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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Natalie Imbruglia is BACK!

OMG. after a looong hiatus after 'Counting Down The Days' album. Natalie Imbruglia will be releasing her new album entitield 'Come To Life' on september 21st! GAGAGAGA~!!!

Taken four years to complete. The new album is backed by musical heavyweights collaborators such as Daniel Johns(silverchair) and Chris Martin(Coldplay) on her own independent label, Malabar Records.

The new album is expected to maintain Natalie Imbruglia's trademark in her works as seen in her previous album with refreshing injections of electronica's tings tings. I guess it should be a great mash of coldplays,silverchair,with electronica beats with natalie's lyricals atmosphere.
It has been a long wait after the greatest hits album that feeds the fans with the hit single 'glorious'.

she explained it to Australian journalist, "I feel the same creative buzz I felt when I first started my career...It's just fun and artistic and creative and all the things it should be. There's still a lot of depth to the songs...It just sounds fresher to me. I've tried different things - there's more electronic stuff in there, and that's different for me, more dance beats. There's a freedom overall, and a sense of confidence. It's slightly less introspective ..."

The new single off the album 'Come to Life' would be 'Want' and Natalie is expected to finished filming the music video in July.

I guess its all in the oven now teasing us with the musical aroma for eager fans to celebrate the birth of the new album which is just around the corner. Im all jumpy and excited!

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