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Saturday, May 15, 2010


All the struggling years that charice and her fans had gone tru, now seems to paid off with the released of her debut international album simply titled 'charice'.

Charice, 17yo lucky poor lil girl from the Philippines gain her first shot of popularity with her appearance on local tv program 'star king' then few months later with very strong home fans support promoting her names from forums to youtube, a friend of her post her performance on star king on youtube, then wow a korean tv program to invite her performing in korea.Her performance video in that korean tv program were then posted on youtube and wowed, thousands of adoring fans including ellen D, which later invited charice personally to perform on her show, then Paul o grady invited her,and then Oprah(i believe in hope to increase her ratings among asian american audience).

Her appearance on Oprah later introduce her to a much bigger fame with performance guest with celine dion and before she knew it David Foster, in hope to regain his popularity on younger demographic -mentor her and walla, with all such support and talent Charice seems to be unstoppable.

Talent alone doesnt promise you fame, esp when there are millions of talented talents emerging these days. You gotta have a lil bit of X and E factor.(E-stands for emotion) that powerful E that makes people listen to your songs, buy your cd, and umph even download your song on the internet. So somehow, Charice (or her publicity team) uses her personal story and misfortune to gain attention and luckily charice can indeed sing or imitate if not similar to any mainstream artiste available these day, perhaps even better.

Charice powerhouse vocal that is adore by many esp older listeners from the 80s-90s(who tend measure good singer are those who can only sing high octave vocal-lol) however, personally i believe her tendency to sing high vocal songs with boring old skool ballads may shy her away from today's mainstream listener esp from younger demographic.

What tick and work this days are songs that has addictive tune and melody with catchy or meaningful lyrics. Thankfully,Charice debut single, 'pyramid' has all that, a mixed of old skool but yet still contains catchy melody to keep it always on the request tally. The album contains few heavy weights names such as diane warren, david foster, Ryan teddy,and scandinavian production team such as jorgen elofsson.

Personally i just love 'pyramid' remix by David Aude. You gotta check it out yourself. It now peak at #1 on billboard chart.Other highlights include 'in this song' and 'note to god' a cover song by Jojo but i belief Charice version is so much better.

I just wish that Charice to be more acceptive of herself and be original. great imitation, maybe wowed people,but it may hurt the fanbase of the original performers, It would be a huge difference if Charice render any songs from any performers in her way. Actually im quite disappointed when i saw few video where she imitates justin bieber, complete with his signature moves. Maybe she did that to honour justin's talent or she admire him or maybe her publicist team trying to divert attention from justin bieber's camp to charice. Whatever it is, i believe she should put some class to her name and stop imitating other artist from A to Z.

With such amazing vocal, She can do so much better and she should seek her own voice. Cause in few of the songs in the album she sounds like christina, jojo, whitney. I understand she copied their technique but if she wants to stay longer in this industry she gotta find and stampede her own originality. Other than that, she is truly a talented artiste,and its so refreshing to see more and more asian artistes are crossing bridges for global recognition, names like rain, wondergirls, zee avi, chenelle, shayna zaid, tata young, are just a few names that pathing ways for other Asian talents to follow their steps.

Charice star has starts flicking brighter than before,with media mogul supports she's definitely is here to stay.

Charice Promo Video

Pyramid feat iyaz official video.

pyramid david aude remix official video.

Official clicks.




Anonymous Mawige said...

A very thoughtful and well written review of Charice and her music. However I, being one of the older generation of listeners find it to be an asset that I can listen to an album of hers and get the feeling that someone different is singing each song. It's a characterist I first noticed in the early Celine Dion american releases when I told my wife that she sounded like someone different in each song. I like that talent. The ability to be that diversified in vocal expression is an asset in my opinion.

May 17, 2010 at 1:28 AM  
Blogger hafizanmohd said...

love her voice!

May 17, 2010 at 8:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

last few days our group held a similar discussion on this subject and you show something we haven't covered yet, thanks.

- Kris

October 17, 2010 at 9:30 AM  
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