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Thursday, July 9, 2009

MTVasia Brings you The City

The City is now my new favourite show! Ive been following The Hills and love the show and the characters involves. But i love The City more! I can relate to Whitney journey pathing her ways in NY. I also start from being a clueless bee and still polishing my skill and trying not to screwed up and not to make silly tiny mistakes on a day to day basis. The only difference is that i dont work in the fashion industry.

But for those who work in event industry will understand what i meant. The late night, the politics, the who cant and can be trusted, the politics, the pressures, the perks, the expectations, the fair share of working around with happening hotties and cuties,almost all very much the same.

Its not easy to survive working in this industry. It requires not only someone with a tough skin, fit and healthy physical fitness, but mental stability and sharpness(paying attention to all tiny details from A-Z) aswell. What Whitney's boss said. "you will most probably going to have no personal life, but you will get a whole new life", is very true.

So if you happened to have an interest to work in the similar industry, watch The City and learn a thing or two from the series. Eventough the series doesnt really focus alot on Whitney's work, the series will provides you a peek of whats going on behind the glamourous life of Whitney Port in New York City.

Watch The City on MTVASIA.
Premieres July 9, Thursday 9 - 27 July
Weekdays only 11pm (MY), 10pm (SG/HK)3pm (MY), 2pm (SG/HK)
Weekend Marathons:Sat, 18 July, 25 July & 1 August 11pm (MY), 10pm (SG/HK)
Marathon Replays:Sun, 19 July, 26 July & 2 Aug ust2pm (MY), 1pm (SG/HK)