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Monday, August 17, 2009


boleh tk kali ni nak menulis something yg a bit series?

perasan tk merdeka kali ni paling tak meriah? rasanya tak salah if i said this is the most unhappening merdeka month ever. ppl couldnt care less anymore this year. why?
coz ppl are unhappy. the malays are not happy. the chinese are grumpy. the indian also frustriated. why?

1.politicians cant stop bickering, finger pointing, semuanya perasan bagus.
2.h1n1, of course, more n more sick ppl. causing more n more ppl to rather stay at home.
3. ppl dont have so much money to spent relentlessly like before anymore.
4. ppl living with doubful feeling, unharmonious atmosphere, lot of fake smiles and laugh.

you know what. since im small, very lil kid. i always wonder why i and the other malay kids go to malay schools.(at that time i actually asked my mum to enroll me to SRJKC koz i wanna learn mandarin). But of course, my parents who are just an average kelantanese, said "dop leh,nati rehak nok make gapo?", "tak boleh, nanti rehat nak makan apa?" which they doubt of the halalness of the food at the kantin there. when i grow older, i found out that the kantin operator at the SRJKC was actually a malay(at that time).

thank god, i studied hard and manage to transfer to a better school in KB, where it has a well mixed race(and alot of those who are 'inbetween' and mat salleh wannabees LOL).

Since i was a lil kid, i always wanted and envision that the chinese,malay,indian dont have to go to different schools. they learn same subjects and can select whichever basic subject they want to study(mandarin,tamil,france,tasawuf, usuludin, music, arts, tailoring, carving,acting,sports,IT,veterinary, agrotechnology,fekah, cooking, carpentry,mechanical, electrical etc2) apart from the compulsory subjects, and they can wear purdah,kopiah,songkok, turban, in additional to the standard uniform. Tudung isnt compulsory for girls but to be wear at one free will.(i just hate tudung girls who are just so morally fake, they tarnish the goodname of islam). Schools are not just school with teachers, but a learning center and yet a homey place where we all look forward to go.

My wish was almost came true when Tun M annouced the sekolah wawasan, but then later, thanks to bunch of racially inclined 'heroes', for whatever reasons.my wish didnt came true. Things still like the way the are.

I wonder. ist only me who wanted this thing to happened. i know my friends are not against it, but i dont know about others.You know what, isnt great if at the times like this, someone organize a concert cum youth gathering to show support the one school concept. I mean honestly i felt the 1 malaysia concept is just crap, since theres no positive changes to the root cause of our racial unrest.

Imagine, how great the gathering can be.Of course politicians are not allowed to enter!(hehee) I mean arent we tired of listening and reading the news of hearing what the adult want?What about the teen?the youth?the future generations of malaysia. Does anyone care what we want?!

Happy Merdeka Malaysia. May prosperity to all continues for years to come.


Blogger nami o fish said...

Apa benda yang merdekanya Cik Milo..
Merdeka?merdeka dari siapa?

Come on,open up your eyes,pernah tak kerajaan Malaysia ni berdagang tanpa gunakan US Dollar?

Kita tak pernah merdeka.Hanya ilusi warna warni dan perarakan pancaragam yang menampakkan kita ni "merdeka".

Nak kata kita ditadbir oleh orang kita,dulu British,sekarang cuba kita tengok,orang sebar virus pun kita tak tahu buat apa-apa.

You nak tahu bila kita boleh kata kita merdeka?Bila dunia ni tanpa negara,tanpa diskrimikasi dan tanpa penindasan.

Kenapa I cakap tanpa negara?Sebab negara inilah yang memisah-misahkan manusia.Kita semua akhirnya tidak sedar yang kita ni semua tinggal di satu bumi yang sama.

Kalaulah kita sedar benda tu,kenapa nak sibuk bernegara?

August 18, 2009 at 11:53 PM  
Blogger Milo Skilos said...

dunia tanpa negara?sempadan?:)i faham maksud you. tapi kita mmg dah ditentukan mcm ni. berbilang bangsa, kaum, warna and of course sempadan. tu dah termaktub sebelum adanya islam dan selepas islam wujud.

sabar cik nami. di padang masyar nanti we all will go there, dunia tanpa sempadan yg u maksudkan tu.tapi kejap je.koz lepas itu manusia akan terpisah balik.menuju ke 2 negara.negara syurga dan negara neraka.

tuhan tetap pisahkan kita ikut darjat yg bersesuaian,which is ikut amalan2 kita.bukan ikut result spm,cgpa or jumlah duit dlm bank.hehehe

kalo di akhirat nanti pun kita tetap ada sempadan, n sempadan tu tetap wujud. ni kan pulak dunia sementara nie :)

happy merdeka. merdeka skopnya luas.perhaps you paham sudut merdeka, dari pemahaman you at this point of time of your age.

anyway selamat berpuasa :)

August 19, 2009 at 4:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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