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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

EC@Sunway Pyramid

dis is erwin from junk magazine
caprice n krew getting ready
performance time
caprice,hayad and crew
jay, me and jo(our emcee)
hie meloreaders!

malas lah nak speaking. lagipun lunch tadi ai makan nasi. so lets speak malay? ok tk.huhuhu
anyway just nak update about EC event hari tu, kt sunway pyramid. dua hari berkampung kt sana.

alhamdulilah, event goes well...and since ada bitching partner so lagi lah happening. setup went smooth, by 5am kiteorg dah boleh balik took a short nap before coming back in the morning at 10am.

barulah aku tau yg sunway pyramid nie besar gilelah....ronda2 2 hari pon tk cukup ok..loads of corner yet to be discover. lagik besar dari OU and urm definately pavillion cant beat sunway pyramid in terms of numbers of stores and cafe. HEAVEN!

i met caprice and team for the first time all this while just bbming/fbing jek, first time collaborating with him in an event. he met my expectation(and impressed others too)and my respect to him grow more cause i saw his dedication, common sense and quick thinking when attending unxpected matters.(i hope hes not reading this!hahaa)

anyway next venue i be going to taiping sentral mall. see u guys there!



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