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Thursday, December 16, 2010


Instake is about to release an EP next february. i received two songs samples taken off the EP titled 'about her' and 'indicisive'. well...guys dont take it personally, but here is my honest comment.

First of all, i shall congratulate you guys for stepping out from the usual instake sound. I know it mustve been hard for you guys to shed that sound from your original self. But i believe in return for a larger acceptance and to step away from your comfort cocoon, your sound will evolve, it happened to any other bands, so dont be afraid of change and keep on changing,i love surprises and to me a musician/singer shall not tied their music to a specific genre. Trust me, you may lose some of your original followers but you will win new fans and listeners.perhaps, alot more?

The songs are well produced, radio friendly adult contemporary songs,its kinda an ol skool rock song reminds me of the 90s, but nothing bad with that cause well who knows ol skool will become the new school?

i believe it might have it place in Traxxfm, MuzikFM no, not because your songs are RTM's standard, but because the radios are english stations and they play a wide range of songs. If your lucky it might land on Flyfm and urm perhaps XFM will play your songs one or two time then it will nest in their song database not untill listeners start requesting for it. If your lucky and if the songs starts to gain popularity in charts well, MixFM might pick it up.

With the new set of songs, i believe you shall be getting more public performance invitation from a variety set of organizers.

Anyway i love you guys. keep on writing. keep on rocking. never give up.i always believe that success dont come easy but it will come eventually if we continuously put our heart and energy into it 101%, be open with criticism, and dont be 'selfish' and close minded because music is made for people to listen and to accept.If its made just for your ears only then you shall not spend countless hours and energy trying to get your songs into radio, try to scout for event slots or put it on the internet having band pages, right?its made for other people to listen and enjoy it aswell^_^

anyway if you any of you readers wanna check them out. google your ways or click www.instake.net.

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