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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kopitiam Kaki Katak!

As published on utusan malaysia.Photos credit to wan norhayati wan alia(utusan). click to enlarge.


dulu ada la jugak pegi..tapi tkde la frequent...bukan ape..i juz luv their roti bakar tuh
but now rasanya enuff is enuff..toying with muslim community for the sake of $$$ is just insensitive to those irresponsible, ignorance super kiasu non muslim business ppl!

nilah yg belaku bila non muslim tk respect and ignorance..padhal if they understand and assimilate,adapt with the local, there should be no problem for muslim to eat at their restaurant eventhough takde logo halal pun kt kedai dieorg.

kt kg aku, ada this kedai kopi chinese(restoren apok), for years bukak bisnes and supported by the local muslim, and i think some of the kedai kopi kt KB yg operated by older generations of chinese takde masalah pun org2 melayu pegi minum,makan(tapi makanan prepare n cook by org melayuu...selalunye).(tapi restoren2 chinese yg new generations takde dah org melayu pegi makan coz dieorg punye mindset tk macam chinese2 dulu2).

i ni jenis takde la fussy sgt pasal makanan...even at non halal outlet(esp when oversea) pun i go for drinks, for tapas,vegetarians,or eat whatever that doesnt contains pork/alcoholic thingie.but kalo kt malaysia ni..choices byk...of course i picked yg tanpa was was.

in kopitiam old town case, bila dah tgk gambar and bukti tu..erk..rasa2nya cukup2 lah pegi situ. rasa mcm the owners take things for granted.come on lah...kalo greedy sgt nak muslims pegi makan, respect,adapt, assimilate and do whatever necessary to do it right, honestly and with full responsibility.kalau tak tahu pe yg halal,haram..consult la sape2 yg tahu....ni sengaja atau tak sengaja..well if this business operators doesnt seem to be interested to tap in urban muslim customers(who has the money to spent for dining) , there are many other restaurateurs who care about this customer segment lah. So screw you lah kopitiam old town!

well..i dunno bout u, but i am now proudly n officially banned myself from stepping foot from making any purchases at kopitiam old town ke ape town ke..PERIOD!

from further readings on the net i found that.kaki katak mmg diguna sbg penyedap sup dan kuah, termasuklah kuah yong taw fu!so make sense la kan why kaki katak tu ada kt lam kuah mee tuh!! hayaaa!!

more katak photos and further readings:http://www.muslimconsumer.org.my/ppim/comment.php?comment.news.801



Blogger JMR said...

seb baik kaki katak, kalo kaki oink!oink!..lagi parah..hahahah

April 11, 2010 at 10:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

bukan dorang yg intolerant. kta islam ni yg kene sensitif banyak bab2 makan ni. orang melayu ni asal nmpk sedap je main belasah je. sah2 jakim ckp ada dua je kopitiam ada status halal. SALAHKAN DIRI SENDIRI

July 22, 2010 at 6:04 PM  
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