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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Viva la Death Proof!


To tell you the truth...i felt overjoyed after watching this movie. esp THE marvelous ENDING!.
WHY? because when i drive alone(and sometimes even when there are friends in my car). some guys like to tail gate and harassed me. I dont know what pleasure are they having by doing that.

What annoyed me most, when even i show no interest to their game by slowing down and shift to the left to make way to them. Some of them, still, harassing me to the point of driving in pace with me just to show their faces. That's why i prefer to drive with my boyfriend on the passenger seat. There are less distraction.

These are people who are gatal or just have a HUGE MOUNTAINS OF EGO.

There are mostly male(but once ive been tailgate by a female makcik in purdah in north south expressway!).

Girls, if you are one of those victims of road bullies, please go watch this movie, and celebrate the ending with thunderous claps and overjoyed screams.

Death proof is definitely a must watch movie for your sleepover party!!!

the heroic girls! hehehe

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