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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Natalie Imbruglia 'Wild About It'

She's back.with a new album as promised. but unfortunately i just feel a bit dissapointed with the new single and the video ' wild about it'. Natalie's myspace has reveal 2 new track the hyped up collaboration of 'want' with chris martin, also fail to resonate with the sky high expectation. I dunno about you, but personally i just felt that my excitement has been crushed with the output. I wonder why on earth they didnt promote 'want' as the front single off the album. I might be wrong, but you be the judge yourself.

you can listen the sample of the song here.


Monday, August 17, 2009


boleh tk kali ni nak menulis something yg a bit series?

perasan tk merdeka kali ni paling tak meriah? rasanya tak salah if i said this is the most unhappening merdeka month ever. ppl couldnt care less anymore this year. why?
coz ppl are unhappy. the malays are not happy. the chinese are grumpy. the indian also frustriated. why?

1.politicians cant stop bickering, finger pointing, semuanya perasan bagus.
2.h1n1, of course, more n more sick ppl. causing more n more ppl to rather stay at home.
3. ppl dont have so much money to spent relentlessly like before anymore.
4. ppl living with doubful feeling, unharmonious atmosphere, lot of fake smiles and laugh.

you know what. since im small, very lil kid. i always wonder why i and the other malay kids go to malay schools.(at that time i actually asked my mum to enroll me to SRJKC koz i wanna learn mandarin). But of course, my parents who are just an average kelantanese, said "dop leh,nati rehak nok make gapo?", "tak boleh, nanti rehat nak makan apa?" which they doubt of the halalness of the food at the kantin there. when i grow older, i found out that the kantin operator at the SRJKC was actually a malay(at that time).

thank god, i studied hard and manage to transfer to a better school in KB, where it has a well mixed race(and alot of those who are 'inbetween' and mat salleh wannabees LOL).

Since i was a lil kid, i always wanted and envision that the chinese,malay,indian dont have to go to different schools. they learn same subjects and can select whichever basic subject they want to study(mandarin,tamil,france,tasawuf, usuludin, music, arts, tailoring, carving,acting,sports,IT,veterinary, agrotechnology,fekah, cooking, carpentry,mechanical, electrical etc2) apart from the compulsory subjects, and they can wear purdah,kopiah,songkok, turban, in additional to the standard uniform. Tudung isnt compulsory for girls but to be wear at one free will.(i just hate tudung girls who are just so morally fake, they tarnish the goodname of islam). Schools are not just school with teachers, but a learning center and yet a homey place where we all look forward to go.

My wish was almost came true when Tun M annouced the sekolah wawasan, but then later, thanks to bunch of racially inclined 'heroes', for whatever reasons.my wish didnt came true. Things still like the way the are.

I wonder. ist only me who wanted this thing to happened. i know my friends are not against it, but i dont know about others.You know what, isnt great if at the times like this, someone organize a concert cum youth gathering to show support the one school concept. I mean honestly i felt the 1 malaysia concept is just crap, since theres no positive changes to the root cause of our racial unrest.

Imagine, how great the gathering can be.Of course politicians are not allowed to enter!(hehee) I mean arent we tired of listening and reading the news of hearing what the adult want?What about the teen?the youth?the future generations of malaysia. Does anyone care what we want?!

Happy Merdeka Malaysia. May prosperity to all continues for years to come.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

MTV World Stage - Malaysia 2009

No doubt.This is one of the most impactful and succesful concert event ive ever attended, second after the historical LP concert at Stadium Merdeka in 2003.

Reason why?because it was held at Sunway Lagoon !!! LOCATION!! LOCATION!!

If any sunway lagoon management's staff were reading my blog.i would like to congratulate them. Thumbs up for the very good management.

1. Parking. lot of choices. - I arrived one hour before the event start, i parked at sunway pyramid shooping centre parking. at only RM6(maximum hour). Brightly Lighted and better safety.Futhermore they provide 'minibus' to female drivers!

2. Traffic Flow management! - I leave the concert after the concert end. Didnt get stuck in any jems.(i use NPE). Traffic within the building is also well managed and easy flowing! Marvelous!

3. No need to spend money on accomodation(unlike if its was held in Genting!).

4. Teenage friendly location! - public transporation friendly, nearby colleges in klang valley. Parents dont need to worry alot compared if its was held in dodgy stadium Merdeka.And of course no extra money required to fork out on petrol, acccomodation.

With all the factors above, thousands of KL teens and youth all come in big herds to support the event.Unlike other concert events where i still can see 40 somethings. So everyone enjoyed singing, screaming, jumping like no tomorrow with a supportive crowds around.

My friend and i ushered to the front stage as near as possible permitted for the red passes holder. It just so frustriated seeing the mostpit area isnt fully pack(esp towards the end of the show).That force the VJs to keep reminding them to fill in the empty area. Thats what happened when you gives mostpit passes to the wrong set of PPL!! They shouldve let some sardined pack crowd at red passes area to fill in the mostpit instead!.

Estranged opened the concert and prove that they deserved the stage, representing Malaysia. But i guess the crowd isnt eager to watch their performance but they are still supportive nevertheless. No boos this time. Hehehe.

Boys Likes Girls also had their fair share of screamings fans throughout their set. I mean who cares if they are boy rock band whatever. They rock the stage and prove that they know how to give a fiery performance.

I really not so into Pixie Lot. But she didnt dissapoints either. As the only female crooner in the list, she surely wows the crowd with her vocals and her steady performance.

I was so Impressed and hooked with Ray Gun!Loves their set!!I didnt think twice to shout and dehyradated myself to their performance.

Hoobastank guys came up on stage matured and grown up now. Comparing to their last official performance at Mont Kiara few years back. The crowd went all out when singing their hits from the previous album esp the reason and crawling in the dark. I notice somebody tweet on screen asking if Doug(the lead vox) is a chinese. I dunno if he/she is shallow or just happened to watch mtv.No, he is not a chinese(eventhough he has a slightly slit pair of eyes).Hes a japanese mix.duh!

Waiting for the later set was quite mind boggling because we has to go through alot of break since the bands use their own specific equiptment. But it was worth wait. The soaring crowd went wild soon after Ryan's high pitch voice greet the audience. It was unexpected flamboyant performance from AAR. i was quite impressed actually. They was great.

As expected, some of the crowds leave the concert after AAR. Maybe they dun have any clue who's Kasabian. But ive waited a loooong time for Kasabian to do a showcase here in Msia. Since i fell in love with their debut album few years back with their physcedelic rock persona. Honestly the crowd went wilder wow wow wiee when tom performed hits from their debut album. Of course when the guys ended the show anti climax without LSF, the crowd screaming for encore and didnt bug an inch. Planned or not, im just thankful that finally im able to enjoy LSF as what ive imagine before.

Big concert.Lavish lighthings.crazy crowd!

im closing my events calendar this month with a smile of satisfaction and huge anticipation of Ramadhan.Ive been cleaning up my house esp my dusty kitchen, my fasting mood has actually begin :)


Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Ive been trying to develop a new habit for the past few months.

I want to be a people person. A person who have a better PR skills than the average person.A person who is not too emotionally negative.

- of trying to be happy and smiley eventhough im in stress or when anyone triggered me to get angry or grumpy.

by having an auto laughing mode on and put on smiley faces instead of being angry or raised up my voice and starts to get into arguement or being too defensive about it.

Man, its quite hard. Cause i will just realised that im supposed not get angry a few seconds after i started to raised up my brows(or voice).

Its not that i want to be liked. But i just felt that, theres no point of having negative vibes with people. The least i can do is to pretend for a sake of having a good working relationship with people around me. Futhermore i just felt that im done the emo phased of showing everybody my true emotional state.
Whats the point? Sometimes lying or pretending is the best thing we can do in order to have a healthy people relationship. Plus, emotional state changes in time. Today your my enemy, tomorrow i might be sleeping with you.

And when you are working in this industry, it just felt so fake that yesterday you are just somebody that i ignore, but today, due to work; we are one minute buddy just because of our commitment, we are accidently united in one plate. So thats why, wherever i goes, i always try to put my smiley face on even to strangers, and greet whoever i met in elevator. Its true you know.

When your work deal alot with people and require constant,undivided commitment from people. If you are a likeable/approachble person, people will volunteerly make effort to spent their time and commitment to make it work for you.

Do you think a printing person would stay up late just to make sure your last minute backdrop design changes is done by tomorrow morning if he/she dont like you?
or perhaps a talents who volunteerly replace another talent at very minimal charge,becoz some other talent withdraw their slot at the very last minute?
Wherever i stumble upon a mind block in any last minute situation, somehow i automatically hear Tim Gunn's voice in my mind yelling 'MAKE IT WORK PPL!".
Do you think people can make it work for you in one of those urgent situation if they dont like you? I dont think soooo!!! hehehee