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Friday, June 4, 2010

knock knockin with:Shh..diam!


It has been quite a while since i catched up with them girlz. the last one it was during new year eve during a show at lepaq cafe. It was a quick show, and then i invited them to performed for an event in uitm, which they performed 3 songs and i didnt really pay attention to it cause im between work.so...

eversince the new year, their drummer left. due to the typical "im married now, i cant be with the band" kinda excuse. leaving the girl cacat to the extend bagging their manager-mili to be their drummer.lol.

Anyway the gurls pick up those empty hole rather quick and now they are back with a new drummer Jellene. A blessing in disguise i might say. Their sound has improved alot.trust me, their stroke now sound so much better. I guess they had jammed quite often and to my suprised they had performed at Laundry Bar to a full house set. performing their hits and covers - without me!! lol!

Shh..diam! is now complete, comprising of farah,diyz,yon and jellene. with mili stand in as their manager. these 5 funky girlz are not only stronger but so ready to share their talented wicked songs to the masses. So take note, these girls not only can rawk,but they are not ashamed to stampede their existence, to turn heads and make people listen to them.

The name Shh..Diam! comes impromptu. Their previous drummer suggested the name 'diam' and farah added the shh..and the ! as a bolder statement."it can be full of meaning and it can be nothing at all" said farah. They are what they are, on and off stage. genuinely what they are with lyrics and song compositions are creatively crafted amongst them.

"for me, personally. As a person, theres no half measure, if you wanna do it,do it all the way" says farah when i asked their determination to make their band heard in larger audience. Knowing that there are bands who wanna be heard wanna go mainstream but doing it half way with many reasons. They prefer setting up a small small goals and achieved that one step at a time, then later make bigger ones. Shh..diam! is not a band comprising people who be in a band to claimed they have a 'band'. They are also realistic and understand that right now they need more experience performing at many different crowds and venues even a lil lil ones to prepare themselves for a bigger venues with bigger responsibilities and expectation from the organizers and especially the crowd and fans. "we are all truly understand that to play in a bigger or mainstreams venue we have to perform at a bunch of small shitty ones first" said farah modestly.

Obviously they are not ashame to admit that they not only love music and love making them, but they will go all the way to market their band name from lil things like making a cute stickers for sales and even grabbing any opportunities to sell their music by even approaching people dining at hartamas to buy their DIY demo cd, that contains two songs at only RM2, but they do accept if anyones wants to buy it at extra cost as a token of appreciation or donation. One time a first timer who watched their performance at the laundry bar begged to buy their last cd at RM20 just because she so in love with their song that night!

Shh...diam! first DIY demo CD. on sale now @RM2. good stuff!

Listening tru their songs in the demo contains 'julie, dont listen to them' and 'kita'. i must say the future is shining bright for these girls, esp Farah funky atititude yet sempoi vocal. She sounded so good singing in english. If you are one of those people who love girls band in a psychedelic rawkitude ala josie and the pussycat but edgier. You definitely gonna love shh..diam! at one listen!

it feels so proud to see them doing their own thingies with their confidence on and off stage,something that might inspires any boys and girls to stand on their two feet and to reach whatever dreams they wanna do and want to be. Their effort is still in progress, but looking at their motivation and positivity, with interest from a local indie label interested in them and urm shh....few more potential(and im luvin it already!) hits still in progress of EP recording. im sure these girlz, will be busier than before.

Shh...Diam! @ Monsoon Records Vol. 3 from Monsoon Records on Vimeo.

add them up:

email them anything :shh.diam@gmail.com
facebook: shh..diam!

text: kae melo
photos: melodica

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