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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bye bye Aril

Wow. great TV.Af is improving and getting more exciting to watch hehehe.

Sprinkle some Marsha gediks spices on Diary.

Keep bringing out Aril's skeleton(jue) from the closet.

Cut and trim off Aril signature hair do and make him look uncool.

A brillaint recipe to turn off the girls and girly males appetite for Aril and make them saving their phone credit and not to vote for Aril.

Poor Aril, he obviously has tried to save himself from Astro's bullets one after another.Personally i felt that Aril was a good student in the Academy. His vocal and performance has improve week after week.In fact he can become a great contender against Hafiz domination.

If akim's not careful he might follow Aril's footstep very soon aswell.

But above all this, who knows AFMasuk will trigger more money for Astro! :)

Marsha. Good job! What you gonna say to Aril fans?hehehee

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