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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Treat me like im a pricess and you'll get your well deserved commision.

As a marketeers and advertiser. I just cant help but to think like a salespersons and read their minds every time i make any purchased.

Buying a perfume (or any other products) to me, is like going in a battle. In fact, entering a shopping malls is like stepping into a battle fields. The enemy? is the salespersons. However, I usually like to spent my money to the friendly/honest enemy rather than the cruel/fake one. :P

Scents, is very personal to me. It has to suit my physical attributes and personality. It has to fit my own personal branding and styles. Well after rounds of scents surveys, i basically has in mind of what perfume to buy and not buy. So this one day, i have princess by vera wang in my mind and ready to make my purchase.

I approached a vera wang counter in Isetan. The salesperson is a feminin male. As usual since the perfume worth RM300++, i ask him politely, what will i get in return as compliments(since i helped to add to his sales volume that day :P). He then offered me vera wang and bvlgari mini sample. What else ? i asked. "just that, since we didnt have much to give you"( with a very classic lying look, since he seems to avoiding making direct eye to eye contact when he spoke to me)

I was getting a negative vibe all around me.I dont felt comfortable or relax there.Eventough i know few other salespersons at another malls who can give me better offers. I am just too lazy to make another visit at another malls,knowing that i will be out of town in the next few days. so i agreed, thinking that two samples is enuff(and persuading myself not to be too greedy this time).After payment, im so suprised he just gave me 1 miniature! LOL. So i asked him again later,politely if theres something else additional. He still defend his first excuse with a big no.

I observed around at the payments counters and saw, most of the promoters are abit stingy with the customers. Similarly i observe most of the feminine male there are not generous enough in giving complimentary gifts(all of them repeat the same pattern, one purchase=one gift). Wow. Apparently, this is my first time actually buying perfume from a feminine male salesperson! Well. Maybe their species dont favour me or the ladies. Perhaps they are more genorous with their buddies or handsome mens. LOL. (tekena aku kali nie, koz selalunya aku dpt good purchased bila beli dgn chinese salespersons or malay girls-they are usually generous, respectful and kind to me)

Frustriated. I move to Parkson KLCC and accidently found a very honestly friendly salesgirl(chinese). Shes a very informative person. I asked alot of questions, and she entertains me with patience and honesty. Accidently, i was intrigue by her stella perfume, and purchased the smallest bottle to give a try. Ironiclly, for a purchased of RM165,she gave me a better complimentary gifts, much better than my purcased worth RM300. Voila! i immediately added her into my list of favourite salespersons. lol.

Intrigued. I went back to Isetan KLCC, approach that salesperson again, and ask him again politely to confirm if he can adds few more complimentary gifts for my purchased or not.He consistently said no. Frustriated. I then approached the cashier's supervisor and ask him politely to remit my payment and cancel my purchased. He politely process my request with no problem, before that, he called the vera wang sales person again, This time, That vera wang salesperson try to persuade me to not cancel my purchased by offering me 2 more miniatures. I then explained to him politely that ive tried twice but failed, so i said sorry to him.

Of course, after everything was settled. I went back to Parkson, and bought my vera wang perfume with that salesgirl!, and guess what, with only RM290(offer price), she gave me the items as in the picture above! Im so happy!. She surely going to meet me more often! LOL.

My conclusion is. If your not happy with your purchased, and think that the salesperson just dont deserve your hard earn money,then by all means, immediately cancel your purchase and buy it with some other salesperson who deserve better. Dont choose to be a victim.

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