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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lenka Showcase @ One Utama

just a quick note.

Lenka fans?

Lenka will be perfoming a FREE showcase at One Utama, New wing Entrance this sunday, 2nd august 2009 at 3.30PM

How to meet and get her autograph?
Just Purchase Lenka's original CD and bring it to the meet n greet session after the show.

How to get Lenka's exclusive merchandise OR Pass to meet Lenka In person at a private Event on August 4th at Hotel Concorde?
Just subscribe to TM products and services (from 22nd - 2nd Aug) at TMpoints outlets in Klang Valley(Selangor, KL, Pj, Cyberjaya)

or by joining online contest by TM .

Amy Mastura and Aliff Aziz will be the opening acts for the showcase. So Dont missed it!

Official Label: Sonymusic Malaysia
Official Sponsor: TM
Official online media: Hypptv


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Zee Avi top Amazon music sales chart at #19!

#2 at amazon.com adult contemporary category.

#19 at overal amazon.com music bestsellers!

Congratulations Zee!

Today marked Zee Avi highest and historic jump at Amazon.com music best sellers sales chart at #19!
Sliding up among other big names such as Whitney Houston, Green Day and of course severals albums from Michael Jackson!

Hopefully she will climb up steadily soon. Impossible or not? Keep on supporting guys!


Yasmin Ahmad ( July 1st 1957 - July 25th 2009)

Buat mentor,sumber inspirasiku. Semoga damai bersemadi.

Al Fatihah.

Arwah Yasmin Ahmad pergi menyambut panggilan ilahi di tangga umur 51.
Srikandi filem dan pengiat kreatif negara yang disegani, and of course fiearce & fearless - one of a kind, creative director melayu yang dihormati. Kompas motivasi bagi setiap anak melayu di bidang ini khasnya dan pengiat kreatif negara amnya.
Yang pergi, tetap akan pergi. meninggalkan karya dan kenangan buat kita.
Yang tinggal teruskan berusaha, menjejak langkah beliau, membawa mesej kasih sayang
dan keamanan, memberi jiwa dan 'roh' pada setiap hasil karya dan kerja tangan kita.
She will be missed for sure. Im sure she dont care about fame or recognition of her works.
All she care is that, her works touches, moves, and motivates her audience, far and wide.
aku masih susah nak percaya. tapi takdir sudah pun tersurat.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Natalie Imbruglia is BACK!

OMG. after a looong hiatus after 'Counting Down The Days' album. Natalie Imbruglia will be releasing her new album entitield 'Come To Life' on september 21st! GAGAGAGA~!!!

Taken four years to complete. The new album is backed by musical heavyweights collaborators such as Daniel Johns(silverchair) and Chris Martin(Coldplay) on her own independent label, Malabar Records.

The new album is expected to maintain Natalie Imbruglia's trademark in her works as seen in her previous album with refreshing injections of electronica's tings tings. I guess it should be a great mash of coldplays,silverchair,with electronica beats with natalie's lyricals atmosphere.
It has been a long wait after the greatest hits album that feeds the fans with the hit single 'glorious'.

she explained it to Australian journalist, "I feel the same creative buzz I felt when I first started my career...It's just fun and artistic and creative and all the things it should be. There's still a lot of depth to the songs...It just sounds fresher to me. I've tried different things - there's more electronic stuff in there, and that's different for me, more dance beats. There's a freedom overall, and a sense of confidence. It's slightly less introspective ..."

The new single off the album 'Come to Life' would be 'Want' and Natalie is expected to finished filming the music video in July.

I guess its all in the oven now teasing us with the musical aroma for eager fans to celebrate the birth of the new album which is just around the corner. Im all jumpy and excited!

more info.



Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Zee Avi's Hits all over AMP Radios!

AMP Radio Network, definately support Zee Avi's music. Zee is all over AMP radio formats.
So fans, dont forget to vote or request Zee's song in this radios.

Mix FM.

'Bitter Heart' has been added into Mixfm playlist and Mixpod alongside with 5 other newly released song by other singer such as 'obsessed' by Mariah Carey.

'Bitter Heart' is now awaiting fans vote to enter MIX top 20 charts.
Cast your vote now.

Era FM

'Kantoi' has been added since last month and has gained generous airplays based on fans request. Keep on supporting Zee by requesting and voting 'Kantoi' on Era FM. Fans can also join contest to win Zee Avi CDs.


Zee Avi has been featured as 'Artist In The Limelight' for the month of July. 'Bitter Heart' and 'Darling it Aint Easy' has gain generous airplays aswell based from radio plays and fans request.

Fans can also join the radio contest to win Zee Avi CDs!

'Kantoi' is definately listener's favourite. Dont missed your chance to win CDs by Zee Avi by participating the contest. And of course keep on requesting and voting 'kantoi'.


Mariah Carey Obsessed


This is a let down. Obsessed video shouldve a better hit if Mariah's team hire a really hot sexy guy to play the stalker. Instead of mariah in a men suit try to mock Eminem. Remember We belong together? Mariah fanbased are largely females and gay males. It is so unfortunate to know that Obsessed video is not offering any candy for the major fans. These are hardcore fans who will vote and request the video on various music video channels around the world. Will straight males vote and request mariah's obsessed to watch mariah carey half naked body on tv? Well with the species of half naked younger female singers raising up these days.

I dont think so. Na a a!

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Lenka Promo

Lenka has definately shot a higher chance of staging herself amongst malaysian public with her hit song 'the show' being selected to be used as background song for latest TM TVC in promoting their fixed line service.

The ad try to rejuvenate trust among fixed line users and to encourage people to use fixed phone line;where a girl give her fixed phone number to her subject of new affection(a guy - a friend of her friend). At the end of the scene, the guy showed to his friend that he got the girl's fixed phone number and her streamyx email address, where it has sparks jealousy of his guy friend's girlfriend.(since his friend never give her his home phone number)

Im not sure if whether the tv ads will sparks people's interest to use or subcribes to fixed line but one thing for sure, it has definately sparks people's interest on Lenka's music for sure.


Friday, July 17, 2009

Refreshing shout awards

Finally a breathe of fresh air! shout awards definitely selling it from every corner.LOL.
a money making award show and yet still manage to offer a breath of fresh new concept of local entertainment.

Those who study advertising and marketeers. just observe the pattern of the winners and see how 8tv are doing it in every aspect of the show. Well theres a lil tech glitch. but the rest of the show was fabulous with a capital F.

they are definately different!


7 inch burger

This is not an american Ads. This is an ad campaign for Burger King Singapore, with Singapore local agency. Its for a nationwide cross media campaign.

It now cause a controvery within the industry.Personally to me, nothing wrong with the ad. A person with an innocent mind(children perhaps)probably wouldnt have a clue on the semiotic behinds it. But what about normal adult?esp those who constantly keeps their dirty mind running 24/7 non stop? :P

Perhaps the agency forgotten the concept of targetted marketing. This ad would be useable if Burger King Singapore plan to attract customers from an open minded urban youth singaporean gay males and females in the media published for their segment, ie GQ,FHM magazine,Clubs,music(rave events) you know, 18sx related.

the only mistake that they do was to have this ad plastered on billboard and mainstream media that clearly not inline with the targetted market as the way the ad has been executed.

Maybe the executives involved were too excited to be too daring back then. Hehe. Anyway, If their aim is to capture attention. I guess they have done it succesfully.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Najwa, Grey Sky Morning, Tony Leo, One Buck Short, Liyana Jasmay, The Snow Symphony, Deja Voodoo Spells, 6ith Sense, Awan Band, Hujan at RTM

Sabtu semalam. Bertempat di Padang Semarak, Angkasapuri RTM telah berlangsung rakaman Konsert Generasiku Indie bands. Walaupun semasa promo takde langsung dinyatakan ianya rakaman raya. Jadi bila akak floor manager announce yang the konsert merupakan konsert utk rakaman raya, ramailah yang merengsa. Ada yang gelak2. Koz they werent expected that. So next time RTM, silalah bgtaw awal2. so dat orang leh expect what to expected kan.

Anyway aku rasa bukan selalu RTM host konsert d luar konti ala konsert jom heboh. Dari segi pentas pun sesuatu yang agak fresh(walaupun station tv lain dah buat lamaa...) So semalam pentas RTM for the first time ever ada LED screens and lamps. Tetapi kalo dah nama RTM tu tetap la jugak dieorg nak letak tangga ala2 80 an dgn lampu2 kuning di anak2 tangga tu. Hehehe(ni mesti kes ada staff RTM yang lama yg nak idea dia diguna masa meeting tu kan kan kann...).

Sebenarnya secara peribada aku rasa RTM ni ada all the goods utk jadi station TV yang happening. Lokasi RTM pun strategic. Cuma tu lah, maybe dlm organisasi RTM tu sendiri yg masih amalkan seniority2 so idea2 budak2 baru RTM maybe ada yang ditolak ketepi kerana nak menjaga hati bos bos yang dah beridea lapuk tapi nak orang dengar idea die je. Sudahnya RTM merangkak2 nak kejar station TV lain dari segi ratings. Ok maybe RTM 1 tu kita tolak tepi sebab ianya mmg station utk informasi dah wadah kerajaan. Cuma RTM2 tu sebenarnya boleh fight lah dgn station tv lain dari segi pengisian. Cuma RTM kena berani utk offer sesuatu kelainan yang baru.

Contohnya, konsert semalam, bagi cukup hebat utk RTM tapi ada perkara2 yang perlu diperbaiki. Konsert rakaman bermula jam 9 malam lepas isyak. Kapasiti penonton yang datang rasanya boleh mencecah seribu orang kot. RTM punya team tak pk pun aspek keselematan penonton. Dah lah air tak boleh bawak masuk kat padang, Pengunjung marhain nak jejak kaki ke cafe RTM dihalang pak guard sombong blagak bos yang menjerit "maaf, kami tak benarkan kamu masuk" dgn ayat skema alala skrip gerak khas. So bayangkan penonton2 yang kering tekak esp those who were in front moshing(yelah konsert indie kan!-dieorg tak expect ke keadaan budak2tu camne!?. Dah la tu, satu team first aid rescuer pun takde kelihatan. Nasib baik event semalam belangsung selamat tade pe pe kes pitam ke kena pijak ke, patah riuk ke. And then, tandas mobil tak disediakan pun. Adakah team RTM ni assume penonton akan menapak ke masjid RTM utk buang air kecik dan besar?

Ok back to konsert. Secara peribadi, konsert semalam will be more happening kalo RTM hired appropriate host to navigate the program. They shouldve make it more like a concert lah, pentas dah cantik, lighting ok. Sound ok. A bit hambar koz tade host. Alaa..tambah berapa RM je lagi utk host. Nak jimat, amik je bintang2 RTM yang ada bakat as host.

Konsert started with Najwa. Shes quite a crooner. Bakal pelapis kita. At least adala jugak pengganti noryn aziz.I kinda like her. Die perform 2 songs, love and gotta go(aku suka lagu ni).Hmm im glad, kita ada talent perempuan like najwa. We need more talented females in this industry. Tade lah duk pakai orang yg sama je kan. I wonder how much is the cost to book najwa to perform.

Grey sky morning later amik alih. dieorg borak alala raya. Najwa nampak mcm nak gelak. But ejal looks professional and act it out well. Grey sky later performed 'pancaroba' dan 'cinta gila'. Grey sky nampak improved this time. other members pun dah nampak ada showmanship skill. senyum with crowds etc. Ejal pun nampak konfident. Good for them.

Tony Leo next came up. its good thing that RTM invited indie acts other than the malays. So Tony Leo i guess our next reshmonu. Very fresh. His music pun not bad.Layan sgt. Esp the 2nd song 'My Sanity'. I wonder how much does it cost to book him without the backup musicians.

One Buck Short, Otai lama took the stage. This time akak floor manager RTM reminded again the audience not to stick their tongues out to the camera. (Lame gile and very RTM lah arahan tu). Tapi masih jugak die terjerit2 kat penonton "awak ni tak sporting lah, tak cukup happening, saya nak tengok awak melompat2, menyanyi kuat2 dll" like hello....kalo dah penonton ramai yang kering tekak camne ko nak expect them menghappeningkan program ko. Mmg la show free tapi be humane la about it. These RTM folks should pegi buat study visit ke TV3 dan Astro/8TV and see how their staff manage their outdoor programs and involving audiences. Aku malas nak cerita kat sini koz they all should know how to do their work well.

Anyway One buck short performed 'khayalan masa' dan 'fast times'. Next on was Liyana Jasmay. Masuk intro music of 'pelik' terus die melompat ke depan stage dari tepi. Tapi suaranya ya rabbi...TAK DGR! very halus and slow. Ke mic rusak. tatawla kan. Then akak floor manager stopkan show dia. and suruh do another take. Liyana nampak tak puas hati. Mencebik bibir. Like hello, respek lasket akak tu. Shes the boss of the show. Kalau dia suruh do 1o kali take pun, she can do so selagi die tak puas hati dgn kualiti recording tu. Sibbaik 2nd take ok. To me, it just sad that her music is fun, band pun tight. she got everything but the voice. she must work hard la. If not her effortless voice would just drained out other people's energy and time. Last song she performed'aku tak percaya cinta'. Her moves reminds me alot of Ashley Simpson. Mendatar sgt. Just yg kuat didengar yg part hey hey hey hey tu je. The rest...tenggelam.Honestly She sound better in radio than on live stage.

Next up was this chinese band called the snow symphony. Not bad at all. Ala the corrs. Layan gaklah. but obviously the majority of the audience who were the malays doesnt really into such sound as they sitted very patiently untill the band finished their performance. Probably dieorg syok melayan angin kuat yang menderu2 semasa band ni performed 2 songs, 'crash' and 'hush'.

Deja Voodoo spells heat up the stage with Ainol amboi bukan main lagi hebat showmanship die on drums. We loike. Rithan crooned 2 songs, the famous ' wanting you' and 'rock and roll.

6ith Sense kemudian took over the stage. Adi look adorable and bit akward bila die becakap KL dgn telo jakarta. hehehe. Quite a while jugak dieorg tunggu utk start show.Sapetah campak botol mineral ke depan. Pastu Adi nampak tekejut..then dia jerit "peace, peace peace". heheh. Then soon after, dieorg start perform, lagu 'cinta sempurna' then 'khatim cinta'. Suara adi mmg sedap lah. he looks cute too.

Lepas je 6ith sense performed. orang dah start menjerit bunkface! bunkface!. Rupernyer bunkface tak datang. Tapi dlm promo bukan main pukul canang RTM ni. Aku pun before the date dah wonder, why bunkface tade inform officially pun kt official page dieorg yang dieorg akan perform kt RTM. Floor manager kata, member bunkface demam. (boleh caya ke?). Tah tah RTM dah hulur siap2 kat bunkface just nak tumpang guna nama bunkface utk promo je. Anything possible. Tk kisahlah.

Tapi yang abit the panas adalah bila dieorg replace Bunkface with Awan band. Aya. perhaps they can replace bunkface with pesawat ke, the times ke..or anything yang sesuai lah. Slot Awan abit hambar, but they did try their very best to catch public attention. they performed 'belenggu' dan 'helah maya'. lagu awan band ni klise sgtlah. Tade injection baru pun kt musik dieorg.

Finally 'Hujan' turun...opss muncul. nampak over confident as if everyone there were all waiting for them. Noh, mcm high je aku tgk. or perhaps he was in a very good mood. Bfore die start show die say thank you to RTM coz menjemput die bla bla. n say sorry to audience coz hujan just perform 2 lagu je. Pastu audience cam react tak puas hati. Then dgn tak sesangka2. si noh ni menjerit "tu salah dia, boo dia!!" as he point his finger to RTM punye floor manager. I WAS LIKE . gile ape noh nih!! hadoiii.. Berapa ek his age? im sure his in 25 circa of age. Tapi cara dia behave. Langsung takde PR. Soon afterwards, Hujan perform Mencari Konklusi, then they had to stopped in between song and haf to do retake. Again, he screamed "boo dia!" and point fingers tk puas hati kt akak rtm tu. Malangnya, audience takde pun boo akak tu.childish n very tkde PR langsung. lantak ko la noh. Tetap tak reti beza how to perform n behave during tv show n gigs. its so oncool to watch a grown up like hujan(how old is he?23?25?) to act silly yet stupid on stage konon2 ala ala radhi. But at least Radhi taw la jugak PR. I think noh lupe, kt bawah stage tu ramai family2 RTM dari top ke low level yang gi tgk show tu. koz its a one of kind initiative by RTM to conduct such konsert. Whatever.

so they continue the song again. pas habis performed. hujan invite adi from sixth sense again to perform lagu raya on stage. Time ni kelam kabut sgt. Susunan artist pun caca merba. liyana jasmay, shouldve stand as centre attention end up sitting on the back. adehh..liyana, you are brand ambasaddors, next time in event show esp tv recording mcm ni, make sure cari tempat ke depan, cari camera. They will love you more. End up musicians yang2 tk berapa glamer tu duk depan curik limelight. artist bersepah2. I guess almost every artist act their raya part well, except for najwa who seem bit ackward pretending that it a'during raya' show.

Overall, im glad seeing Grey sky morning dah mematangkan diri mereka. They play their part well, tahu ape nak cakap, so far ok. If they continue to improve, they surely climb popularity and gain more success in return. Except if they signed any deals yang tak menguntungkan dieorg in long turn.


Friday, July 10, 2009

Someone You Used To Know - Zee Avi

It was helpless anyway
There's nothing much we could do or say
Darling don't you think it's a shame?
that it had to end this way

So here's to say goodbye,
our love is lost, and we cant figure why
maybe it really is about time
that we finally made up our minds

So Darling, here's to you
i hope that when you find someone new
that she would always be true to you
to love and understand you

Soon you'll build new memories
then slowly you'd forget about me
then i would slowly be
a distant memory

*Soon i'll just be
that someone you used to know
But darling you will thank me
for letting you go
time is not for wasting
i hope you'll find your intended
But i'm sorry
that your intended isn't me

it's not an easy thing
to shake off our history
i know that's what you want from me
but they will always stay with me

i admit i made mistakes
but darling with you it's just the same
if we stay there will be more to make
i dont know how much more we can take

Darling, it would be unfair
to stay with something no longer there
but it doesn't mean i no longer care
but i'd feel like a burden you can't bear


Thursday, July 9, 2009

MTVasia Brings you The City

The City is now my new favourite show! Ive been following The Hills and love the show and the characters involves. But i love The City more! I can relate to Whitney journey pathing her ways in NY. I also start from being a clueless bee and still polishing my skill and trying not to screwed up and not to make silly tiny mistakes on a day to day basis. The only difference is that i dont work in the fashion industry.

But for those who work in event industry will understand what i meant. The late night, the politics, the who cant and can be trusted, the politics, the pressures, the perks, the expectations, the fair share of working around with happening hotties and cuties,almost all very much the same.

Its not easy to survive working in this industry. It requires not only someone with a tough skin, fit and healthy physical fitness, but mental stability and sharpness(paying attention to all tiny details from A-Z) aswell. What Whitney's boss said. "you will most probably going to have no personal life, but you will get a whole new life", is very true.

So if you happened to have an interest to work in the similar industry, watch The City and learn a thing or two from the series. Eventough the series doesnt really focus alot on Whitney's work, the series will provides you a peek of whats going on behind the glamourous life of Whitney Port in New York City.

Watch The City on MTVASIA.
Premieres July 9, Thursday 9 - 27 July
Weekdays only 11pm (MY), 10pm (SG/HK)3pm (MY), 2pm (SG/HK)
Weekend Marathons:Sat, 18 July, 25 July & 1 August 11pm (MY), 10pm (SG/HK)
Marathon Replays:Sun, 19 July, 26 July & 2 Aug ust2pm (MY), 1pm (SG/HK)


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

PPSMI. Alhamdulilah.

science and math is now back in bahasa malaysia. i hope the kids will improve the understanding their science and math better esp those in rural areas.

Personally, i felt our goverment has made a rightful, targetted, sensitive decision.

As much as i want all of our kids to be fluent with english language, because english is the international language that will open up whole lot of doors of oppurtunities and knowledges, i understand the difficulties(and sometimes stubborness + laziness) of some kids in adapting themselves with PPSMI esp those in rural areas.(trust me, ive been to some remote areas in ulu kelantan and PPSMI will only add another barricade for this rural kids to even sparks their interest to open their book!). In general i honestly would love that PPSMI to be continue. But from my observations, some of the malays esp in rural areas and poor city folks, are just too lazy to catch up. Many of them who have the potential to improve their life quality through education fail to coup. Im quite interested to know how serious the drop outs rates among the malays and other races in malaysia before and after the esbtalishment of PPSMI.

Yes, in a effort to strengthens the survivals of the malays. PPSMI is undeniably necessary. However, the number of the malays family with education awareness both in urban and rural areas are still out numbered comparing to the the malays who does not even bother to spent money for their childrens educations. We must not be ignorant that many of their kids future are being denied by the ignorance attitude of this irresponsible parents. (you know the type of parents who are TOO calculative when it comes to their children education need!).I guess the same goes to the kids from other race aswell esp the orang asli and bumiputera sabah and sarawak.

What impressed me more, is the rightful decisions of plans that the educational ministry has established to IMPROVE the english teaching method for the kids.They listed 12 plans. Among others additional teaching hours for english subject, and so on. This will hope to improve their english proficiency as time goes in preparing the kids to be ready with self confidence to adapt into all english education platform when they enter university and college. After all, after learning english that intensive from standard 1 until form 5(11 years). I just dont get why the kids doesnt GET IT! They must learn to LOVE the language, adapt and be able to practice it at their own free will at the right place and time.

Anyway, i just hope that the education minister continously revise the way english is being teach in school from time to time to make it more upbeat and updated,fun,practical with relevan yet interesting non cliche approach for the kids to enjoy learning english and at later on will use it practically at their own free will in their daily life.

Language is not a subject for exam passing. Language is for our everday use, for us to communicate, read.etc. A medium of expression to convey our message and creativity.If you dont love the language, you will not use it or be proud to use it. Regardless if its english, hindustani, thai, french, tagalog, mandarin etc.

One of the easiest way to learn language is through music and movies and to befriend with people who speak or know the language.Thats how i improve my language skills since i was very young. I study lyrics, and movies. So that i understand the dialogs, the meaning of songs. And it help alot on the pronouciation. Nobody push me to excell english.Really. I think back then, i was just curious and got fade up when i dont understand anything that the mat salleh talks or sing on the radio and TV. And the other reason was, i want to be able to curse the bad kids in school in english other than "fak u" that were commonly used back then by the kids,and enjoying myself seeing them looking clueless and blur.hehehe.

I dont want to brag, but eventough i lived in a rural town in kelantan. Alhamdulilah, Since standard 3, my english score has always been As(but i do get B once in a blue moon).Going up on stage for debate,coral speaking, and speech(during speech day),calling up english radio stations for simple song dedication(hehe),and of course started curses in english aswell.(hehehe)

Of course my english accent is very malaysian without the rolling of R, since my dad wasnt fortunate enough to bring his family to UK or NY during school holidays.(Hehehe) and i wasnt really interested nor allow myself to be influenced in becoming a fake american or the british. I am still a kampung kid very proud of my root. But not too proud, to converse in any language without annoyingly displaying my cultural identity to everyone with a kelantanese tongue intertwined like some of other kelantanese. Hehehe. (however, i really luv to secrectly listen to those kelantanese who have that english-kelantanese accent coz its just sooo adorably cute!)

And no, my father is not a teacher. He was only just a postmen back then.So it was me who play a role in choosing what i want to do and who i want to be. If im able to pull it off, Why cant the kids?

Monday, July 6, 2009

Michael Jackson Significant 7

Read this on TMZ.com

-Michael Jackson signed his will on 7/7/02.
- Michael Jackson's memorial was on 7/7/09... exactly 7 years after the will was signed.
-Michael Jackson's two biggest hits -- "Black & White" and "Billie Jean" -- were each #1 for 7 weeks.
- Michael Jackson's three biggest albums -- "Thriller," "Bad" and "Dangerous" -- each produced 7 top 40 hits.
- Michael Jackson was the 7th of 9 jackson.
- Michael Jackson was born in 1958 ... 19 + 58 = 77
- Michael Jackson died on the 25th ... 2 + 5 = 7
- Michael Jackson has 7 letters in his first and last name.
-Micheal Jackson album was planned to be release before his death, titled '7even'. A double disc CD contains 7 tracks of MJ duets with other artists, and another 7 of his solo tracks.

Wow.It lookslike There's more 7 coincident related to MJ than David Beckham. hehehe :P


Sunday, July 5, 2009


Listen up peepz.

Celcom brings you MTV WORLDSTAGE Live in Malaysia on 15th August 2009 LIVE at Sunway Lagoon.

Entry Passes are exclusive and not for sale. So stay alert on any news on contest and roadshows in the next coming weeks to secured yourself the exclusive entry pass.

UOX and YouthSays is now looking for 5 energetic students from the listed colleges to be part of their Street Team.

Taylor's University College,
Subang JayaTaylor's University College,
Hartamas Sunway University College
HELP University College
UCSI UniversityMetropolitan College
SEGi University College
KDU College
KBU College
Lim Kok Wing University College

The lucky selected individual will receive monetary allowance and also exclusive MOSHPIT entry pass.

Interested? Email your quest to carolynn@youthasia.com before Thursday, 9th July.