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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lighthouse by Shayna Zaid & The Catch

Shayna Zaid and the catch(Chris,yanz,andrew,and fred)

I know this might be too soon cause the album is not officially release nor available for purchase yet, but i really cant wait to note this down and sharing this with Shayna Zaid's fans especially when i'm now in the middle of busy event schedule(where i barely have time to sit down and write a decent review).

So i here i am now, focusing few minutes of my time with my laptop in a room filled with the aroma of my favorite hazelnut cappucino while my headphone is on high dose volume playing the playlist from the band album 'Lighthouse' which is now available on the band official myspace.

Anyway,for those who had already followed Shayna Zaid career and the evolution of her music from the 'Beyond Borders' in 2006, 'Half a world away' in 2007 and the EP 'Au Fait' in 2008, she will debut her new album in 2011 with her band known as 'The Catch'. Consisting talented musicians namely Christopher Heinz(drums),Yan Izquierdo(Violin/mandolin),Andrew Baird(guitar/ukelele), Fred Gerantabee(guitar/bass).

With the band, not only the music comes out alive, but her vocal personality resonates her emotions in of each of the songs. Delivering the stories behind each of the songs.Bridging pop music with other organic musical elements such as folk,gypsy jazz,bluegrass and cabaret,that will definitely sound even better on the 'live' stage.

The band took almost 2 years to complete their first album in the middle of hectic tour schedule,in fact one of their song off the album titled 'morning sun' was selected by Ford USA, and featured in the Ford Edge TV Commercial.The happy clappy song was also featured in Bealls's back to school ad in 2010.

'Lighthouse' mark the musical departure to the land of maturity and independence as the band heads towards their own musical landscape, doing their own thing despite the typical sound that is available now in the mainstream music.

What i enjoy most about their songs is the ability of the band to craft such a beautiful songs that has it own soul that able to carry emotional weight in each strings,drums and every hook or stroke. Almost like sipping a great delicious cup cappuccino, it will not only make you smile,laugh,dance or cry,it might also make you think or fly your mind back to your past memories or perhaps paint a new one stroke of love,hope or simply make your appreciate your your present moment.All of the songs in this album has it life on its own, its really hard to pick favorite cause all of them are brilliants gems.

Tracks like 'Big apple love','Fireflies','Bonita','Blow','Talk' would be a great song to be perform 'live' by the band on stage, it will take your feet stamping to the rhythm: dancing,clapping, hands waving,smiley and happy.While 'lighthouse' will make you think about life in track or if you want, you can recall the memories with someone who are dear to your heart in 'closer'.

In a middle of chaotic sound of electronics's synthesizer and heavy dance club beat that dominates the radio and tv nowadays, 'Shayna Zaid & The Catch' offers something more soulful and organic that will makes realised that even tough its now the year 2011, we doesn't need to be tough at all times we still choose to be human,(not as robot) to love,cry,laugh and to enjoy the things that makes us human.

Shayna Zaid & The catch members with John Agnello
*photo by Blush.

What makes this album even more special is the band has the honor to work with John Agnello, the producer,where he has worked with heavy names such as five for fighting,Andrew W.K,Sonic Youth,Jennifer O conner to name a few,giving the band the appropriate edge to compliment their creative craftsmanship.

The new debut entitled 'Lighthouse' by Shayna Zaid & The Catch will be released in April 2011. For more info and songs preview visit:-


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