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Sunday, January 24, 2010

MyEvo Clubhouse. 24th Jan 2010

unknown 1

Dazmelon - introducing new vox.

unknown 2

Held at myevo clubhouse. i was there to sneak peek at dazmelon's new vox. unfortunately he was not at his best due to his throat condition. so layanjelah gesekan lelagu dazmelon koz been quite a while tak dengar the geng perform life.

anyway other acts are under soul, riey, definately maybe, lolila, hey miss chenta, dan classmate. other two band,i think sekumpulan orang gila(s0g), firasah, were absent.

i luv definately maybe. check em out. love their effort in music and wat not. lagu pun boleh tahan!worth if you guys check em out. and also this band 'classmate' quite good as well.