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Thursday, May 7, 2009



You know what. the best part of having Astro Movie Package is the chance of watching classic movies. That probably no one recommend us.Esp the young generations. And esp in Malaysia, how many of us actually spent countless trips to the legal and illegal dvd vendors to look for movies that have ur fav actor and actresses in it?

Not to mention, sometime we get a chance to discover new actor/actresses upon accident.

Accidently i stumble upon this 'mermaids' and fell in love with the movie. Well esp Winona Ryder were in it. And of course i think Cher is talented as an actress. I love her in 'tea with musolini' and now, i love her in 'mermaids', from Imbd i discover that Christina Riccie play 'katie' the child actress who is charlotte's younger (winona) sister.

'Mermaids' is a movie made in 1990.But The movie was shot in 1964 erra.(the JFK-thingie, black and white tv).


Cher plays Mrs Flax, a single carefree, flirty,fun yet eccentrix not a typical single mother, who raised 2 daughters Charlotte(winona) and Kate(Ricci) both from different father. They live a carefree nomad family, where they moved from town to town, running away from Mrs Flax problem(mostly due to her relationship problems).

That has cause charlotte to try so hard to not be like her. She see herself to be a nun and stay virgin.anything but not like her mum. Or so she thot.

"Dear god...Pls dont let me be like my mum...."

But deep inside. Charlotte is actually fighting HARD to fight her "sinful" thoughts. ESp when the family met

Joe. The object of desire.

Their life later hit a pivotal points where both of them later learn despite all the rough patches, their love to each other grow even stronger.

The script used in 'mermaids' are memorably classic!

Check this out. Esp if your winona fans!

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