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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sini Ada Hantu

I actually had to watch this movie cause there's there's no other choice! Seriously after being traumatized watching 'Khurafat' few weeks ago, i thought i already swear not to watch horror movie again. Luckily my friend talk me to it and okay, with a heavy heart i enter the cinema hall with a very very heavy heart!

Thank god, somehow the movie color treatment is somewhat different that the other local movie i've seen, it look raw, and when i see new faces of actors on the screen i begin to soak myself into the story and beginning to enjoy the movie eventhough watching it underneath my sweater that i used to cover my eyes just in case if any horrific scene pop out.

The movie begins with Ah Meng and Bakri two delivery guy that had to deliver a chinese coffin to a remote village. Through out the journey they both share 3 ghost stories to kill their boredom and suprisingly had being spooked by their own ghost encounters.

The first story: Hantu Pokok Pisang.
A kampung ghost story, set in a very vintage kampung. The characters played by new actors but convincingly deliver their script well. I never heard of Hantu Pokok Pisang, found out that its a nymph ghost that appears in a shape of a pretty lady(Fasha Sandha), the ghost follow a trail of red cloth if the cloth is tied between two banana trees.

2nd Story : Hantu Nombor Ekor(Chinese Ghost)
again, all actors are unknown but great in dialogue delivery that make the story looks believable and natural. four guys trying their luck to get rich by asking number from an old graveyard.Wow didnt know thats the way they do it in chinese(to ask for numbers).I didnt watch the chinese ghost cause i scare it might leaves permanent mark in my memory(hahaa), but all four guys died mysteriously when the ghost came to them to revenge.

3rd Story : Hantu Asrama
This is my most favourite segment among the 3 stories. It has humour, the characters are memorable, except the school gardener all actors are newcomer in film including Qhaud AF who suprisingly prove that he might be the next characteristic actor in future. It kinda spooky and reminds me of old memories when i was in boarding school.(haha).

After sharing all the stories, Ah Meng & Bakri later had a spook of their life, when the dead body in the coffin that they should be deliver to the remote village, decided to take control when the van broke down.(hehehee)

Kudos to James Lee for giving room to new actors to act in his movie, i believe even without Fasha Sandha as hantu pokok pisang, the movie will be just fine.



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