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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Zee Avi Homecoming Showcase.

Frank. sharing huge amount of interest from the ladies in the hall.hehe

overwhelming. i guess that was the same feeling i shared with hundreds or thousands of Zee Avi fans who had followed her since the koko kaina days, during her showcase at life centre yesterday.

Like a mother who watch her daughter during convocation, i guess many of us cant help but shed our tears watching zee step up to the centre stage. Zee herself try to controlled her tears but did shed few happy tears of overwhelming feelings watching the full house support attended her very first showcase at proper(and larger) venue. She is indeed Malaysia very first pop music export who for real, has gain exposure worldwide and still going strong stamping her small feet on international charts and stage around the world.

It was a surreal feeling for me and zoey since we use to watch her performance up close or while having drinks at during close knit gigs back then. Now here we are in the middle of mostpit (thank god in the front stage area) cramped among many many loving zee bees singing and clapping along to each of her lyrics out loud!. It was like hari raya in march. Everyone doesn't bug an inch and keep wanting for more.

yeah, eventough i havent yet fully recover from fever and was just return from my event in shah alam earlier in the day. That doesnt stop me from coming.Honestly it was almost impossible for me to attend cause the tix was sold out in just 3 days.Luckily a friend of mine from astro, lynn managed to get pair of tix from michelle universal music for us(thanks guys!!).

Zee performed her hits of course, with few cover songs from interpol(slow hands), morissey and the yeah yeah yeah. In a song titled 'badness' she perform and try to tap dance in between song where zee perform using a pen and a mug or something that creatively produce a chiming effect. She looks so cute and adorable.Something refreshing considering.In one of the break, she invited her dad on stage and presented him with her gold disc award for her debut album sales performance in Malaysia.

Well..it was truly like having a real family get together performance indeed. The crowd really really love this pop princess and we all are truly 1 malaysia with various ethnics and background from foreigners,makcik in tudungs, a pack of girly girls new yorker outfit to small kids age 4-5 year old. Everybody was so proud of her and after few months away from home, all of us miss her so much and those who had seen her live performance definitely miss her even more!

Even during after her last song the cover anthem 'first of the gang to die' everyone yearn for more screaming, 'we want more..we want more'...surprisingly VVIP and the crowd at the upper deck stick to their seats and applaud wanting more of zee and doesnt want to let her go.Even Tony Fernandes join along with the crowd supporting from the upper deck. I guess he must be very happy with the crowd response and word said that Zee Avi might return back again for a proper concert at a larger venue for her next performance in KL!

Zee finally rush to the stage jokingly tease the crowd "aik..korang ada lagi?" she tuned her guitar a lil while and then serenade the hall appropriately with 'monte' the sapir musical elements and sadly the night finally came close to an end.

I came out from the hall with new confident, honestly zee has proved that dreams do come true if we work hard and make our way to achieve our dreams. Zee's dreams continue on where she will perform in Australia and later join many established name in the famous Lilith fair tour around the states. Im sure, with her positive attitude,creativity,skills, talent, and xfactor. She will make us proud and her success will inspire many young hopefuls to achieve their ambitions in whatever fields that they may enter.

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