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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

PPSMI. Alhamdulilah.

science and math is now back in bahasa malaysia. i hope the kids will improve the understanding their science and math better esp those in rural areas.

Personally, i felt our goverment has made a rightful, targetted, sensitive decision.

As much as i want all of our kids to be fluent with english language, because english is the international language that will open up whole lot of doors of oppurtunities and knowledges, i understand the difficulties(and sometimes stubborness + laziness) of some kids in adapting themselves with PPSMI esp those in rural areas.(trust me, ive been to some remote areas in ulu kelantan and PPSMI will only add another barricade for this rural kids to even sparks their interest to open their book!). In general i honestly would love that PPSMI to be continue. But from my observations, some of the malays esp in rural areas and poor city folks, are just too lazy to catch up. Many of them who have the potential to improve their life quality through education fail to coup. Im quite interested to know how serious the drop outs rates among the malays and other races in malaysia before and after the esbtalishment of PPSMI.

Yes, in a effort to strengthens the survivals of the malays. PPSMI is undeniably necessary. However, the number of the malays family with education awareness both in urban and rural areas are still out numbered comparing to the the malays who does not even bother to spent money for their childrens educations. We must not be ignorant that many of their kids future are being denied by the ignorance attitude of this irresponsible parents. (you know the type of parents who are TOO calculative when it comes to their children education need!).I guess the same goes to the kids from other race aswell esp the orang asli and bumiputera sabah and sarawak.

What impressed me more, is the rightful decisions of plans that the educational ministry has established to IMPROVE the english teaching method for the kids.They listed 12 plans. Among others additional teaching hours for english subject, and so on. This will hope to improve their english proficiency as time goes in preparing the kids to be ready with self confidence to adapt into all english education platform when they enter university and college. After all, after learning english that intensive from standard 1 until form 5(11 years). I just dont get why the kids doesnt GET IT! They must learn to LOVE the language, adapt and be able to practice it at their own free will at the right place and time.

Anyway, i just hope that the education minister continously revise the way english is being teach in school from time to time to make it more upbeat and updated,fun,practical with relevan yet interesting non cliche approach for the kids to enjoy learning english and at later on will use it practically at their own free will in their daily life.

Language is not a subject for exam passing. Language is for our everday use, for us to communicate, read.etc. A medium of expression to convey our message and creativity.If you dont love the language, you will not use it or be proud to use it. Regardless if its english, hindustani, thai, french, tagalog, mandarin etc.

One of the easiest way to learn language is through music and movies and to befriend with people who speak or know the language.Thats how i improve my language skills since i was very young. I study lyrics, and movies. So that i understand the dialogs, the meaning of songs. And it help alot on the pronouciation. Nobody push me to excell english.Really. I think back then, i was just curious and got fade up when i dont understand anything that the mat salleh talks or sing on the radio and TV. And the other reason was, i want to be able to curse the bad kids in school in english other than "fak u" that were commonly used back then by the kids,and enjoying myself seeing them looking clueless and blur.hehehe.

I dont want to brag, but eventough i lived in a rural town in kelantan. Alhamdulilah, Since standard 3, my english score has always been As(but i do get B once in a blue moon).Going up on stage for debate,coral speaking, and speech(during speech day),calling up english radio stations for simple song dedication(hehe),and of course started curses in english aswell.(hehehe)

Of course my english accent is very malaysian without the rolling of R, since my dad wasnt fortunate enough to bring his family to UK or NY during school holidays.(Hehehe) and i wasnt really interested nor allow myself to be influenced in becoming a fake american or the british. I am still a kampung kid very proud of my root. But not too proud, to converse in any language without annoyingly displaying my cultural identity to everyone with a kelantanese tongue intertwined like some of other kelantanese. Hehehe. (however, i really luv to secrectly listen to those kelantanese who have that english-kelantanese accent coz its just sooo adorably cute!)

And no, my father is not a teacher. He was only just a postmen back then.So it was me who play a role in choosing what i want to do and who i want to be. If im able to pull it off, Why cant the kids?