Me" was then featured on the holiday charity album, This Warm December, A Brushfire Holiday, Vol. 1. With an eclectic pool of influences that range from such eccentrics as Cat Power, Regina Spektor, Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Jolie Holland, Daniel Johnston and Chris Garneau, to jazz greats Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald, to classics like Velvet Underground and Led Zeppelin, this self-described "rock lover at heart" captures the dark, bittersweet qualities of romance with a crack left open for hope and optimism. From Malaysia to Los Angeles, Zee Avi is enjoying the ride and ready to take on passengers. "I'm still pinching myself" she gushes. "My parents always told me it's important to keep yourself grounded. I'm thankful, but at the same time, I just want to jump through the roof. It's been a pretty amazing journey, getting to work with some really wonderful people, a blessing, really." Zee Avi's Monotone/Brushfire Records debut returns that blessing...and then some.

For more details click amazon.com

21 days more to go!

Ive listen to:- Bitter heart,Poppy, Honey bee,Just you and me,monte, kantoi,i am me once more and its all a great songs and potential single. i think the rest of the tracks are too. Definately going to buy it online if the album is not available here in malaysia.

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bye bye Aril

Wow. great TV.Af is improving and getting more exciting to watch hehehe.

Sprinkle some Marsha gediks spices on Diary.

Keep bringing out Aril's skeleton(jue) from the closet.

Cut and trim off Aril signature hair do and make him look uncool.

A brillaint recipe to turn off the girls and girly males appetite for Aril and make them saving their phone credit and not to vote for Aril.

Poor Aril, he obviously has tried to save himself from Astro's bullets one after another.Personally i felt that Aril was a good student in the Academy. His vocal and performance has improve week after week.In fact he can become a great contender against Hafiz domination.

If akim's not careful he might follow Aril's footstep very soon aswell.

But above all this, who knows AFMasuk will trigger more money for Astro! :)

Marsha. Good job! What you gonna say to Aril fans?hehehee

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gomo Klate Gomo


Im not a soccer fan. The only time i watch soccer match is when my friends are watching them.
But after 30+ years of drought seasons after seasons. This year, it is the first chance Kelantan team have a chance to bring home the championship trophy.

Of course, i bet all kelantanese are all excited and ready in full force to support our team tomorrow night on tv or at Bukit Jalil national stadium.

i hope they fight their ass off to win. Gomo klate gomo! my bet? Eventough selangor team is a tough fight. But who knows, with luck and prayers, Kelantan players might have a chance of winning.

Getting ready: Kelantan players carrying the goalpost onto the Club Aman field in Jalan Ampang Thursday for a training session as coach Peter Butler walks ahead. — KAMARUL ARIFFIN/ The STAR

Good luck guys!

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Zee Avi Debut Album Cover!

The official cover for Zee Avi debut album is now final. The album is now ready for orders on Amazon.com and will be made available in your records stores stateswide aswell.

In conjunction of her debut album release. Zee will be performing in a series of gigs, festival and shows. Make sure you check her official website often. Americans are just so lucky to be able to enjoy her live performance !

Well the rest of us in Malaysia have to wait for her return. We already miss her, but i guess, sharing is caring :)

for official news and tour updates check out this website.




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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Anggun, KL Lifestyle April 2009 Covergirl

Anggun fans. Dont forget to get this month issue of KL Lifesytle magazine.

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Sunday, April 19, 2009


aww...how relaxing...on the contrary...
Alot of thing goin on to me lately...im stress out..

anyway hopefully by this week,im able to send this cutie off to vet for his first vaccination.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Division Bell Debut at Lepaq.

Formerly known as Biliary Artesia, Division Bell was formed in 2006 by a bunch of music lover/worker. Most of the members were Tower Records employee, Hence their dedication and passion for music compliment their talent and skills.

Currently their songs are experimental instrumental songs, which involves some creative musical gadgets and sampling compositions to achieve the sound effects that they wanted.Something beyond the ordinary offerings by our local bands.They are currently completing their first EP to be launch next month.

The band members currently consist of 4 good looking blokes namely saiful, affan and ee on guitars and ayie on drum.

Their gig last friday wast their first performance at Lepaq. A local diner located in Hartamas. Lepaq not only serves local and western food, they also have a small stage for local performers to perform while the audience lepak-lepak(chill out) while enjoying their food and drinks.

Since Division Bell is still relatively new in the scene. There are still alot of room for improvement in terms of showmanship. I wouldnt want to comment on technicalities of their songs since from my seat, i didnt detect any flair and they sound perfect. For a newbie band, its a an achievement for them getting huge applauses and girls approaching them for demo and info.

Honestly, most of them are still nervous to be on stage and to perform in front of the public.I know their performance required them to play with musical gadgets located on their feet. But, they must find a way to connect with the audience, by standing up, or looking at the audience and put some smiley friendly approachable faces on.

As a matter of fact, the band started playing with no introduction on their music or their band members etc. They performed two songs, 'gas' and 'lovely'. Again, saiful as lead guitar shouldve take the mic to speak up to the audience and tell them a lil bit on their songs.

At the of the show, they didnt utilised the platform to promote their music, their website, etc. Leaving the audience clueless as if watching four guys jamming to each other in small studio or at home.

They definately need to polish up their showmanship skills,confidencec and marketing skills coz making music is selling music. its about business, ringgit and sen.

Personally these guys have what it takes to make it, given a right direction and some business skills and sense all polished up. And also, they might consider having a lead vocalist to compliment their affective tunes. At least they can attact more fans connecting with their music.

For those who missed their performance. Dont missed out their performance this may at Vila La Indie Rawk gig at one cafe.

viva la indie rawk

For more details, audio preview and booking info please,visit their website.


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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Viva la Death Proof!


To tell you the truth...i felt overjoyed after watching this movie. esp THE marvelous ENDING!.
WHY? because when i drive alone(and sometimes even when there are friends in my car). some guys like to tail gate and harassed me. I dont know what pleasure are they having by doing that.

What annoyed me most, when even i show no interest to their game by slowing down and shift to the left to make way to them. Some of them, still, harassing me to the point of driving in pace with me just to show their faces. That's why i prefer to drive with my boyfriend on the passenger seat. There are less distraction.

These are people who are gatal or just have a HUGE MOUNTAINS OF EGO.

There are mostly male(but once ive been tailgate by a female makcik in purdah in north south expressway!).

Girls, if you are one of those victims of road bullies, please go watch this movie, and celebrate the ending with thunderous claps and overjoyed screams.

Death proof is definitely a must watch movie for your sleepover party!!!

the heroic girls! hehehe

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mtv Asia Awards 2009

hint..hint..Are you ready? :)


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Konsert AF minggu ke 4

Konsert ke 4 buat kali pertama pada musim ke 7, menampilkan 4 juri, edrie hashim dan adlin selaku juri tetap dan amy search serta datuk siti selaku juri jemputan. Kedua nama besar ini pastinya meyumbang rating penonton.

Secara peribadi, aku berasakan momentum konsert AF mulai menurun, entah kenapa Astro kurang menyuntik elemen2 drama dan airmata seperti musim-musim sudah. Banyak drama2 didalam diary yang boleh digunakan untuk meraih undian dan simpati penonton AF.Jangan kerana mempertahankan konsep transformasi undian aka fulus menurun sudah.hehehe

Aku masih menunggu kalau kalau aishah di’dera’ dengan high heel di sewaktu diary. Geram sungguh melihat persembahan aishah yang masih terkepit2 mcm tiang bendera, takut untuk bergerak bebas kerana alasan bersepatu tinggi!

Aku juga keciwa kerana Astro tidak memanupulasikan kisah sedih Rubisa dan anaknya sewaktu konsert. Tiada rakaman video dimana kisah rubisa bermimpi sedih dan kisah anak rubisa yang sakit tidak dipaparkan pada penonton konsert. Mengapa oh mengapa? Mungkin juga Astro tidak lagi mempunyai peruntukan bajet seperi musim sebelumnya dimana keluarga peserta dapat diterbangkan untuk sessi kejutan. Well, jika dirancang dengan rapi mungkin kerjasama Airasia bisa mengaturkan semua itu,dengan tidak langsung Airasia dapat mempromosikan penerbangan tambang murahnya pada penonton Astro.Mungkin tidak?.

Penyingkiran serentak dua pelajar, Rubisa dan Zizi merupakan langkah yang tepat dan bijak untuk menyentak penonton dan peminat yang mungkin masih liat untuk mengundi peserta kegemaran mereka. Mungkin dapat megempur peminat2 Aril, Akim,Hafiz supaya tidak lena. Secara tidak langsung memaksa peminat Sidi,Isma,Claudia untuk bekerja lebih keras.

Walaupun Sidi banyak kekurangan, tapi nampakknya peminat dan keluarganya masih gigih mengundi wang masuk ke Astro.Setialah kau disitu wahai Sidi. Lagi lama kau disitu lagi bagus.:P

Aku suka aksi Siti Hajar dan Pn Fatimah yang sukarela (atau mungkin planned) dengan spontan membuat kenyataan untuk ‘memperbetulkan tanggapan’ juri dan penonton. Sesuatu yang perlu untuk memberi warna dan drama pasa konsert mingguan yang semakin lama semakin hambar aspek dramanya. Secara peribadi bagi aku, AF bukan program mencari penghibur. Ia hanya program untuk menjana keuntungan bagi Astro dari segenap penjuru. Its all about dollar and cents. Jadi, sesiapa yang tidak memberi keuntungan cepat2lah mereka patut disingirkan secara terang atau halus. Itulah reality yang berlaku pada Rubisa dan Zizi.

Secara dasarnya kualiti persembahan pelajar2 pada minggu ke 4 adalah lebih baik dari minggu ke 3. Mereka nampaknya tidak mensia2kan peluang mencuba yang lebih baik. Pendek kata. Tidak sesia mereka ‘terkurung’ dalam gudang dan diberi makan secara ‘percuma’.

Aishah – mentari merah diufuk timur

Ada perubahan dari segi pakaian, betterlah dari minggu sudah. Opening yang bagus. Good energy, vocal jugak lantang, Cuma separuh kedua lagu sudah nampak kepenatan, dan malangnya masih kaku dengan muka ketatnya. Aku tidak releks tgk aksi dia.

Qhaud – di taman teman

Err. Klon mawi ni akhirnya dapat lagu yang mungkin dapat memancing undian peminat mawi.ahaks. Baju tak sesuai dengan lagu. Ada gangguan teknikal ketika persembahannya,tahu tahu dah habis. Malangnya apabila diberi peluang melakukan persembahan kali kedua, mamat ni bantai sampai hancus. Lirik lupa dsb. Lawak giler.

Claudia – suralaya dalam d major

Vokal bagus, terang dan lantang, juga pembawakan vocal yang tersendiri. Bajunya aku rasa sesuai utk datuk siti. Baju mcm jubah tetapi bukan jubah, sesuai dipakai bagi mereka yang bertudung tapi taknak bertudung.oopps.

Aril – lakaran kehidupan

Aril ni memang kreatif. Suka tengok cara persembahan dia yang tersendiri. Muka dia jelas kepenatan.Satu persembahan yang memorable. Vokal pun nampak dia mencuba yang terbaik. Suara dia unik.Jika terus berlatih, he will become a new superstar.

Yazid – aku cinta padamu

Opocot! Ingatkan penari2 latar tersilap masuk. Tetapi ruper2nya mmg penari untuk persembahan yazid.hahaha.sgt2lah off. Yazid mendatar lah. Boring gile dgr mamat ni nyanyi. Hes too arrogant to adapt into new surroundings.sudah2lah, kalau nak maintain macho, degil tanak adapt dgn situasi baru. Jangan masuk contest, jangan jadi penyanyi. Duduk kat kampong dah jadi lah diri kau sendiri. Igt senang ke nak kadi penyanyi or penghibur?? Sayang btul suara ada, tetapi…attitude problem.

Akim – destinasi cinta

Wow. Better hair! Terima kasih lah sapa yang adjust rambut akim, nampakla macho sket, kenapa nak mengurlgurlkan mamat ni. Cukup2lah nubhan dan diddy menjadi gurly gurl gurl boy. Akim should remain as his original self.funky and feisty. Aku suka persembahan2 akim. Hes got style. Love his body momement.Persembahan yang berkeyakinan, of course vocal masih boleh dibaiki,Cuma penari mcm tk kena je dgn persembahan dia. Nampak akward.again.Tapi overall he looks hot.

Isma – gilakan kau

Good performance, konfident, tetapi macam OTT sket dgan growling2nya. Nampak over dan try too hard to not be herself. But overall her performance bagus. Mungkin dia mecuba sedaya upaya supaya tidak nampak mcm siti kerana siti ada dikerusi juri.

Rubisa – Tiada lagi

Thank god,dress dia better than before. Very emotional performance. Vocal leh improve lagie.Cuma at the end of her show I was hoping for astro to bring her famili or son on stage. Alaa…injek2 drama airmata sket, sunyilah takda drama, dah tade identity AF dah. AF bagi aku is a musical drama + talent competition at the same time.too bad, if not sure vote rubisa menderu masuk.

Hafiz – cinta ini

Smooth, tk mengecewakan, Suara hafiz ni mmg sedap, nyanyi lagu ape pun sedap. Cuma this week aku rasa hes not as good as before.But overall compared to other males. Hes still the best.

Sidi –ku milikmu

Persembhan kaver kongkang. Lama gk mamat ni duduk atas kerusi. Cuma this week makeup dia tk nampak pondan sgt dah.hehehe…last week pondan gile. Tapi boringlah mamat ni, in fact, lagu happening tapi crowd and audience macam mengantuk je tgk dia nyanyi. Fanatic pung cam tido time dia ni nyanyi. Ayaa…

Zizi – aku dah bosan

Suprisingly zizi exposed her best performance, penuh konfiden,delivery pun sharp. Persembahan yang tersendiri. Tetiba malam ni dia jadi star!

Best performance male: hafiz

Best performance female: zizi

Worst performance male:qhaud

Worst performance female: Aishah


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cat Litter box with hood and cover!

Sorry for the impolite pose, shes in her heat. Lol


I found this cat litter box in pet wonderland.Midvalley. The litter box has a cover and sliding doors for cat to go in and out, and a replaceable scent 'absorber' sponge.(the black colour sponge on top of the hood).Suitable for large cats. Somehow, my cats use it to do #2. They prefer to pee in the toilet tho.

Very neat and easy to bring for traveling purposes(if your using a mpv or bigger vehicle). However, my concern would be the strong scents trapped if the box is completely cover. It could be quite stinky for cats to be in that covered box. Or perhaps their nose does not mind spending 'time' in a stinky box.

But if that's the case, the cover can be taken out to be use without the use of cover.So it would not be a problem.For cat owners out there, perhaps you want to give it a try.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Treat me like im a pricess and you'll get your well deserved commision.

As a marketeers and advertiser. I just cant help but to think like a salespersons and read their minds every time i make any purchased.

Buying a perfume (or any other products) to me, is like going in a battle. In fact, entering a shopping malls is like stepping into a battle fields. The enemy? is the salespersons. However, I usually like to spent my money to the friendly/honest enemy rather than the cruel/fake one. :P

Scents, is very personal to me. It has to suit my physical attributes and personality. It has to fit my own personal branding and styles. Well after rounds of scents surveys, i basically has in mind of what perfume to buy and not buy. So this one day, i have princess by vera wang in my mind and ready to make my purchase.

I approached a vera wang counter in Isetan. The salesperson is a feminin male. As usual since the perfume worth RM300++, i ask him politely, what will i get in return as compliments(since i helped to add to his sales volume that day :P). He then offered me vera wang and bvlgari mini sample. What else ? i asked. "just that, since we didnt have much to give you"( with a very classic lying look, since he seems to avoiding making direct eye to eye contact when he spoke to me)

I was getting a negative vibe all around me.I dont felt comfortable or relax there.Eventough i know few other salespersons at another malls who can give me better offers. I am just too lazy to make another visit at another malls,knowing that i will be out of town in the next few days. so i agreed, thinking that two samples is enuff(and persuading myself not to be too greedy this time).After payment, im so suprised he just gave me 1 miniature! LOL. So i asked him again later,politely if theres something else additional. He still defend his first excuse with a big no.

I observed around at the payments counters and saw, most of the promoters are abit stingy with the customers. Similarly i observe most of the feminine male there are not generous enough in giving complimentary gifts(all of them repeat the same pattern, one purchase=one gift). Wow. Apparently, this is my first time actually buying perfume from a feminine male salesperson! Well. Maybe their species dont favour me or the ladies. Perhaps they are more genorous with their buddies or handsome mens. LOL. (tekena aku kali nie, koz selalunya aku dpt good purchased bila beli dgn chinese salespersons or malay girls-they are usually generous, respectful and kind to me)

Frustriated. I move to Parkson KLCC and accidently found a very honestly friendly salesgirl(chinese). Shes a very informative person. I asked alot of questions, and she entertains me with patience and honesty. Accidently, i was intrigue by her stella perfume, and purchased the smallest bottle to give a try. Ironiclly, for a purchased of RM165,she gave me a better complimentary gifts, much better than my purcased worth RM300. Voila! i immediately added her into my list of favourite salespersons. lol.

Intrigued. I went back to Isetan KLCC, approach that salesperson again, and ask him again politely to confirm if he can adds few more complimentary gifts for my purchased or not.He consistently said no. Frustriated. I then approached the cashier's supervisor and ask him politely to remit my payment and cancel my purchased. He politely process my request with no problem, before that, he called the vera wang sales person again, This time, That vera wang salesperson try to persuade me to not cancel my purchased by offering me 2 more miniatures. I then explained to him politely that ive tried twice but failed, so i said sorry to him.

Of course, after everything was settled. I went back to Parkson, and bought my vera wang perfume with that salesgirl!, and guess what, with only RM290(offer price), she gave me the items as in the picture above! Im so happy!. She surely going to meet me more often! LOL.

My conclusion is. If your not happy with your purchased, and think that the salesperson just dont deserve your hard earn money,then by all means, immediately cancel your purchase and buy it with some other salesperson who deserve better. Dont choose to be a victim.

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