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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dana Belia 1 Malaysia

"We believe in the youth,we understand the youth, we appreciate the youth and we will empower the youth for the future of Malaysia"Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak, PM Malaysia.

Dana Belia 1 Malaysia baru sahaja dilancarkan oleh Perdana Menteri, Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak khas untuk menyokong aktiviti-aktiviti belia beraspirasikan semangat perpaduan 1 Malaysia.

Dana ini khusus untuk memberi peluang kepada belia individu atau persatuan belia untuk merealisasikan aktiviti kemasyarakatan,sukan,seni dan kebudayan,keusahawanan, dan pemuliharaan alam sekitar.

Jadi, adakah kamu berumur 15-40 tahun? individu,wakil persatuan atau pertubuhan belia atau wakil NGO dan memerlukan bantuan berbentuk dana untuk merealisasikan program atau projek-projek yang memberi faedah kepada komuniti sekitar, hantarkan proposal program kamu ke IMDB untuk dinilai.

Sempena pelancaran dana belia 1 malaysia ini, 1MDB juga mencari calon2 yang mempunyai idea yang sesuai untuk diketengahkan rancangan realiti TV tidak lama lagi!

Jangan ketinggalan!Untuk maklumat lanjut korang boleh surf terus ke website rasmi 1MDB.



Thursday, January 27, 2011

Miss Malaysia Universe 2011. Deborah Henry!

Nadine(miss Malaysia Universe 2010), Deborah (miss malaysia universe 2011) & Andrea (Director Miss Universe Msia Organization)
lovely flower for lovely deb!
Speech time
Official announcement & Coronation of Deborah as Miss Malaysia Universe 2011
Farewell & thank you speech from nadine
Intro speech by Andrea.

*note all photos are mine except the top photo of deborah by ziwan.

This is my first time attending such event. Cause i care this year. lol. im a fan of deborah henry! ever since her participation in miss world 2007. She was Miss world 2007 top 16 finalist. So i guess you must wonder why is she now competing for Miss Universe 2011?

As Andrea Fonseka(miss malaysia universe 2004/new director for miss malaysia universe organisation) put it "we are not lacking pretty girls in msia,but our representative doesn't have enough time to prepare themselves after their coronation" I agree.

Hence, this year the fearless high spirited andrea has revamp the selection format for miss universe malaysia, given a chance for malaysian public to vote their likings via the official pagent facebook! The votes will then be sum with jury votes. Oh yeah, the candidates were preselected among past winners of miss malaysia world/universe as well as other beauty/model competition which were previously held.After the coronation which is done earlier in january, miss universe malaysia will have ample time for rigorous training to prepare for the miss universe event, which usually be held at the end of the year, for this year, it will be held in september, which will give the ample 9 months for our miss malaysia universe to prepare mentally and physically at the big stage.

The pageant campaign promotion truly utilized all internet platforms via facebook,youtube,twitter,and website, embodied the organisation motto of establishing the pagent as hip, urban, relevant,and real. Obviously the public acceptance towards the pageant were remarkably positive! with total subscribers increasing until today the official pagent facebook fans is close to 10,000 fans, with some of them to the extend having mini lil fights on the internet when it comes to defending their personal favourites ^_^, and some of the hardcore fans shared pageant facts that they remember to the heart, the dates, the winners, history and even behind the scene gossips!

The coronation of Deborah Henry is almost undeniably best decision ever made by the MUMO(miss universe malaysia organisation), and this year is rather a personal winning by hundreds and million of local pageants fans who has been supporting Deborah since miss world 2007. However, her stronger competitor patricia sue lin is also a stronger candidate(perhaps next year?) . I believe Deborah's experience and professional poised set her way aside then other candidates as most of them are younger, at 26 year old, Deborah has the maturity and confidence to be at the miss universe stage. Her poised, charisma and the way she carry herself definitely personified miss universe qualities.

Moving forward, MUMO requires not only requires moral support from the public, but aswell monetary and contribution from corporate and local companies to support not only their activities but also to prepare malaysia representative to be at their very best when competing at the international stage. They are not just pageant but a local ambassadors bringing Malaysia name on the global map.

This year, Miss universe competition will be held in Sao Paolo Brazil, September 2011. All the best Deborah!^_^


Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Personally to me its the best and scarriest malay scarry movie eversince the classic toyol bacok movie.

yeap. at first i find it awkward in some of the unrealistic portrayals in some of the scenes. for example,mortuary scene(not enough lights, etc) but i understand that johan's unrealistic bravery might be because he is used to work in mortuary and he never been haunted by ghost hence why he is so brave to go in the mortuary room even in the dark!

honestly i love seeing a movie having iconic scenes and the esp if the iconic it was executed well to make us remember the scene for the longest time.

its all make sense in the end why johan held and carry 'mayat' ana in the accident. he had actually died in the scene.To me his insane act is just wanted forgiveness from ana, a symbol of his remorse.

anyway just to share with you there are certain FINAS rules that the local director has to follow to respect the local sensitivity and not to potray anything that might contain syirik acts, hence that is why Johan was potrayed in a comma right after the ambulan accident scene. he cant be potrayed as a dead person doing all those thing in his 'spritual' period(alam roh).Hence it was only potray in a sense that whatever happen after the accident is just and imagination of whats going on in johan's state of comma mind.whereby for me,he actually had dead after that accident.

the only thing that i wanna change for this movie or hope that it might improve this movie just:-

under siti fatimah abu bakar guidance Heliza might be better fit for aishah character?

1.liyana jasmay perhaps to change to other actress that can carry the script and character better than herself. maybe heliza aF? or other unknown actress.(but maybe syamsul just wanna utilised liyana's popularity to draw her fans to the cinema,so in terms of marketing i agree to that-its a risk that he as to take should he hire unpopular actress to play the role.

2.the bomoh scene was actually quite annoying but i guess final has rule down that all acts of exorcism by muslim must recite quran? you can double check on that.

3.weak subplot that involves maryani(i mean come on lazy mind cant think of other way to add suspense scene and character detected).

Eira Syazira as Anna ok tak?

4.the actress who played the disturb character named anna(shes quite old to play a character who has no sense of thinking,well yeah, i understand that she has been cursed with black magix, but i believe actress aged 22-25 should be hired instead. she doesnt look attractive on the dance floor and look even more pathetic and anoying in all of her 'bagging'scene. maybe instead of maryani, its more rational to me if syamsul created ana's new boyfrend or love insterest to stir some curiosity(well maybe he sent the 'ghost' to johan?

FFM2011 potential wins?

anyway i couldnt dare watching this movie alone and that makes this movie scarriest malay movie even with just a decent storyline with average script. im having +ve vibe that some awards should be given to shamsul for this movie alone.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

MY#1 Kraft

"Sempoi addictice CRAFT!"

A self proclaim spoilt brat, college dropout,local hustler who rhymes his words, KRAFT just drop his new album titled MY#1.

Feeling generous, the man himself is giving out FREE MP3 of his first single taken off from the album titled 'I like girls' to whoever interested by just email him direct to akuhustlelah@gmail.com or download them here.

Kraft, gained his initial radio exposure through his song 'Ayuh Joget' and 'diamonds' is excited to stir up your attention in 2011 with his new songs,new beats and rhymes. Well if you happen to be a fan of his catchy rap in bahasa, 'syair' might be your preferred flavor.

MY#1 is a 9 tracks album also consist the HITZFM MET10 #1 hit 'diamonds' feat Mia Palencia, other tracks from the album are:-

1. No Problemo
2. Diamonds
3. Shadow Boxing II
4. Fresh Cause I
5. I Like Girls
6. Ace Hi
7. Aku Hustle Lah
8. Syair
9. No Hook

You may also order the CD via email at only RM20 to akuhustlelah@gmail.com, who knows if you are nearby his vicinity, you may just COD and get the CD personally from the man himself. Dont worry he wont bite ya! hhehehe ^_^

Connect with him:

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Malaysia Airlines New Livery Design



I was travelling to Kota Bharu via MAS last week when i spotted newly designed Malaysia Airlines plane which were parked nearby the runaway. The new livery looks simple,vibrant yet updated. Luv the new design. Malaysia Airlines will have the new livery design on all the new aircraft 737-800.

Unfortunately i will not be stepping in the plane unless if im flying to KK, Japan or Singapore. Since those are the initial routes for the new plane.

Anyhow watch the video above for an up close up view of the detailing of the new livery design .In another note, Firefly also received its own 737-800 which will operates to KK & Kuching from KLIA main terminal starting this year.


Monday, January 10, 2011

Paranormal Me?

A scene from the movie 'Paranormal Activity 2'

Two years ago my friends and i rented a 2 bedroom flat somewhere in Taman Melati, located on the 4th floor. It was a spacious renovated flat enough to room our guests for dinner treats or sleepover.

There's nothing unnormal about the house, even tough i have to climb up till the fourth floor to reach our entrance door. Everything was fine, the toilet is clean with cute little mosaic but later on i discovered that we were not the only occupants staying in the house!

I remember when occasionally, especially when i'm staying alone; i get chills as if there's 'someone' also there in the house with me. Although it doesn't really scare the hell out of me, i get unusual feelings as if someone is 'watching' me. It annoyed me so much especially when i have to stay up late to get my work done at home to the extend that i started 'talking' to that whatever that thing is. Casual greeting like "buat ape tu?", "tak tido lagi ke?", "dah balik rumah nie" were the usual one liner question that came out from my mouth whenever that 'feeling' came.

That thing, however: never show up in physical form. So i was thinking maybe it just my childish feeling, fear to the nonsense. Until one night, i happened to experience a brief encounter with 'that thing' in brief moment in between half awake and asleep when i felt as if someone is flashing a torchlight direct to my face, and right upon when i open my eyes, in a blurred vision, i saw 'a lil child girl' in a white cotton dress!

Surprisingly, instead of fear,i felt so mad cause my sleep was interrupted but i cant swing my arm to push her away from me. I tried few times, but failed as my heart beat faster than usual,and just when i about to gain back my calmness and started to remember to recite ayat qursi the lil girl vanished right when i manage to move my arms! spooky!

I told my housemate about my encounter, and they too had their own encounter with that 'non living thing' living in our house. Since it never bother us nor did anything as horrifying to us like in the movie 'Paranormal Activity' we learn to live with 'that thing' and we learn to adapt and accept that we share the house with 'someone else'.

Ironically later on we move out from the house anyway, not because of that thing, but because the house owner itself asked us to move out when she decided to rent the house to her 'relative'( i guess with a higher rental). Unfortunately now the house remain unoccupied.

As i walked out from the cinema after the cinema hall's light was switch on, i cant help but wonder, If i had a bad horrifying encounter with the non living spirit back then, would i be brave enough to watch this movie even tough watching it with 5 guys?

Judging by their own reaction when watching the movie, well. I dont think so. Hehhehehehe! :P

Paranormal Activity 2 is now on local cinemas near you.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

AJL25 habis daaaa...

malas nak komen pasal menang ke kalah koz obviously JURI je tahu kenapa n mengapa dieorg pilih pemenang2 AJL25.

Juara - Tolong Ingatkan aku - lagu/lirik/performer by Ana Rafali

Naib Juara - Drama King -Taja/Teja & meet uncle hussain

ketiga -Noktah Cinta - Ajai/Sheikh Qalam & Hafiz Suip

Vokal tebaik - Hafiz Suip - Noktah Cinta

Persembahan terbaik - Faizal Tahir - Hanyut

Anyway congrats to all winners. Rezeki korang semua, rasanya seme contenders mmg dah mcm pemenang pun cuma kan..

1. persembahan pembukaan bagi aku boring sgt2. tak perlu lah nak panggil pemenang2 lama tu perform atas stage doing intro.kalo nak panggil jugak buat konsert prelude, pre ajl25. charge tiket :p or buat contest to hype up ajl25 itself. why not amik je talent2 baru yg agak2 boleh bikin panas in 2011, or you can do lil contest to pick talents to perform masa intro tu which can be during AJL25 roadshows. at least ramai lah peminat2 muda akan tengok AJL. so at least generasi muda boleh jadi generasi pelapis yg akan terus support AJL. kalo nak sangat jemput penyanyi lama tu. sorang dua cukup pls!

2. bagi i, cheryl samad boleh kekal as host. but faizal ismail and sorg lagi tu should be send off to backstage. tade muka baru lain ke hah? boring. lawak pun byk tak menjadi, i mean what r these two host is talking about?not funny at all. why not amik pelawak je terus jadi host :)

3. kenapa dgn finalis2 ek ah? dont you guys have any ideas at all? almost all except yuna,bunkface,faizal tahir(hanyut) guna konsep belakon2 time perform. its OLD & annoying! lebih teruk koz pelakon2 yg korang upah tu GAGAL in their monolog. aiya..take your poor teater muzikal attempt somewhere else pls.

4. tak perlu lah nak guna penari2 utk lagu ballad abang kakak oiih...ITS SOOO 80s. contohnya persembahan adira tu shouldve just focus her song and her self. maybe with some intro gimic without the penari. or letaklah die atas platform tinggi n just suluh lampu on her spot tu jek!bagi aku persembahan lagu stacy - jahat tu je yg perlu ada penari. yang lain tak payah pls.ehehee

5. en faizal tahir oit, your konsep utk lagu 'selamat tidur' tu....ayaaa... sebijik mcm persembahan pentas kt sekolah rendah i rasa.ehehehe..again, shouldve focus to your song and yourself with minimal gimic. lagu tu cantik tapi mak ai the moment i saw the actress gosok2 perut atas pentas, selera i da tetutup. hehehe..even kalo you letak oscar winners to accompany your performance it will still wrong and still bored me to death.

6. compared to her earlier performance with penari2 kain2 dgn baju kurung merah menyala yg fugly, ironicly persembahan ana rafali masa penutup lagi KENA oohhh well~~

7. perlu ke TV3 still guna bunga2 api turun dari atas...team TV3 tak bercakap ke ek dgn team 8TV? i think shout awards has a lil more class in terms of production. nasib baik takde pasu bunga ke scallops ke hehehehe.

8. faizal tahir 'hanyut' deserved to win persembahan terbaik. simple and although konsep tekurung dalam bar wearing straight jacket tu consider konsep biasa kita tengok kt video clip/konsert barat. its great to see local artiste try something such as konsep persembahan 'hanyut'.thanks faizal tahir koz tk bawak penari utk lagu hanyut.hehe

9. both the lady and shahir sucks.worst performance would goes to Shahir & his lady - kebahagian dalam perpisahan,

10. i love bunkface performance dgn background die yg kena.cuma malangnya suara sam obviously herot sana sini. but i think he had tried his best, sampai obvious muka tk cukup tidor maybe pasal prektis, and the band also do some new arrangement for the song. best.

11. tak sangka hafiz menang. suara die mmg sedap, tapi tak sangka lak boleh menang. congrats hafiz :)

12. i wonder if the host, ally iskandar betul2 faham function twitter!! encik allly, utk suruh org tweet. you kena bagi tahu twitter name acc or hashtag# code. lagik satu arahan kena clear lah, koz baru pagi ni i tahu instruction twitter yg sebenarnya! koz arahan you tak clear, i tk menang iphone 4 tu oke! heheheeee :P

13. unless ada florst as sponsor. i think we should scrap flower bouquet thingie. cukup dah ngan plaque. this is juara lagu, not miss universe. grammy awards winner dpt flower bouquet tak?heheee


Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Tourist.


My first impression of this movie?(without Googling of course)a typical two adult falling in love in a foreign city, caught up or perhaps being mistakenly attacked by local mafia in another words, its gonna be BORING. Hell,I was wrong :)

Well actually,the initial reason i spent few ringgits to watch this movie only just to watch two elegant figure in modern cinema history aka Angelina Jolie & Johnny Depp, and yeah, the clothes and of course Venice.

Despite the slow pace during first few minutes of the movie(to me lah), i really enjoy the middle part till ending part the movie, but basically i luv the movie just because:-


Angelina Joline playing a temptress diva named 'Elise'!


Angelina Jolie drives kick ass & drive boat, and save her man !


Angelina Jolie rocks in every clothes!

Angelina Jolie also rocks her smokey eyes!

Angelina Jolie speak french in the earlier part of this movie :)

Angelina Jolie & Depp looks good together :)

and finally, i discover this haunting song!

No Fear Of Heights
by Katie Melua

I never walked near the edge
Used to fear falling
I never swam far from shore
Never tried the secret door

But when you give me love
When you give me love

I have no fear of heights,
No fear of the deep blue sea,
Although it could drown me,
I know it could drown me

I didn't wander in the woods
Used to fear the darkness
I didn't like getting deep
I was scared of what I couldn't keep

But when you give me love
When you give me love

I have no fear of heights,
No fear of the deep blue sea,
Although it could drown me,
I know it could drown me

No fear of the fall
No fear if it's with you that I fall
'cause nothing could break us,
No, nothing could break us, now

Anyway, who else i feel fitting in taking the role of 'Elise'? none other than...

Aishwarya Rai

If Rai is selected to play 'Elise' besides Depp. Its gonna a perfect non typical east meets west movie(whereby the asian actor/actress is often cocooned to play character representing their race), then just imagine how many asians people will buy tickets to watch Rai and Depp in a movie such as this?

Unfortunately Rai dont have the star value as similar to Jolie(yet), the risk which the hollywood producer might consider in terms of ticket sales and also, i also wonder if she can be as tough as Jolie to play the role of 'Elise'.

Anyway the movie has been done beautifully as it was. I just wonder, if Rai is selected to play Elise, will the movie goes as big as the movie with Jolie in it?:)


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcoming 2011

Finally it's new year. hehehe.I have a feeling that,there will be few more changes or surprises awaits me this year.This year I'm gonna make sure its a year where i take control, to make sure I'm happy in every aspect of my life. As i stand there among the crowd who stands in the middle of Solaris Mont Kiara Square at the stroke of midnight,i silently make a prayer that this year, my life gonna sparkles as beautiful as the fireworks display blasting in the sky :)