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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lenka Promo

Lenka has definately shot a higher chance of staging herself amongst malaysian public with her hit song 'the show' being selected to be used as background song for latest TM TVC in promoting their fixed line service.

The ad try to rejuvenate trust among fixed line users and to encourage people to use fixed phone line;where a girl give her fixed phone number to her subject of new affection(a guy - a friend of her friend). At the end of the scene, the guy showed to his friend that he got the girl's fixed phone number and her streamyx email address, where it has sparks jealousy of his guy friend's girlfriend.(since his friend never give her his home phone number)

Im not sure if whether the tv ads will sparks people's interest to use or subcribes to fixed line but one thing for sure, it has definately sparks people's interest on Lenka's music for sure.