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Friday, June 18, 2010

knock knockin with The D.I.A

why u named ur band the d.i.a ? any significant to that? the red font with bloody dia. whats your story?

Well, The D.I.A(The Different In Action) name,came spontaneously. It came way back then, during high school when our drummer and ex-guitarist(currently manager) hangout together.
Then, they told the other band member about the band's name. When 'Different In Action' turns out as an acronym, it become 'DIA'.
Which mean in bahasa him/her. We thought it is kinda cool.
So, we name the band THE D.I.A! If you are ready for some action,take cover and we will give you one. ;D

The bloody dia?HAHA.We are not that bloody. :) We are innocent young looking guys.HAHA.The name card was all our manager's idea.He asked the design and he liked it. It's pretty nice. That's why.

korang start bila? line up ist sama cam memula start or ada tukar2?who are ur line up now?

We started out since High School. Kitorang semua Sekolah sama. Except for the bassist. Tapi memang kawan kitorang jugak la time tu. :)
Manager(ex-guitarist) pon pernah dalam band jugak.Then beralih ke menjadi manager band.

Line Up.
Vocalist/Guitarist - Elyas Farhan
Lead Guitarist - Kamil Fabell
Bassist - Haziq Aiman
Drummer - Asiff Noh

Manager - Khairi Aswad

bila korang start masuk line gig?

Lepas kitorang semua habis sekolah menengah.Habis sekolah je, kitorang buat lagu, then record 1st demo. Then start main gig.
Kitorang start join line gig ni sejak pertengahan 2008 la. :)

whats ur highest achievement so far?

So far,We are the winner of UOX VIDEO SUBMISSION CONTEST.Opening Act for HUJAN:MENCARI KONKLUSI CONCERT.The chance to show people who we are and what we've got! :D

how often do you write/compose your songs?bila idea2 tu selalu dtg?

When im free. Bila pegang guitar tu je, da boleh compose da. Kita tak tau bila idea tu nak datang. Kalau dia datang, memang mencurah2 datang:)
tapi kalau dah xdatang tuuu.GRR.Memang boleh pecah kepala hoho..so ready aja la nak compose most of the time. :)

the music, is a one man head or collective group idea?

Basically, Elyas wrote the songs and created the base line for the song. Then other band member will add and give their
idea/opinion to make the songs more compact and suits their style of playing .

how do you take your music?as business or just memenuhi impian dan cita2 seni?

For us, music is our dream. We do take it seriously. It takes time/hard work to achieve it. We hope that we can make it one day. InsyaAllah. :)

any cerita2 sedih pahit yg korang penah rasa?

Cerita sedih dan pahit?Bagi kitorang setiap orang/band mesti akan menempuhi perjalanan yang pahit. Band kami juga tidak terkecuali.
Pernah skali tu,show yang jauh.Show yang jauh, kami tidak mendapat bayaran. Tidak seperti yang organiser janjikan.Lagi satu,show dicancelkan last minute. Kami berharap, perkara sebegini tidak akan berlaku lagi.

what you like most about being famous?

The chance to play live infront of thousands of people across the world. We really love touring!
And people across the globe can hear your songs and sing it along during your show. :)

5 tahun lagi. the d.i.a dimana ya?

Mungkin kami sudah merakamkan album pertama kami. Dan membuat tour dan perform di luar negara.Seperti artis di Malaysia, seperti One Buck Short, Pop Shuvit,Yuna dan yang lain.
InsyaAllah.Thank you.

for more info: http://www.myspace.com/differentinaction

text: khairi the d.i.a/melodica