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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


just a quick note on job interview.

job interview required upmost personal selling skills. you are required to market/sell not only your skills but, your personality,your attitude to capture the interest of your interviewer so that they, SEE you suit the job succesfully the way they had envisioned it and able to adapt into their culture.

Actually, most of the interviewer has already have a specific ideas on what kinda employees that fit into the job and fit into the work enviroment. So you might wanna do your homework on the culture of your potential employer.Are they vibrant, screaming out loud with confidents or a timid, low key company with 'momantai' atitude.

Evenso, You have do your research specificaly to get to know the division that you may get into. Because work culture between division in a company sometimes varies to one another.So dont come into conclusion just yet. Its best if you can call up and do cross check with internal staff(if you know no one, just call the general line, and then connect your call into the department that you are applying in)

Trust me, your resume is not the only thing that they look upon. its your personality, atititude, the way you think and grooming that they look for. A good resume will not secure you a job if you have an atitude that does not match with the work enviroment.

Sometimes in order to make your way through, you need to "act" quite a bit, and then if you get through their doors, then prove to your employer that you are a valuable asset, not a liability.

For example, in one of the work interview that i involved with, the general manager from a marketing division, prerequisitely ask for young minds, glamazon yuppies with creative ideas to join their team.(get her ideas?)

I felt sorry for those timid young grads, the moment they enter the door during interview session and said "hi" with a low key inconfident tone, has already killed their chances in getting the job eventough they are 4 pointers!

If you get so nervous, heres a tip. What i usually do, i always pretend that im a singer, promoting an album and myself in a foreign country,answering questions in front of bunch of reporters/journalist who know nothing about me If i am rude, cocky and inconfident and talking nonsense, do you think they will promote my album with good review?

and Oh, please avoid unnecessary body language like stroking your hands, scratching your head, puting your hands in your pocket to ease your nervousness. Instead, buy some pretty clothes or shoe or anything that make you look good and feel good during interview. Trust me, you will feel alot better during interviews.

Speak clearly. dont mumble. Dont swallow your words. So that your message will get accross clearly. But dont shout. Just speak with a confident tone with reasonable pitch. If your not sure how you soundlike, just read a passage or recite a verse of poem or song to your friend, and ask them, does your vocal projection sound clear or mumblylike? If you tend to mumble, then you need to have a lot of practice in speaking to achieve a clear vocal speech. A person who works in marketing or job that required massive speaking with people must attain a speaking skills to communicate efficiently.

Lastly,dont forget your prayers :)


Monday, May 25, 2009


I shall declare April-May as the most chaotic month of the year. Family problems that i'm accidentally tangled up with. Stress at work.

In the middle of all that, i got sick with high temperature fever for 4 days last week.

And oh! my cats all down(except 1) with fungus infection, which i am still trying to tackle it all off. Ive been visiting the Vet, the docs trying to solve the health issue. I cant just sit there and watch them itch! On top of all that, i did major cleaning of the house. Thank god i am not alone in handling this matter, i hope i can continue to blog normally soon as possible. Probably until everything is back to normal.

Anyway my music project is taking off quite well. Hoping that all deal for my 'babies' will take off.

I be sharing with you once everything else is settled. If everything goes well i hope i can established my own private company, (meaning i have to juggle with time) to handled all this officially under my controlled.

Just pray that everything will goes well.



Thursday, May 7, 2009



You know what. the best part of having Astro Movie Package is the chance of watching classic movies. That probably no one recommend us.Esp the young generations. And esp in Malaysia, how many of us actually spent countless trips to the legal and illegal dvd vendors to look for movies that have ur fav actor and actresses in it?

Not to mention, sometime we get a chance to discover new actor/actresses upon accident.

Accidently i stumble upon this 'mermaids' and fell in love with the movie. Well esp Winona Ryder were in it. And of course i think Cher is talented as an actress. I love her in 'tea with musolini' and now, i love her in 'mermaids', from Imbd i discover that Christina Riccie play 'katie' the child actress who is charlotte's younger (winona) sister.

'Mermaids' is a movie made in 1990.But The movie was shot in 1964 erra.(the JFK-thingie, black and white tv).


Cher plays Mrs Flax, a single carefree, flirty,fun yet eccentrix not a typical single mother, who raised 2 daughters Charlotte(winona) and Kate(Ricci) both from different father. They live a carefree nomad family, where they moved from town to town, running away from Mrs Flax problem(mostly due to her relationship problems).

That has cause charlotte to try so hard to not be like her. She see herself to be a nun and stay virgin.anything but not like her mum. Or so she thot.

"Dear god...Pls dont let me be like my mum...."

But deep inside. Charlotte is actually fighting HARD to fight her "sinful" thoughts. ESp when the family met

Joe. The object of desire.

Their life later hit a pivotal points where both of them later learn despite all the rough patches, their love to each other grow even stronger.

The script used in 'mermaids' are memorably classic!

Check this out. Esp if your winona fans!

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Samsung WB500

Picture are from http://www.unbeatable.co.uk/news/CES-Day-3-Samsungs-new-DSLR-Camera/282230.html (TQ!)

Ive been using my olympus digital camera since 2004. Since then, i dont bother looking for a new one since my camera serve me good for my amateur photographing leisure activities.

Tell you the truth, i love taking pictures. But i dont like the bulky digital camera. Coz i take my digital camera everywhere, it has to be small to fit in my pocket or my slingbag. And it has multiple optical zoom.

My current digital camera are not great in taking video. It really hard for me to record video esp at gigs and concert. But then i dont want to buy handy camcorder either coz its still bulky. and of course it wont passed security check.

I found Samsung WB500 really attractive and have all the features that suit my preference. A compact yet powerful camera that excell both in digital phototaking and video recording.WOW im in love.

This will be add into my shopping list. and i hope, with RM1600 price tag, i can allocate some money to purchase this baby.

I have checked this baby out yet in KL. maybe im going to check it out this weekend. If you know the market selling price of samsung WB500 in KL, inform me ok. Or If you happened to be one of the dealer, and want to sell samsung WB500 to me with special prize with special goodies.

For detail review and picture. read it here



Samsung Malaysia Official website


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

International Songwriting Competition 2008, Performance category Winner!; Shayna Zaid And The Catch!


Shayna Zaid and her band The Catch won the performance category at the International Songwriting Competition 2008 for the song "its you".
rently Shayna Zaid & The catch is busy with their college tour. If you are in USA, dont missed her performance at this venue;

May 16 2009 10:15P
Dewey Beach Chickfest Dewey Beach, Delaware
Jun 2 2009 9:00P
Rockwood Music Hall New York, New York
Jun 4 2009 12:00P
University of Maryland College Park, Maryland
Jun 26 2009 9:00P
The Living Room (with The Cringe at 8pm) New York, New York
Jul 5 2009 5:30P
2009 Summerfest Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Sep 22 2009 8:00P
Stevens Institute of Technology Hoboken, New Jersey
Oct 1 2009 8:00P
Reading Area Community College Reading, Pennsylvania
Oct 5 2009 8:00P
Penn State University - Altoona Altoona, Pennsylvania
Oct 6 2009 8:00P
Penn State University - Harrisburg Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Oct 8 2009 10:00A
Penn State University - Abington Abington, Pennsylvania
Oct 8 2009 8:00P
Suffolk County Community College Selden, New York
Oct 12 2009 8:00P
Penn State University - Brandywine Brandywine, Pennsylvania
Oct 13 2009 12:00P
Penn State University - Mont Alto Mont Alto, Pennsylvania
Oct 13 2009 8:00P
Penn State University - Hazelton Hazelton, Pennsylvania
Oct 14 2009 8:00P
Penn State University - York York, Pennsylvania
Oct 15 2009 8:00P
Penn State University - Lehigh Valley Fogelsville, Pennsylvania
Oct 27 2009 8:00P
Susquehanna University Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania
Nov 3 2009 8:00P
Westmoreland County Community College Youngwood, Pennsylvania
Nov 4 2009 12:00P
Edinboro University Edinboro, Pennsylvania
Nov 4 2009 8:00P
College of Wooster Wooster, Ohio
Nov 5 2009 8:00P
Keuka College Keuka Park, New York
Nov 10 2009 12:00P
Broward College - North Coconut Creek, Florida
Nov 11 2009 12:00P
Miami Dade College - Kendall Miami, Florida
Mar 3 2010 12:00P
Georgia Highlands College Rome, Georgia
Mar 4 2010 12:15P
Georgia Highlands College Rome, Georgia

Click here to listen to the full lenght songs from Shayna Zaid & The Catch at their official myspace page.

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Zee Avi : Myspace Music Featured Artist

Following with the full length exclusive premiere of all tracklist in her debut album on myspace before the album official launch on May 19th.

Myspace has picked Zee Avi as Myspace Music's Exclusive featured artist alongside The Cool Kids, Maximo Park, Lil Jon, and Diz Gibran.

If pop jazz is your thing, then you will love Zee Avi.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Full Lenght Preview of Zee Avi's songs!!!

zee fans!!

check out www.myspace.com/zeeavi and enjoy full length exclusive preview of all her songs off her debut album!

If you like what you hear, you may preorder the album via Amazon.com right away!


Today the album hit #650 amazon best sellers sales chart. Climbing from thousands spot from #4500 spot yesterday!



official website: http://www.zeeavi.com/
official myspace:http://www.myspace.com/zeeavi

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Monday, May 4, 2009


Eminem then, as photographed on the cover of the past issue of spin magazine.

This is eminem now. on the june 2009 issue of vibe magazine

see the difference. without the tattoo and the printed headline of his name. i almost cant recognize him! He desperately in need of one of those age defying products.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Zee Avi's Bitter Heart, Video PREMIERE!


Check out the Spinner.com highlights on the video.

And yeah! 'Monte' was featured in the season finale episode of 'private practice'!

More tour dates for lucky US fans!!! (I sooo envy you guys!!!!)

Tour Dates:

May 17 - Boulder, CO Etown (opening for M. Doughty)

May 19 - Long Beach, CA Fingerprints Instore

May 20 - Los Angeles, CA The Roxy (seated show)

May 22 - San Fran, CA The Rickshaw Stop

May 26 - Towson, MD WTMD Listener event

May 27 - Charlottesville, VA Twisted Branch

May 28 - Washington, DC 9:30 Club (opening for A Camp)

May 30 - Philadelphia, PA World Cafe Live (Noon)

May 31 - New York, NY Mercury Lounge

June 1 - Hoboken, NJ Maxwell’s

June 6 - Pittsburgh, PA 3 Rivers Arts Fest (opening for Medeski, Martin & Wood)

June 13 - Manchester, TN Bonnaroo

June 15 - Chapel Hill, NC Night Light

June 17 - Columbia, SC Hunter Gatherer

June 20 - Birmingham, AL City Stages

Lets celebrate the premiere of Zee Avi music video debut by placing the url video on your blogs,facebook,myspace, website and share it with everyone else. Drop me a comment at the bottom of this page, so that i can published your link here !OMG arent you guys excited!

here are the codes:-

URL format: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0rafi5CG5M


copy the code and place them on your page. Let share our excitement with the rest of the world. :)

these are list of blogs and webpages who has listed Zee Avi 'bitter heart' music video on their page so far, go check them out okey :)


2) http://fresnobeach.com/?p=7027

3) http://shazalomaniac.blogspot.com/2009/05/zee-avi-heart.html?zx=350c66033ce515d

4) http://speakingwithmyfingers.blogspot.com/2009/05/bitter-heart-zee-avi-music-video.html

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sparanormal, the diamond,romancesa,dazmelon, fool wave party,division bell, silwayd, grey sky morning, lailas, couple @ Viva La Indie Rawk

Division Bell & Fool Wave Party free CDs

Band List

Sparanormal open the stage.

They got potential. Tapi kena work on the song composition coz some of the songs sounder likely to each other. Except 'Take it or Leave it', a potential radio hit in future. Kamil, vox dia ada aura superstar. Ada potensi utk maju band ni


The Diamond, hailed from Klang. Lebey kurang mcm Grey Sky Morning, But with less catchy songs. Songs are alike to each other. Cuma lagu 'Biarlah' je yang ada potensi utk radio.
They need to buck up effort in composing better creative songs koz lagu2 dieorg kedengaran tipikal sgt. Performance wise tk lah teruk sgt.Give them time.

(Apsal url korang mcm ni ha?, confusing sgt2)

Romancesa, ni first time aku tgk dieorg perform. Tepuk tepuk. Acap, ko mmg star!. I love the way you rawk the crowd. handle the stage. smilings, laughing, very slumber2 and happening.
Crowd yang bersukaria bersama Romancesa.happening sgt2.

Acap.Kecik2 cili api. confident and slumber. walaupun hadir tanpa keyboardist nya, showmanship romancesca petang tu, are among the best. Ditambah lagi dgn lagu dieorg yg ready utk radio antaranya, 'Oh lunaku', 'Bintang Kini Pelangii', dan 'Kembali'.

Dazmelon, masalah teknikal sket ditengah2 show dieorg. But ok lah. Dey all perform lagu 'kekasihku curang', 'palsu' dan hit 'terbang' .With Ainul from Deja Voodoo Spells helping them on drums.
la la la la la lahhhhh... http://www.myspace.com/dazmelon

Fool Wave party.Igtkan hampeh. Tapi best gak band ni. baru lagi.. music elektronika poppy camtu. Aku tataw, samada vox dia mmg asal vox or penganti or vox baru. tetapi vox yg perform agak kureng kicknya. mcm tk kacuk dgn nuansa lagu-lagu dieorg. dont wanna talk about diction n pronouciation yg masih lemah situ sini. Maybe kalau lagu mereka dimelayukan lagi elok kot. I mean if ur english tk bagus sgt. better pakai je bahasa ibunda kita. anyway lagu dieorg sedap2 belaka. Antaranya 'shine no you'. One of their songs ada gak yg bunyi mcm lagu 'shadows' by nidji tu...ke aku yg salah dengar. Anyway, back up lagi. ada potensi yg membuak2. Pick the right vox, inject lagi more creative doses, you guys will be flying...

ni dia vox dieorg. aku lupa nama nya sapa..tapi muka bleh market lah..

Ting! ting! ting! Division Bell mengalih perhatian dgn gadget2 yang penuh dikaki. Hehehee. Thank god. show dieorg improve banyak compared to yang dekat lepaQ itu hari. dats Affan on 2nd lead.

Ayie on drums.
E on bass.
Saiful on lead.Rambut trademark die mmg orang kenal. :)

Showmanship dieorg still lagi kena improve. Masih malu2 kucing gaknye. no introduction of band members. maybe dieorg suka musik dieorg yg do the talking. I wish they open up more the crowd. Rasanya ramai yang nak kenal dieorg lebih lanjut.

well, if you want to know them more, then goes up to them and say hi je lah. tkpun jenguk myspace dieorg for more info kalo korang pun segak jugak :P


Wow.the vox mmg confident gile mengawal crowd yang malas ditenghari tu. Showmanship die ada stail. cuma personally bukan lagu makanan aku. Aku tak rasa their songs will kill gile2 on the radio. Maybe they need to inject some attractive elements in their composition and ensure ada focal2 point yang boleh hook listeners with their lyrics and melody.
Terbang dari Kuching. Borneo. Slumber and sporting.

Grey Sky Morning, continue the show with slew of their hit songs.
Mr Ejal, vox aka the talented man behind GSM.

picture speak by itself...

Kini hanya mahu dikenali sbg Laila. its Good to see Laila's lounge back in the arena. Performing their hits songs and some of their new material. Tgk jelah gambar2 nyer. performance dieorg best!.

nak kenal lebih ketat? go to their myspace: http://www.myspace.com/lailaband

gambar2 selingan koz couple blom sampai....

Finally they arrived from Malacca!
layanjelah...couple mmg best. dieorg performed banyak lagu malam tu koz memujuk kiteorg yg tunggu dieorg kannn...just tgk jelah gambar2 nie dan bayangkan yg selebih2nya...

aidil couple.
mashwin couple. tshirt ni cam penah tgk arr..tp kt mana yaaa :P

ariana couple.

haa pegangg..peganggg...jgn tk pegangg!!
shahrin couple.

happy clappy folks! puas hati nampaknyeee :)

oh btw. number one cafe mmg best. makanan sedap. harga tk cekik2 sgt. yg penting ais milo dia sedap.

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