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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Will Justin Timberlake Rawk Myspace?

Specific Media Logo
The buzzing news about myspace being sold has been confirmed when Myspace is now officially sold to Specific Media, a US based digital media and advertising company which drives viewership to its content providers as well engaging brands with its potential customers.

The company promises to connect audience,contents and brands creating an impactful media experience, or so to speak :)

Nothing new about the acquisition of myspace ownership starting from Tom Anderson to Rupert Murdoch, but it is something interesting when particularly this time when Justin Timberlake also co- join in the latest ownership by taking stake(and share) in the myspace creative direction,brand and business strategy.

Justin Timberlake part of group buying MySpace

Justin Timberlake

Quoated as saying " there's a need for a place where fans can go to interact with their favourite entertainers,listen to music,watch videos, share and discover cool stuff and just connect. Myspace has the potential to be that place"

He also added " Art is inspired by people and vice versa,so there's a natural social component to entertainment, Im excited to help revitalize myspace by using its social media platform to bring artists and fans together in one community"

Specific Media is a company founded in 1999 by Chris and Russel Vanderhook to address the needs of online advertising space, since then the company developed into one of the largest online advertising companies by bringing advertising technology and its ray of clients to myspace, the company is hoping to create a digital hub where consumer,content and brands connect.

The rumors about the new ownership acquisition for myspace is definitely something that is meant to be when the company has projected decline in the numbers of hits and viewership with the latest headlining news when they announce that the company is letting go 47% of its employee or total numbers of 500 staffs in january this year.

Im excited to see what will the new myspace will looklike? will justin manage to reinvent the social media network and make you come back to myspace to watch videos and what not? bring it on baby! :)


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Jom Main Dalam Stor !

Playground production will debut it first theater production with the release of 'Main dalam Stor' a four awesome short plays written by redha minhat,alexis wong and faradilla omar. Consisting cast of local theater actors such as comedian Phoon chi Ho,Oliver Johannan, Razif Hashim and few others more.

The play will consist four short play that might tickles your attention in its own unique ways.

'energia' - originally written by redza minhat
what it feels like when loving someone without knowing what they looklike?falling in love with the energy or aura of a somebody. hiks :P

'post modern-ism' originally written by alexis wong
what happen in the conversation when three men discussing about the best seat in theater?jeng jeng jeng!

'money' - written by redza minhat(an adaption of "rojak" by amir muhammad)
ever wonder what could actually happen during a "blip seconds" in between putting an ATM card at an ATM machine and inserting it back to your wallet?

'Faith' - originally written by faradilla omar
a story of a female person who chronologically planned the ending of her life. will she add tears to accompany her departure?

Playground production were the new brainchild of three indie theater movers, tuan faisal azmy,megat shahrizal and redza minhat which previously known for their famous award winning works for 'Tat Nenas' undername of 'Aroma Theater'.

'Main Dalam Stor' will be stage at Stor Teater DBP from 30th - 3rd July, 8.30pm-10pm. with ticket priced at RM25(single booking), RM20(min group booking of 5 pax).


Monday, June 27, 2011

Melo Kota Kinabalu and Manukan Trip!

the MH meal, chicken bryani,fruit cake,cadbury,coke,spritzer
Sabah own newspaper

I never went to KK ever before, few things that ring the bells about KK in my mine before i leave to KK would be, cheap and fresh seafood, cute guys, filipinos, dodgy city.This actually was a really impromptu trip. i cant really disclose details on it, i just pack few clothes, toiletries, a book and a netbook(which i regret bringing it cause i didn't have time to switch it on during the trip)

Well im not quite sure what to expect when i reach there since i took Malaysia Airlines red eye flight last thursday. Sampai2 dah kul 1 camne? lol, luckily the friendly people at the airport guide me till i found my aiport cab, with the fare of RM75(midnight fare maybe) i reach 1Borneo. For future travellers outthere to make it easy to understand let me note it down for you in topics.

Transportation in KK

Shuttle bus schedule

Yeah i did some goggling prior to my trip so i discover that there is a FREE shuttle bus service to and from 1Borneo(Suburban area) to Warisan Square(Town City), which really save alot of money! you just need to register before your board the bus and the bus schedule is in 1 hour gap from 9am - 10pm. convenient right?

Then when it comes to going to area which is not covered by the bus i walked, i hail a proper cab and i hitch and ride. I know its not safe to hitch and ride, but i guess im blessed and people in KK are super friendly. The way to do it, you point direction, put on a helpless face on and pick your ride when the car stopped near you. Then you tell them your direction and ask if they can take you to the place "tumpang" or you tips them(i tips max RM10 according to the distance im going). If its reasonably safe and cheap then you hop in the car and make small talk with your new friend.lol. i save alot this way!

Eating out in KK

at Anjung senja
must try : coconut drinks at the seafood market, RM2.50 only

lunch by the jetty. oregano cafe.
surprisingly, theres padang food also in KK!

KFC, Mcdonalds are available too of course.

i dont really eat, tell you the truth i just had maximum 2 meals a day, 1 heavy and 1 light snacks(night time) then i drink 100 plus,teh ais or starbucks. always put a choc bar in your purse just in case you get hungry. I went to the anjung, the seafood spot in Likas, then the rest i settle my craving for mcdonalds,kopitiam and other stuff. On day 1 i had lunch by the KK jetty at Oregano spent time there relaxing on the cafes there. But seafood is cheap there!

Shopping in KK

centrepoint, KK

suria sabah
this is at saltfish market, i believe thats sea cucumber.
never been so excited to visit a fish market like the one in KK!

this is not hermit the frog. hehehe

Starbucks is available here in 1borneo also in warisan square.
pearls for the elder sisters and aunties. cheap.

i just shopped for souvenirs, as i know all other stuff at shopping malls is higher than the usual price in peninsular malaysia. But since you in KK, do check out their shopping malls from the high end like Suria Sabah(equivalent to Pavillion KL) or 1Borneo(equivalent to Midvalley) or Warisan Square(equivalent Central Market) or to the local shopping centres like Central point(equivalent to Sungei Wang Plaza KL) . Other shopping spots are like the Filipino market where you can find handycrafts, and fresh seafood market where you may see alots of variety of sea creatures on sales with affordable price. Then you might wanna check out the salted fish market, and pasar besar kota kinabalu and check out whats on sales there.

Sightseeing & Entertainment in KK

this is not venice, but jesselton jetty.hehee

Floating Mosque

There are lots of things to do and places to go for photography, SPA,Karaokes, wine and bars, clubbing, indie gig(cowboy bar at star city) or if you want to see movies suria sabah & 1borneo is the only malls evailable with cinemas.There are bboys spot nearby the jetty where they hangouts and show off their skills and also grafitti spot nearby Jesselpoint(which i missed! due to limited time!)

Travel Safety in KK

In general it is safe to travel anywhere else in the world as long as you respect their local terms and norms. Dress appropriately not too revealing(hello, this is asia!), be friendly and show respects to the local people, then you are safe and people will help you. Despite the reminders i found the people here are super nice,friendly and helpful! they waves and smile at me and i smiles back, i wave back to people who waves and smile, and i was surprised even the street boys who loafing around the city are friendly too. unlike some other places in peninsular, Sabah boys doesnt do the lip squirting sound, they smile and come to you and will ask your name"siapa nama kau" then the conversation will be on and on. I walk through and discover the town from the high end malls of 1borneo,suria sabah till the local spot like star city and citypoint where the local people shops, went to the bar and local gig and come back in one piece :)

My Manukan Trip
jesselton point jetty

you have to register yourself here at manukan guest centre and pay RM3

a private manuka island resort.

for those who wanna do jogging.
one of the chalets there

not quite a beach wedding setup, but how i wish mine look like this.lol!
towards the evening, the daily tourist leave the island leaving the resort occupants and their workers staying the night.
not my boatride!

true enough, like my friend said, they race their ride back to jesselton point jetty! it was fun!

At first i wanna go to Pulau Gaya to see the local community spot there,but a local lady suggest me to go to Manukan island since it is not safe with no boys around. I decided to went to Manukan island, i took the boat trip from the Jesselpoint jetty pay the return boat fare of RM17 + RM3 insurance. with total of RM20 i then off to Manukan at 12pm. Reach there before 1pm, the boat ride took me less than 30 minutes. Then im off discovering the island andits local people which are staff who lived there because they work at the resort.

Manukan Island is the 2nd largest island within the Tunku Abdul Rahman Sea park. There are others island like Sapi, Gaya,Mamutik & Sulug. But since time is limited, i head off to Manukan, Said to be the worthy ones(esp if you come with family since it has the facilities and resort there)

Manuka is a well maintained island, upon your arrival, you will have to register at the island centre and pay island entrance fee of RM3. The minute your arrive you will definitely see the fishes swimming by the jetty and snorkeling people swimming around. The island have the sandy beach spot as well as rocky beach. So pick your spot and have fun!

By 5, my boat which is the last daily boat trip KK arrived. So i left Manukan with a promise to come back again next time :)

Jom Heboh

SOX separate event held nearby likas stadium. lol. nothing gotta do with jom heboh. Im sure hotlink were pissed off.

i did dropby at jom heboh,its the first time ive ever been to jom heboh. cant believe i went to jom heboh KK of all its many stopover. Anyway yeah i did some recce and observation on whats and whos the latest and hippest,esp on the booth setup and decorations and of course the MCs on duty.

Army of Friends
they known as The Caufiled Cult

this is eyes full of insects

So i just know that in KK, there's a small indie community who actively host gigs at cowboy bar,asia city, under the movement of 'Army of Friends'. By accident, i read twit from unopopshuvit saying that the boys are currently at cowboy bar, KK at that time i was at Jom Heboh site(imagine me at Jom Heboh site which is so not me!). so after doing some booth setup recce there, i quickly make my way to KK town. However when i reach there, it was towards the end, but i manage to see two bands The Caulfield Cult(Singapore band-alternative punk i think) and local band known as Eyes full of insects(metal hardcore). It was a small venue with friendly atmosphere. Then quickly after the gig end i have to rush to the shuttle point for my pickup to hotel. Anyway their had a team of crew for everything including an indie PR/online media arm to support their activity, they are known as quick reverb. (HI!)

see ya again KK
note to firefly travellers : they do not accept frozen seafood box as baggage. they just allow a small frozen box perhaps 2kg? on board as hand carry item only.

nasi goreng with satay.bolehlah~

i went back to KL on monday afternoon with firefly, just trying out the new Firefly 737-800. The flight was smooth. I promised that i will come again to KK cause there are still alot more to discover! :)