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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lenka Showcase @ One Utama

just a quick note.

Lenka fans?

Lenka will be perfoming a FREE showcase at One Utama, New wing Entrance this sunday, 2nd august 2009 at 3.30PM

How to meet and get her autograph?
Just Purchase Lenka's original CD and bring it to the meet n greet session after the show.

How to get Lenka's exclusive merchandise OR Pass to meet Lenka In person at a private Event on August 4th at Hotel Concorde?
Just subscribe to TM products and services (from 22nd - 2nd Aug) at TMpoints outlets in Klang Valley(Selangor, KL, Pj, Cyberjaya)

or by joining online contest by TM .

Amy Mastura and Aliff Aziz will be the opening acts for the showcase. So Dont missed it!

Official Label: Sonymusic Malaysia
Official Sponsor: TM
Official online media: Hypptv



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