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Sunday, August 16, 2009

MTV World Stage - Malaysia 2009

No doubt.This is one of the most impactful and succesful concert event ive ever attended, second after the historical LP concert at Stadium Merdeka in 2003.

Reason why?because it was held at Sunway Lagoon !!! LOCATION!! LOCATION!!

If any sunway lagoon management's staff were reading my blog.i would like to congratulate them. Thumbs up for the very good management.

1. Parking. lot of choices. - I arrived one hour before the event start, i parked at sunway pyramid shooping centre parking. at only RM6(maximum hour). Brightly Lighted and better safety.Futhermore they provide 'minibus' to female drivers!

2. Traffic Flow management! - I leave the concert after the concert end. Didnt get stuck in any jems.(i use NPE). Traffic within the building is also well managed and easy flowing! Marvelous!

3. No need to spend money on accomodation(unlike if its was held in Genting!).

4. Teenage friendly location! - public transporation friendly, nearby colleges in klang valley. Parents dont need to worry alot compared if its was held in dodgy stadium Merdeka.And of course no extra money required to fork out on petrol, acccomodation.

With all the factors above, thousands of KL teens and youth all come in big herds to support the event.Unlike other concert events where i still can see 40 somethings. So everyone enjoyed singing, screaming, jumping like no tomorrow with a supportive crowds around.

My friend and i ushered to the front stage as near as possible permitted for the red passes holder. It just so frustriated seeing the mostpit area isnt fully pack(esp towards the end of the show).That force the VJs to keep reminding them to fill in the empty area. Thats what happened when you gives mostpit passes to the wrong set of PPL!! They shouldve let some sardined pack crowd at red passes area to fill in the mostpit instead!.

Estranged opened the concert and prove that they deserved the stage, representing Malaysia. But i guess the crowd isnt eager to watch their performance but they are still supportive nevertheless. No boos this time. Hehehe.

Boys Likes Girls also had their fair share of screamings fans throughout their set. I mean who cares if they are boy rock band whatever. They rock the stage and prove that they know how to give a fiery performance.

I really not so into Pixie Lot. But she didnt dissapoints either. As the only female crooner in the list, she surely wows the crowd with her vocals and her steady performance.

I was so Impressed and hooked with Ray Gun!Loves their set!!I didnt think twice to shout and dehyradated myself to their performance.

Hoobastank guys came up on stage matured and grown up now. Comparing to their last official performance at Mont Kiara few years back. The crowd went all out when singing their hits from the previous album esp the reason and crawling in the dark. I notice somebody tweet on screen asking if Doug(the lead vox) is a chinese. I dunno if he/she is shallow or just happened to watch mtv.No, he is not a chinese(eventhough he has a slightly slit pair of eyes).Hes a japanese mix.duh!

Waiting for the later set was quite mind boggling because we has to go through alot of break since the bands use their own specific equiptment. But it was worth wait. The soaring crowd went wild soon after Ryan's high pitch voice greet the audience. It was unexpected flamboyant performance from AAR. i was quite impressed actually. They was great.

As expected, some of the crowds leave the concert after AAR. Maybe they dun have any clue who's Kasabian. But ive waited a loooong time for Kasabian to do a showcase here in Msia. Since i fell in love with their debut album few years back with their physcedelic rock persona. Honestly the crowd went wilder wow wow wiee when tom performed hits from their debut album. Of course when the guys ended the show anti climax without LSF, the crowd screaming for encore and didnt bug an inch. Planned or not, im just thankful that finally im able to enjoy LSF as what ive imagine before.

Big concert.Lavish lighthings.crazy crowd!

im closing my events calendar this month with a smile of satisfaction and huge anticipation of Ramadhan.Ive been cleaning up my house esp my dusty kitchen, my fasting mood has actually begin :)



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