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Monday, July 26, 2010

UTHM 25 July

this is my first time having event @ UTHM. universiti tun hussein onn. located at batu pahat, johor.

anyway batu pahat town sgt comel and kinda authentic esp the old parts of the town. luv it.i was there. the event is in conjuction with program mengenang tokoh negarawan. we were invited to open up exhibition and promo booth there.

the guest of honour was yb. dato seri utama dr rais yatim. well knowing he will be delivering a speech, i join the ceremony hall to sneak a listen to his speech. for those who love malay poetry, history of the past, you will get all that during his speech. its never boring. always amusing :)

here are the photos:-


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Eye Serum !

ive been using clinique's eye cream and roll on eye serum for almost a month. as a person who always goes out night and day, last thing i want, is a tired, panda eyes when i meet people.

im satisfied with the cover up. i use the eye cream morning and night before bed. while the eyes serum roll on, i use whenever in between.the range is affordable for young executive. or else you can afford other high end options. if there are any good, do share with me.

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

setup preparation

kuiz ict corner

promo booth

YAB Dato' Seri Zambry Abd Kadir

photography session.

this is my first event coordination that involved minister as guest of honor. the coordination part was gruesome. cuak jugakla kot2 ada yg terlupa. its ajoint coordination with perak local agencies.
thank god all goes well in the end. all my clients were happy.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Decorate - Yuna Album Launch & Showcase

Tarikh: 23 &24 Julai 2010(jumaat & Sabtu)
Masa :8.30 malam
Tempat: Klpac, Sentul

Akhirnya, material album terkini yuna sedia untuk dijamah(beli) oleh peminat lama dan baru. Perhaps this gotta be Yuna's best album judging by 'decorate' single, dimana lagu-lagunya ditulis dan rakam di LA bersama team Yuna di sana. Mungkinke Yuna akan repeat the same success as Zee Avi or create a bigger success on her own? sama-sama korang nilaikan sendiri. So belilah tiket dan support show Yuna di KLPAC(sentul). it comes with goodies anyway so tak rugi ok!

mana nak beli tiket?
di kaunter axcess (03-7711 5000), or at http://iamjetfuelshop.tumblr.com/

info lebey2 baca sendiri @http://www.myspace.com/yunaroomrecords

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Charice Coming to Town!

The talented Charice, will be performing in a private showcase here in KL. The only way in? is to win tickets!!!

so here's how: http://www.astro.com.my/astrolife/articles/art_1458.html

i will be covering the show(pray that i dont have any event assignment on sunday 25th!! )
so click this page for more updates or follow me on twitter!

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Wangsa Walk Mall

The mall is newly open. i bet some of you readers are curious bout how their cinema look like. well its a tgv outlets. see picture above. its pleasant experience watching movies there, i mean parking are ample, u can opt to park at foc area and walk to the mall.

as soon as your movie end, you will be exited directly to the mall external door where you can walk to your parking area. which i proposed you park your car at the parking entrance in front of the tm exchange building.

oh anyway wangsa walk mall also have 32 bowling lanes and karoake outlets(hot pick among the locals-its always full esp during weekends!)

well thank wangsa walk mall. now during my lazy days i dont have to drive all the way to klcc or times square just to catch a movie. love it!


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Launch Event @ Tawau

setup and deco design by Afti Sdn Bhd

jus wanna share some snippets of my experience(ye takleh byk2..kalo nak byk2 banje i tgk wyg hehe *kidding).

anyway this is my first event coordination in Sabah. A lower scale launch event at tawau. my first sole coordination end to end. and i might say, i survived quite well.

few of other event peers had remind me about the work culture of local sabahan. laid back,etc. Fortunately the crew that was attached to me manage to pull through with some rub a dub dub.
They are quite reactive, but u need to have some patience and PR skill to make them do it all on time.

there are few tips that i want to share with you in case you want to hold an event in sabah.

1. double check your supplier weakness and strength.
2. dont be lazy to scout around for alternative if their solution is not good enough.
3. get enough of rokok and drinks supplies to your local crew. but always give em as carrot."say if you finished your task by certain time, i treat you free rokok or coke-something like dat.
4.work around their culture, adapt. never against it. (in my case, some example that had happened.usually in semenanjung, VVIP seating are infront, whereby the secondary vip seat behind, but, they insist to seat them all in one row, which is against protocol. So what i did, i provide a better sit in the middle for VVIP and the less cantik kerusi at the left and right for the secondary vvip).
5. Lastly keep your mind open for any quick changes and find a quick fix solution with contingency plans.

im so fortunate there always a nearby solution whenever there's a problem hiccups during my assignment there, for eg. theres a carpenter workshop nearby by venue, when i need extra wood platform for my exhibition booth and so on.i guess god mustve spent a lil more time on me there :)

and one last reminder for girls. sabahan boys are quite open and daring if they are into you, you might need a few reverse psychology words to turn your lust admirer to a friend. never be rude.

oh last tip. find the right agency that able to commit 110% and work with you no matter how though the challenge may come. you will be alright.

till then.