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Monday, May 25, 2009


I shall declare April-May as the most chaotic month of the year. Family problems that i'm accidentally tangled up with. Stress at work.

In the middle of all that, i got sick with high temperature fever for 4 days last week.

And oh! my cats all down(except 1) with fungus infection, which i am still trying to tackle it all off. Ive been visiting the Vet, the docs trying to solve the health issue. I cant just sit there and watch them itch! On top of all that, i did major cleaning of the house. Thank god i am not alone in handling this matter, i hope i can continue to blog normally soon as possible. Probably until everything is back to normal.

Anyway my music project is taking off quite well. Hoping that all deal for my 'babies' will take off.

I be sharing with you once everything else is settled. If everything goes well i hope i can established my own private company, (meaning i have to juggle with time) to handled all this officially under my controlled.

Just pray that everything will goes well.




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