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Monday, June 6, 2011

EC Taiping Sentral Mall

a nite before.

this is my first time coordinating a 'birthday appreciation' session. thank god i had a good team assisting me(thanks cikli and d crews). to ensure everything is in control i have to 'barricade' the birthday guests to ensure i can control the cake, walk flow, and what not.

nashrin & Jo(MC) help tru the session as plan. Nashrin actually did cover some hiccups (mistakes made by the DJ for overlooping the birthday song)
Nashrin close the session with his performances. he did quite a good job. puas hati lah.

hi korang.

ni baru ada time nak update blog. just back from everyone connects taiping sentral mall. 4 hari kt taiping. enoughlah to discover the district, the place of where 'orkid' and 'jason' from the film sepet lived. it calls back the memory from the movie, and of course my upmost respect to the late yasmin ahmad(al fatihah). taiping was indeed a beautiful, authentic town. lots of historical places and picnic and urm dating spots.

maybe someday aku akan datang balik melawat taiping. its a romantic town i think. nak pegi balik naik kuda, pegi sungai, pegi taman, lots of activity to be done there with sidia, kawan2 or family :)

EC event ni buat kat taiping sentral mall. the one and only middle end shopping mall there. ada cinema and what not. kira 'pavillion' of taiping lah. im glad to see the kids spent time exploring the games, the websites, they need to be exposed with the latest technology. They need to know that other than astro, theres hypptv(unifi tv channels). rasa puas bila tgk muka bdak2 sekolah spent their time exploring those things. the look on their face?priceless.

i met many new friends here from taiping ada yang nakal, kawan gaduh pun dapat but im sure they just wanna test my patience only. i return to KL with many memories.next time kita datang sana lagi utk bejalan2 ok? ^_^



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