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Monday, February 21, 2011

SENYAP @ Sangria, 20th Feb 2011

confident,sempoi yet thick with kedah mother tongue,the voc from 'mc feel' exudes the confidence of real performer.
Although just a novice reggae band, Dear Haidar performance manage to pull the crowd to the front row.The only band who seems to get lucky that night.

At 9pm Sangria seems to be a lil quite on Sunday night, although it was supposed to be a home night for most of us due to morning class for students or working day those who work,but instead we decided to lepak and support our friends who are performing at Music Addicted@Sangria, a small gig event,organised by Senyap the ultimate underground movement.

My expectation would just,ready to be suprised and perhaps to discover, among many lines up tonight, i am hoping there might be one or two potential bands that offer something different on stage.

The bands who were performing that night would be 'the overtime','box for letters','revellers','reaxi','dear haidar','the liberated'and 'mc feel'. Sitting not too far away from the stage i could just feel the heart thumping nervousness of the vocalist performing, the challenge of performing in somewhat moderate numbers of audience mostly consist of the other bands and their friends, a friendly atmosphere that should add up advantage to most of them when the crowds are mostly supportive friends and families unfortunately other than the band 'dear haidar' and 'mc feel' other bands were drown in their nervousness.

Its also fun an overwhelming to watch a novice band like 'box of letters' from klang that consist of few school kids or last year spm candidates to perform at such venue,providing them at least somewhat a platform to share their talents. Its quite a sight to see them performing with full passion with parents support, im sure they will polish up and improve their performance with a better songs in future.

Thumbs up for Senyap for offering a platform to the bands, giving them the require space to enable them to make that baby steps without such support,perhaps i wouldnt discover such a potential band like 'mc feel'.Hopefully more bands from various genre will have the similar opportunity in future.

One thing that i think they need to improve for future dates would be just to clarify the entrance require the visitor to make a minimal drink purhase of RM7(soft drink) to enter the venue. Cause honestly its rather annoying to have the entrance guard keep telling everyone to "dont forget to buy your drinks!" again and again. Just mention or simply have a cover charge note of RM7 on the flyer, at least those the audience esp those who are still studying at least can spare RM7 before coming to the venue.

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Rite

Colin O'Donoghue as Micheal Kovak

What would happen to a christian named Micheal Kovak, who dont believe in demons(satan) and god suddenly finds his life end up becoming a priest who also practice the rite of exorcism?

The movie claimed to be based on the experience of two priest in America, Lucas Trevant(Anthony Hopkins) and Micheal Kovak(Colin O'Donoghue) who practice the rite of exorcism(till today).

Honestly i dont really like dark and complicated movie, and an exorcist movie like this, usually the storyline is rather predictable and typical but i guess i cant turn down watching Anthony Hopkin's performance as the exorcist priest who end up to be possessed and the movie itself surprisingly has some twist and you might able to have a new realistic perspective on how and why people were possessed at the first place.

From the beginning and the middle of the movie i keep guessing if Micheal Kovak is a so called the non believer or doubter of his own religion why he continuously live within the close knit of a Christianity(his father and him earn a living working in a mortuary, then later Micheal himself applied to pursue his study at religious university to become a priest). The puzzles were reveal towards the end of the movie.

Anyhow, you will find the movie quite entertaining with quite interesting easy to digest storyline, however if you find watching torturous people throw up nails and blood, or find religious symbol is rather disturbing and sensitive to look at for whatever reasons:you might enjoy watching 'no strings attached' instead.

The Rite is now on Malaysia cinemas starting February 17th.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sini Ada Hantu

I actually had to watch this movie cause there's there's no other choice! Seriously after being traumatized watching 'Khurafat' few weeks ago, i thought i already swear not to watch horror movie again. Luckily my friend talk me to it and okay, with a heavy heart i enter the cinema hall with a very very heavy heart!

Thank god, somehow the movie color treatment is somewhat different that the other local movie i've seen, it look raw, and when i see new faces of actors on the screen i begin to soak myself into the story and beginning to enjoy the movie eventhough watching it underneath my sweater that i used to cover my eyes just in case if any horrific scene pop out.

The movie begins with Ah Meng and Bakri two delivery guy that had to deliver a chinese coffin to a remote village. Through out the journey they both share 3 ghost stories to kill their boredom and suprisingly had being spooked by their own ghost encounters.

The first story: Hantu Pokok Pisang.
A kampung ghost story, set in a very vintage kampung. The characters played by new actors but convincingly deliver their script well. I never heard of Hantu Pokok Pisang, found out that its a nymph ghost that appears in a shape of a pretty lady(Fasha Sandha), the ghost follow a trail of red cloth if the cloth is tied between two banana trees.

2nd Story : Hantu Nombor Ekor(Chinese Ghost)
again, all actors are unknown but great in dialogue delivery that make the story looks believable and natural. four guys trying their luck to get rich by asking number from an old graveyard.Wow didnt know thats the way they do it in chinese(to ask for numbers).I didnt watch the chinese ghost cause i scare it might leaves permanent mark in my memory(hahaa), but all four guys died mysteriously when the ghost came to them to revenge.

3rd Story : Hantu Asrama
This is my most favourite segment among the 3 stories. It has humour, the characters are memorable, except the school gardener all actors are newcomer in film including Qhaud AF who suprisingly prove that he might be the next characteristic actor in future. It kinda spooky and reminds me of old memories when i was in boarding school.(haha).

After sharing all the stories, Ah Meng & Bakri later had a spook of their life, when the dead body in the coffin that they should be deliver to the remote village, decided to take control when the van broke down.(hehehee)

Kudos to James Lee for giving room to new actors to act in his movie, i believe even without Fasha Sandha as hantu pokok pisang, the movie will be just fine.


Sunday, February 13, 2011


Right in the middle of pillow fight, Ze! performed 'i Am Glam' !
Pillow Fight
Mysterious box that contain the lucky draw prize,made the guest keep trying to unlock the key!
Dj Crazee heat up the dance floor.
Mixology extraordinaire, Christian Kinne in action.
Joey G & Bo

Clean fluffy pillow for everyone? :)

Host of the night. Joey G.

Who would have thought, there's a cosy Bedroom right at the center of KL City now, officially open for KLites who are seeking a lively bedroom where eating,drinking, dancing, make noise,and being sexy is not a crime, and no mommy will ask you to tidy up the room after.

Bedroom, a new club conveniently located at level 6, Pavillion Kuala Lumpur now seeks any mortal soul who seek a hideaway a place that reminisce the comfort of your bedroom where suprise pillow fights might strike at any time of the night.

Officially opened it doors to visitors on February 12th with a launch party attended by school of elite of whos who, media partners, celebrities,invited party goers with a performance by Ze!, Reshmonu, Bo Iqram,DJ Cassey(Canada) and Cosmic Space Monkeys.

Highlighted as the next place to be, in hosting happening parties with music by international DJs & Local acts with a wide range of culinary cocktails by the resident international mixologist,Christian Kinne which introduces a distinct international take on local ingredients. So be surpised and get ready to be adventurous with the creative mix of the drink. You will also find a detox juices made with a mixture of organic ingredients and even coffee!

You may also start your night dining at the sister outlet diner, The Market Hall to fill your empty stomach with variety of food and snacks which is just a few steps away from the bedroom.

So come on down to Bedroom, enjoy the live DJ music, food and drinks, you can come in style or come in shy, in casual flip flops or power suit with your friends or alone, don't be surprise you might go home with a new best friend :)

Official clicks:

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Anggun New Album 2011

Wait no longer Anggun fans, Anggun new album is scheduled to be released in April 2011 starting in France, Indonesia and the rest of the world soon. She has just finished recording all of the songs and in the mid of mixing and mastering process. She was interviewed recently by metrotvnews during the launch ceremony of Hotel in Bali.

The new album will continues Anggun normality of having both english and france versions with few songs in bahasa indonesia version.The album will be released by Warner Music France to be distributed in European countries and Asia.

Currently Anggun in the mid of promoting her single in collaboration with Schiller throughout Germany. The single, 'blind' and 'always you' are taken off Schiller latest 2010 album's Atemlos.

Always you(Version Paris)

Always you(Version suite 211)

official website:www.anggun.com


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hachiko. A Dog's Story


Just had my chance of watching 'Hachiko, A dog story'. Few of my friends recommended the movie as a must watch. So i give it a try when i saw it on HBO. It was an overwhelming story about an akira dog named Hachiko to his owner named Professor Parker(Richard Gere). The two, made a special bond in a almost remarkable way. Well i dont want to dish out more cause you have to watch it yourself. I was in tears. I was even more surprised seeing the end credit where it turns out the movie was adapted based from the true story that happened in Japan 1920s-1930s. I goggled and the amazing stories continues.

This is the real Hachiko, it body is preserve and display at Ueno National Science Museum!

Hachiko bronze statue at Shibuya Train station, the actual location where the historic story took place.

There's a japanese movie made in 1987 titled Hachiko monogatari to honour the story!

In additional to that, the story of Hachiko has become part of japanese culture, it become part of Japanese morale text book and the heartwarming story was also adapted by other authors, translated in other languages.

Hachiko, A Dog's Tale official trailer.


This movie is definitely a must watch. If Richard Gere a manly macho man cried everytime he read the script of this movie, im sure you will too. unless korang hati batu. anyway get a box tissue on standby. hehehee



Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sam Tsui

21 years old,Samual Tsui aka Sam Tsui is Chinese American new youtube sensation definitely starting making waves not only on the internet but also on radio waves. I heard his duet of cover song 'Just A Dream' with Christina Grimmie last night on RedFM. A local Malaysia radio station, half a world away from North America! Currently his songs are on Itunes, distributed independent label.

He currently in the mid of completing his study in Greek Classical from Yale University in 2011,Apparently his producer/colllaborator Kurt Schneider attends the same university, together both of them not only recorded series of cover version videos, but also original composition songs which they uploaded on youtube.

I love all of his personal rendition of the cover songs. He totally made it his own. Giving a new life to those songs. Britney Spear's dance track 'hold it against me' sounded soulful with classical piano and minimal touches from electronic keyboard.

You cannot hate but to love his rendition of Fireworks & Grenade medley, a smooth transition of vocal adaption in blending both the song from katy perry and Bruno Mars and listening to his version listening shift his vocal chord at ease is entertaining and addictive at the same time!

Comparing to other youtube 'singers', Sam Tsui are one of those few talents who have strong vocal with melodic vocal delivery in both ballad and fast song. Luckily he has Kurt Schneider with him making all the remake of the cover version song sound above average.
His creativity doesn't stop at singing, Sam also love to paint and his works are amazing!

With TV appearances pouring in(which includes Ellen & Oprah) and more new fans started to notice him, by middle 2011 im sure you gonna see more and more Sam Tsui everywhere! Sam has just recently uploaded his new video 'start again', a well 'independently' produced music video which was directed by Kurt Schneider.

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Jelajah 1 Malaysia 2011

Cycling fans! Jelajah 1 Malaysia 2011 will kick off this year from 8th Mac - 13th Mac 2011, this year the race will cover over 1000km across 4 states with team participation from locals and asian countries.

The race will involves 6 stage as follows:-

Stage 1 - 8th March
Kota Iskandar -> Bandar Penawar : 166.1KM

Stage 2 - 9th March
Bandar Penawar -> Kluang : 193.9KM

Stage 3 - 10th March
Kluang -> Kuala Rompin : 163.8KM

Stage 4 - 11th March
Kuala Rompin -> Pekan : 89.5KM

Stage 5 - 12th March
Pekan -> Bentong : 222.5KM

Stage 6 - 13th March
Batu Caves -> Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia, Nila : 175.2KM

There will be mini carnivals at all stages that will involves recreational and entertainment activities as well as exhibitions from various organisations and in additional to that, there will be 3 main carnivals that will run for 2 days at these locations:-

Kluang, Johor(Dewan Tunku Ibrahim Ismail)
9th -10th March

Pekan, Pahang(Dataran Pekan)
11th - 12th March

Nilai, Negeri Sembilan(USIM)
13th-14th March


If you live nearby, come on by with your camera or an umbrella support your favorite teams or join in the activities. Dont miss the heat! ^_^

Official website visit: www.jelajahmalaysia.com


Saturday, February 5, 2011

1 Malaysia KL Heritage Explore Race

Korang rasa korang tahu segenap area Bukit Bintang dan sejarah Kuala Lumpur, Suka cabaran cari cari klu, nak rasa camne kejar klu ala 'amazing race' dan nak menang wang tunai bernilai sehingga RM20,000 & hamper .Kalau korang free 26 Februari (Sabtu), why not ajak seorang kawan join 1 Malaysia KL Heritage Explore Race anjuran Menara KL.

Hanya RM50 untuk satu pasukan(2 orang) dan setiap pasukan akan diberi mineral water,mini towel & Tshirt pada hari acara nanti.

berminat?download borang penyertaan di www.menarakl.com.my, atau datang ke menara kl & muzium telekom. Hubungi 03-20205444/03-20205448 untuk maklumat lanjut.

dengan penampilan selebriti & persembahan artis jemputan,sabtu korang sure WORTH IT punyer!.


Friday, February 4, 2011

Jonker Walk. Amazing.

something to remember by.

I always wanted to visit Jonker Walk. It so happen my friends suggested to go for a day trip on CNY eve. So i went along. I never thought i was so huge that i think it require 2 nights to fully discover the place and each shops. I was amazed with the colors and how the street life. It was soulful and filled with not only shopping spot but also the art and music live heavenly there. You can see people(young and old) dancing to jazz in one of the dance studio, band performing on the street. If you are an art appreciator do come here soak up every colors of sight and sound. This is a place and shall become your favorite adventure land! I love Melaka even more now. Definitely gotta go there again.<3


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Always Listening. Always Understanding

Planning a TVC campaign for financial institution is not easy. The appointed agency need to ensure the product or campaign can be understand by the specific target group. Usually ive seen many financial products being marketed almost directly to the mass,for example if its a credit cards, then the card and its privileges.

But last year, Prudential came out with campaign to capture their potential customers with a thematic concept of a basic human communication elements which is 'listening'. Knowing that selling their range of insurance products is quite a daunting task to get the customer to even listen to what their consultant have to explain about the benefits of their products alone, the campaign of persuading the customer to give a chance to listen has been launch in establishing Prudential as financial institution who listen and understand the needs of their customers.

Asia Pac version

Hong Kong Version

Indonesia Version

Taiwan Version

"Listen to me, even if its difficult. Even if I don't speak up. Even if you disagree. Even when you already know the story - whether its sad or late.Because only by listening can you truly gain a deeper understanding.We believe the best financial solutions always start with listening
Prudential. Always listening. Always understanding"

You think that was good? This year, the company has just launch an even better thematic campaign to further encourage and reinforce their customers to listen(with the reason by now you should already know why).

"listening open your eyes, listening open your heart, listening makes it possible. listening it changes everything, your future in good hands because we listening. prudential."

Project 'Always listening, always understanding' 2011 Campaign
Client Prudential Corporation Asia
Creative agency Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong
Media agency Mindshare Hong Kong
ECD Simon Handford
Director Tor Sornsrivichai
Production Phenomena
Exposure Television, print, online, outdoor

Directed by the world #1 art director,Tor Sornsrivichai(bow down bow down!). Prudential's 2011 campaign is definitely a strong contender for this year advertising awards :)