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Thursday, October 28, 2010


sedap dilihat dan dimakan
azran from house of five. talented-ley cute.

yon and diyz of shh..diam!
farah the vox -shh..diam!
one buck short - need i say more? no.
shopping weh!

October as usual celebrate the month of breast cancer awareness. this year Artsy Communication organised Pinktober Charity Bazaar to raised fund for MAKNA. All held at this new spikey venue at MAP Solaris Dutamas.

The highlights of the event of course band performances and yeah,shopping ! there's two stage provided for the event, acoustic stage and electric set(sgt best sound dier!).

Among bands and performers who performed were one buck short(5 lagu beb!), the groovy rock group's shh...diam!, paramusika, round robin, senoritas, otam, azran from house of five and many more.

Check out these photos. terima kasih to those who came. next year, if ada, kamu, mesti datang lagi!