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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Astro capture more Malay Viewers than other stations?

I guess with the launch of Mustika and Astro First, they surely shouldve increase the viewership or else they rather spent the money on the next AF to get malay viewership(just kidding :P). Now,It just a matter of how they will maintain the viewership stickiness for the segment.

All this are good, cause at least by doing that, media prima has to work extra hard to improve the quality of their malay program :)

I am Still awaiting if HyppTV still reluctant to provides more content catering for the bumiputeras with the reason, being that i think, a higher Unifi customers are among the non malay(chinese or expats). Well, i wish to see the actual number on that, if the majority Unifi customer are truely the chinese and non malays, then they can stand rested with their content strategy for the time being :)