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Monday, January 10, 2011

Paranormal Me?

A scene from the movie 'Paranormal Activity 2'

Two years ago my friends and i rented a 2 bedroom flat somewhere in Taman Melati, located on the 4th floor. It was a spacious renovated flat enough to room our guests for dinner treats or sleepover.

There's nothing unnormal about the house, even tough i have to climb up till the fourth floor to reach our entrance door. Everything was fine, the toilet is clean with cute little mosaic but later on i discovered that we were not the only occupants staying in the house!

I remember when occasionally, especially when i'm staying alone; i get chills as if there's 'someone' also there in the house with me. Although it doesn't really scare the hell out of me, i get unusual feelings as if someone is 'watching' me. It annoyed me so much especially when i have to stay up late to get my work done at home to the extend that i started 'talking' to that whatever that thing is. Casual greeting like "buat ape tu?", "tak tido lagi ke?", "dah balik rumah nie" were the usual one liner question that came out from my mouth whenever that 'feeling' came.

That thing, however: never show up in physical form. So i was thinking maybe it just my childish feeling, fear to the nonsense. Until one night, i happened to experience a brief encounter with 'that thing' in brief moment in between half awake and asleep when i felt as if someone is flashing a torchlight direct to my face, and right upon when i open my eyes, in a blurred vision, i saw 'a lil child girl' in a white cotton dress!

Surprisingly, instead of fear,i felt so mad cause my sleep was interrupted but i cant swing my arm to push her away from me. I tried few times, but failed as my heart beat faster than usual,and just when i about to gain back my calmness and started to remember to recite ayat qursi the lil girl vanished right when i manage to move my arms! spooky!

I told my housemate about my encounter, and they too had their own encounter with that 'non living thing' living in our house. Since it never bother us nor did anything as horrifying to us like in the movie 'Paranormal Activity' we learn to live with 'that thing' and we learn to adapt and accept that we share the house with 'someone else'.

Ironically later on we move out from the house anyway, not because of that thing, but because the house owner itself asked us to move out when she decided to rent the house to her 'relative'( i guess with a higher rental). Unfortunately now the house remain unoccupied.

As i walked out from the cinema after the cinema hall's light was switch on, i cant help but wonder, If i had a bad horrifying encounter with the non living spirit back then, would i be brave enough to watch this movie even tough watching it with 5 guys?

Judging by their own reaction when watching the movie, well. I dont think so. Hehhehehehe! :P

Paranormal Activity 2 is now on local cinemas near you.