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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Ive been trying to develop a new habit for the past few months.

I want to be a people person. A person who have a better PR skills than the average person.A person who is not too emotionally negative.

- of trying to be happy and smiley eventhough im in stress or when anyone triggered me to get angry or grumpy.

by having an auto laughing mode on and put on smiley faces instead of being angry or raised up my voice and starts to get into arguement or being too defensive about it.

Man, its quite hard. Cause i will just realised that im supposed not get angry a few seconds after i started to raised up my brows(or voice).

Its not that i want to be liked. But i just felt that, theres no point of having negative vibes with people. The least i can do is to pretend for a sake of having a good working relationship with people around me. Futhermore i just felt that im done the emo phased of showing everybody my true emotional state.
Whats the point? Sometimes lying or pretending is the best thing we can do in order to have a healthy people relationship. Plus, emotional state changes in time. Today your my enemy, tomorrow i might be sleeping with you.

And when you are working in this industry, it just felt so fake that yesterday you are just somebody that i ignore, but today, due to work; we are one minute buddy just because of our commitment, we are accidently united in one plate. So thats why, wherever i goes, i always try to put my smiley face on even to strangers, and greet whoever i met in elevator. Its true you know.

When your work deal alot with people and require constant,undivided commitment from people. If you are a likeable/approachble person, people will volunteerly make effort to spent their time and commitment to make it work for you.

Do you think a printing person would stay up late just to make sure your last minute backdrop design changes is done by tomorrow morning if he/she dont like you?
or perhaps a talents who volunteerly replace another talent at very minimal charge,becoz some other talent withdraw their slot at the very last minute?
Wherever i stumble upon a mind block in any last minute situation, somehow i automatically hear Tim Gunn's voice in my mind yelling 'MAKE IT WORK PPL!".
Do you think people can make it work for you in one of those urgent situation if they dont like you? I dont think soooo!!! hehehee