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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Division Bell Debut at Lepaq.

Formerly known as Biliary Artesia, Division Bell was formed in 2006 by a bunch of music lover/worker. Most of the members were Tower Records employee, Hence their dedication and passion for music compliment their talent and skills.

Currently their songs are experimental instrumental songs, which involves some creative musical gadgets and sampling compositions to achieve the sound effects that they wanted.Something beyond the ordinary offerings by our local bands.They are currently completing their first EP to be launch next month.

The band members currently consist of 4 good looking blokes namely saiful, affan and ee on guitars and ayie on drum.

Their gig last friday wast their first performance at Lepaq. A local diner located in Hartamas. Lepaq not only serves local and western food, they also have a small stage for local performers to perform while the audience lepak-lepak(chill out) while enjoying their food and drinks.

Since Division Bell is still relatively new in the scene. There are still alot of room for improvement in terms of showmanship. I wouldnt want to comment on technicalities of their songs since from my seat, i didnt detect any flair and they sound perfect. For a newbie band, its a an achievement for them getting huge applauses and girls approaching them for demo and info.

Honestly, most of them are still nervous to be on stage and to perform in front of the public.I know their performance required them to play with musical gadgets located on their feet. But, they must find a way to connect with the audience, by standing up, or looking at the audience and put some smiley friendly approachable faces on.

As a matter of fact, the band started playing with no introduction on their music or their band members etc. They performed two songs, 'gas' and 'lovely'. Again, saiful as lead guitar shouldve take the mic to speak up to the audience and tell them a lil bit on their songs.

At the of the show, they didnt utilised the platform to promote their music, their website, etc. Leaving the audience clueless as if watching four guys jamming to each other in small studio or at home.

They definately need to polish up their showmanship skills,confidencec and marketing skills coz making music is selling music. its about business, ringgit and sen.

Personally these guys have what it takes to make it, given a right direction and some business skills and sense all polished up. And also, they might consider having a lead vocalist to compliment their affective tunes. At least they can attact more fans connecting with their music.

For those who missed their performance. Dont missed out their performance this may at Vila La Indie Rawk gig at one cafe.

viva la indie rawk

For more details, audio preview and booking info please,visit their website.


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