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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

LaDy GaGA!

Actually ive been studying her antics for quite a while, but didnt have the time to blog about how much im impressed about the way she geniusly marketed her music and talent offline and online. To me she and her marketing team behind her is super genius! I recommend any artist study the way she does it. Study her music videos,her songs, style and trends that has not only make everyone becoming her fans but also every media, tv, radio, print, event bookers worldwide goes all crazy tryin to cash in money from this petite lady named lady gaga!

every music video,songs,website, are all tailored and fulled with marketing elements all over it. every scene, every beat geniusly crafted to make people not only remember her,but requesting for more.

She came out of nowhere. Now she's on definitely has becoming the new Madonna in just a short time.