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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


hi syg!i dun have the time to watch all acts performed koz i kena duty. sempat curik2 kua once a in a while. cuma lepas kul 10 mlm baru dpt chance utk kua tgk main stage. (tu pun becoz keje dah habis).

this year rtw? i just like the fact that more bands playing.meaning more ppl coming. more room for everyone..but i just dun like the arrangement of line up at the 3 stage. some acts shoudlve go to main stage, and some act at main stage (esp those who dont have new material, shouldve move to a smaller stage). i mean, why jammed some ol bands that dun have new hit material into the throat of the youngster(of those majority who bought the tix) that they dun know off? these ppl want to see the new hot acts such as couple, etc etc. otai bands of those fans from older crowd should perform at another stage. where they are more appreciated and know off by their fans. and also, i wonder why some main acts unprofessionally took a longer set up time causing delays and what not, poor the two host, running out of ideas. i mean time is MONEY! those acts who cant meet the standard of a big festival like this shouldlve move to a smaller stage and improve themselves in terms of 'lil things' like that.

and also berudu2 band who just bubbling with 1 or 2 song that just have a modest rotation on XFM, they shouldve move to a different stage, perhaps "newbee" stage..ke ape ke.. ni bercampur aduk mcm rojak seme.

n with 60 ++ bands, next time organiser kena take note. makanan utk backstage kena cukup(i heard some of the berudu2 they perform for free) at least respect their effort provide them with food ke ape. they all must limit, how many crew and groupies per band. so that you can better arrange the food and what not. not just by simply cater their demands. and the band itself shouldve learn to follow guidelines by the organiser. If 3 crew per band, then 3 crew.titik.

Ni tk, sbb terlalu ramai band+crew+groupies yg masuk backstage,makanan utk VVIP pun dieorg nak rembat. luckily only a handful of VVIP turun. kalau tak, think if any of those vvip yg cerewet, sure questioned, of all the money spent on the sponsorship, takkan makanan utk vvip pun takdeee?. kann!i dun want to elaborate more lah on this matter, but lil things like this to some ppl esp in the mgmt will questioned.but im sure not many ppl esp those who are not in this line will understand the mathematics. but based from my past experiences lil things like this do happened and can cause a negative impact.

tahun ni cuaca tak menyebelahi kita. sbb hujan waktu petang.hujan lebat!, show tepaksa dihentikan. n menyebabkan timing lari. so byk bands tk dpt puas peform. kena cut short. and finale bunkface pun hanya peform 2 lagu. btw bunkface dah makin tight performance dieorg. i think dieorg dah beaura international. they improved ALOT!.

just terkilan, lagu 'through my window' tk dpt jadi lagu finale RTW9 tahun ni koz kesuntukan masa. anyway its all good.


Monday, December 28, 2009

Suria Akustika @Stadium Mini Shah Alam

drizzling afternoon. but all the bands performed their best acousticly.

among others are; coca d' monday,dish,siren,scampi,spatwo,s.o.g,juxtapose, marionexxes.

i leave early coz had a kenduri to attend.


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Siren.Asimilasi Waktu.ROTTW EP Review.Nov 2009.Volume 153


Monday, December 7, 2009

Tonite Unplugged@mannys cafe.wangsa maju

shaf peaceful 2 finger.haha

bliz. aku suka lagu dieorg 'dream a dream'

phlox. aku suka lagu pbc dieorg.

the aces.

piring hitam.seme lagu dieorg aku suka :)

mcband..hmm dunno wat to say..

halim from the aces n jr from siren, and me finding a nappy spot.

ilya fahmi. sekali tgk lelaki.igtkan gurl.

bottlecapt. rasa cam nak ajak drummer die pegi wat makeover sket.


afiq siren,ayie siren,shaf siren

mr bedoz organiser yg bejaya tu

ni aksi kanak2 riang yg sporting

siren set

afiq siren rythmn

andy siren lead

ayie siren drummer
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sabtu lepas. busy manjang. pagi pegi jalan bunos arrange event kt sana, then kul 11 camtu got another few things to settle at hypptunes rtw audition kt laundry bar,then singgah kt bentley.
then balik ke jalan bunos,then later that evening assist siren boys for their gig at mannys cafe.wangsa maju.

cafe tu nearby nz bawah tu. aku sgt suprised dgn coordination crew n organiser,almost mcm profesional. ada makanan utk bands,ada ruang makan tuk bands, sound crew pun ok,well arranged.siap ada tag. walhal bleh je kalo dieorg nk ignore all that considering gig tu tk berbayar.entrance pun free.but trust me, kalo u appreciate commitment other ppl, tuhan akan tolong kita, for instance, cafe malam tu penuh dgn orang walaupun habis lewat.

i like this atittude, patutnya walau sekecik mana event yg kita buat,harap2 other organiser take note.kalo kita dari awal lagi practice buat keje besungguh2 n bg terbaik. kita akan terbiasa buat keje besungguh2, bukan separuh2 masak.

dlm hal keje2 ni aku selalu praktik kan style kimora lee(since aku ada buku dia), dia kata, lebih kurang bemaksud,"kalo nak buat something,do it right,do it big, do it fabulously the best you could and make that great IMPRESSION, or else, dont do it at all".

anyway..njoy jugak lepak situ.so anyone nearby dtgla lepak2 mannys cafe.esp bila ada gig. u will love it there.very homey. dlm byk2 list performer mlm tu i really enjoy n hooked with piring hitam,phlox,bliz, and of course siren.