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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mazda 2

Saw mazda 2 hatchback at the Digital Lifestyle Expo at Kl Convention Centre. ironically, mazda display area was next to ford exhibition area. I am now fallen in love with Mazda 2. its interior(the one with leather seat) is super tight almost like recaro seat and my eye distance during reversing t is not too far away from the back bumper meaning petite people like me still can be in control handling such car esp during parking.

price? RM83K, Insurance RM1500/year its affordable than ford fiesta price at RM88K. i like it when i closed M2 door it sounded more compact and strong unlike ford fiesta, you will hear a void sound. gagah kan? My only concern, can i drive this car safely on the road without knocking anyone's or anything at the front bumper? cause im prone to knock and scratch the front bumper? (im imagining the repair cost!!)

anyway M2 stays i hope the price will go cheaper next year OR a smaller better hatchback car will be introduce in the market next year, but for the time being my mazda 2 hatchback is on my mind something within budget(or else if im rich, mini cooper right away baby!)


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

David Archuleta wardrobe over function!

Omg i was browsing through pictures of David Archuleta asian tour 2011 and suddenly i felt so sad knowing that he wore the same outfit on stage in Manila(18th July),Hanoi(24th July) and KL(26 July 2011).

Archuleta in Manila (click to see more photos)

Archuleta in Hanoi(click to see more photos)
Archuleta in KL (click to see more photos)

Funny, in the phase of costume changes, over the top stage outfit from lady gaga to Justin Bieber, its almost heart wrenching to see him in the similar clothes. i wonder if that outfit were dry cleaned and reused to save cost or simply because he just love the clothes? Anyhow Archie, i think you will look good in clothes, wear as many new clothes as possible okay, get sponsors or better yet maybe any fans can donate some spanking new clothes to him next time? cause the outfit that he keep wearing in KL, Hanoi and manila might be over function by time he reach home in the USA. oh well :(


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

David Archuleta elevates Stadium Negara

It has been a while since i went to concert for such a mainstream scale, but i guess i remembered that i once secretly pray to meet him face to face when i saw him in American Idol. His sincerity and down to earth charisma will surely make you not to hate this fella.

So when a friend of mine asked me if i would be interested to watch him live in action(on stage), i reschedule my appointments and make time for my friend(thank you!) and also for him(ehhehe). We arrived missing the first couple of songs, the indoor stadium was almost full with screaming kids, teens and their supportive guardians, singing along to his song.
His team must've known that cause most of his song covers, are ones old hits that people from the matured set of age would enjoy his performance and his rendition of hits like 'crazy' from gnars barkley, 'heavy' from dj sammy, 'a thousand miles' by vanessa carlton and few others hits received roaring applaused from the fans of his smooth vocals.

Wearing with just black skinny, grey shirt and pop the colour purple jacket he dance to his upbeat songs and at times use a keyboard to perform the slow songs. The

As the the concert move towards the end, his energy doesnt drained out even his shirt startes to get sweaty, smiling from ear to ear he serenades his fans to his hits like'touch my hand', 'something about love', 'elevator' and other songs from his latest album 'the other side of down'. Knowing that he havent sing his debut hit 'crush' the crowd screamed for encore and yes, he went out closing his concert last night satisfying his legions of fans singing along to the song before the curtains really went down.
Big thumbs up to Sony Music Malaysia for organizing the concert, with Fly FM as official Radio Partner.The concert end around 11pm.


Monday, July 25, 2011

Biophilia by Bjork

i have high respect for Bjork. Personally to me, she embodied an artiste that able to smartly adapt in a highly competitive music business and at the same time able to channel through her artistry by adapting to the latest form of technology.

From her debut in 1993 until the release of her latest album to date "Biophilia",she has survived the era of cassette, CD, mp3s and now she pioneered the App technology by working with Apple team in finding ways to connect her creativity made available in the form of App.

Bjork and a team of developer designed the apps to plunged the listeners into the album cosmology theme where the suite is stacked with interactive games,visuals and musical tools. Her fascination with Ipad started when she suppose to collaborate with movie director and visual arts expert Michel Gondry to launch materials from "Biophilia" as a 3D movie. However when the project was put on hold due to his busy schedule working on the "green hornet". Bjork and her team has approach Apple team to continue the project as an album utilizing App as another platform for art, due to Bjork fascination to Ipad.

Bjork then reach out to her favourite App developers, emailing them on her creative directions and presented them with unique financial opportunity leveraging on her market segmentation. She promised them with no label intervention attached to her app project, hence promising a better revenue to the developers, and so they buy in the idea.

and yeah, she supervise the projects ensuring every creative aspect of the project is according to her requirement, by emailing sometimes hundreds email per day and meeting them, to ensure her goal to succesfully portrayed the elements of each songs to own apps.

Yes,"Biophilia" will be still be on sales in a form of CD, digital downloads and what not, Dont you worry, but if you want to enjoy how the album will be translated into an App, you gotta own and Ipad :), with such partnership, she will not only be making more money to fund her next album projects but she lead a step further and prove to other artiste who fear of everything(including record label), that if you have a brain up in your head(think out of the box), technology isn't an enemy to your music but is a friend!

"Biophilia" will be release on september 27th in a form of CD, Digital downloads and now App.

official website:http://www.bjork.com/


Monday, July 18, 2011


It has been quite a while ive not been entertain by female fatale type of movie with spunky storyline and awesome soundtrack. I believe 'Hanna' shall become one of my memorable favorite action movie this year. Lead by the young actress named 'Saoirse Ronan' she embodied the character very well and yeah, she kick asses awesomely!

At such a young age she portrayed 15 year old 'hanna' who grow up with her father erik(eric bana) in remote jungle in Germany. Trained to be a tough ass kicking survivor in believe to survive for future attack against their family after the assassination of her mother when she was a child. After her brutal training, Hanna was left for revenge but soon later discover she soon does not only fight for her existence against the heartless marissa(cate blanchett) but also the real truth about herself.
Saoirse Ronan spectacular debut as 'hanna' alongside Eric Banna & Cate Blancett.

Cate Blancett plays 'Marissa' cruel cold hearted CIA Agent.

Eric Bana plays 'Erik' retired agent,Hanna's father.

Hanna wasnt only backed up by spectacular performance by cate blancett,eric bana and saoirse ronan alone! the musical maestro behind the movie is 'the chemical brothers!' who has colored all the scenes with over the top haunting beats creating an impact full audio pleasures! you can preview the audio theme here.

Hanna now on malaysian cinemas 21 July 2011

more info:


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ketika Cinta Bertasbih

Movie ni sebenarnya dah lama meletup kat Indonesia. Circa 2009. Cuma baru baru ni dah mula ditayangkan di saluran Pelangi Astro & TV Al Hijrah.

Diolah dari novel berjudul yang sama karya Habiburahman El Shirazy dan dihidupkan ke layar perak dengan sempurna oleh Chaerul Umam. Cerita berkisarkan perjalanan cinta pemuda kelahiran Kartosura bernama Abdullah Khaerul Azzam dan Anna. Apa yang aku kagum gila, semua subplot dijalin sempurna tanpa cacat cela dan semua karekter mempunyai kekuatan masing-masing yang akan membuatkan anda jatuh cinta dengan setiap sorang dari mereka.

Kekuatan movie ini paling utama adalah CERITANYA, didukung oleh karekter2nya yang dilakonkan oleh pelakon2 yang Fulamak TERER! setiap dialog ditutur sempurna sarat dengan penjiwaan watak yang betul2 serasi dengan setiap emosi yang dibawa.

Serious, kamu akan terpaku ditelevision dari mula scene sampailah habis.Apa yang aku kagum cara sisipan nasihat dan ajaran dakwah dicicip halus dan berseni tanpa terlalu memaksa atau jauh sekali bebelan.

Aku jatuh cinta terus dengan watak anna dan khaerul azzam. pemuda pemudi pekerti tinggi, tak boleh kubayangkan kalau akhir cerita tidak berakhir seperti yang diharapkan,mungkin ikut sama frust kot? koz mereka amat sepadan.

"wanita-wanita yang keji diperuntukan untuk lelaki yang keji, dan lelaki yang keji diperuntukkan untuk wanita yang keji pula, dan wanita yang baik diperuntukan bagi lelaki yang baik, dan lelaki baik diperuntukkan bagi wanita yang baik pula" (An Nur:26)

Cerita ini penuh nasihat berguna untuk pemuda dan beliawanis, bagaimana cara menjaga adab dan akhlak ia juga membahas secara ringan, firman Allah dalam Surah An Nur ayat 26. Ada banyak scene yang secara ringan memberi nasihat dan panduan.Antaranya sutradaranya berpesan pada belia supaya rajin bekerja dan tidak membuang masa menganggur. Menerusi watak Bu Nafis yang berpesan "orang menganggur tidak punya masa depan, hanya jadi cemuhan orang"

Aku suka cara cerita cinta dalam movie ini diadun sopan, berhemah dan penuh nasihat bagaimana batas pergaulan yang dijaga, dari saat di Kaherah sampailah Di Solo waktu Azam mencari jodohnya. Malahan ada juga terselit nasihat pada mereka yang jodohnya berat supaya tidak berputus asa. Sepertimana Azzam dan Anna, Tuhan lambatkan jodoh kerana jodoh yang tepat dan sesuai menunggu, tapi tidak pula diertikan bahawa harus berputus asa. Azam dilayarkan sebagai pemuda yang tidak putus asa mencari jodoh yang sesuai, dan Anna walaupun rumahtangganya gagal, namun akhirnya bertemu jodoh yang sesuai untuknya akhirnya,yang penting harus bersabar,berusaha dan bertawakkal.

Suka gila saat Azzam datang bertemu Kiai Lutfi menyerah cincin untuk dicarikan jodoh untuk dia, wakti kiai Lutfi bagitau Azzam ciri2 gadis yang nak dicalonkan untuk Azzam(Kiai describekan Anna tanpa beritau azzam nama Anna), dan sewaktu akhirnya Kiai beritahu Azzam, calon yang dicadangkan tu "anna" muka azzam suka gile dengan Anna terus sujud syukur sebab mmg azzamlah lelaki calon suami yang diharap2kan selama ni.(i was like, YES!)

Banyaklah kalo nak kupas-kupas satu satu pasal filem ini, tapi mmg best lah. hayatilah setiap dialog,setiap scene,setiap watak. siapa tahu, hari esok anda bangun selaku seorang muslim yang berjati diri lebih sempurna :)

Ketika Cinta Bertasbih kini disaluran pelangi, 142, Astro.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Urbanscapes tickets delivery!

just settled off all urbanscapes tickets delivery to the winners.
so lega!

have a great urbanscapes weekend ling & Zhaf!^_^


Monday, July 11, 2011

Melodica's Urbanscapes Contest Winners!

Hiee all!

thanks for submitting your entries. love reading them all( i love reading stories!).All of them are great, i can feel the weight of your hopes and interest to attend Urbanscapes with your lovely friend!
i picked two winners instead of one just because i felt the emotions and honesty in their writings.
so the winners are...

"first before anything else... :) i have to say i love your music choice streaming on your site. thanks for introducing me to Scotty and the reverbs. they made me smile. :)

and yes. urbanscapes. everyone's trying to escape from somewhere. i guess i am no different but this event offers a chance of bittersweet mind, body and soul distraction. it would be amazing just to get lost in the sea of creativity, basking in the all the voices, beats and music glory. everyone would be inspired, i know i will.

and i know who exactly i will bring along... a dear friend with the biggest personality, heart and body that i've ever known. :P she just shaved the right side of her hair and wanted a fresh outlook on life and desperately in need of any kind of salvation. i know she would enjoy urbanscapes as much as i do. doesn't everyone need a little love, creativity and inspiration in life? :)"

Boy with the broken smile(afriafro@gmail.com)
"i really want to go to Urbanscapes this year because two of my ex bandmates will be performing on the day with their band "Stonebay". It would also be my first time going to Urbanscapes and I've heard that it is one of the events that showcase the best local scenes from the fields of MUSIC, FASHION, ART, DESIGN & PHOTOGRAPHY. Most of my close friends would be there and this will be like a gathering for us. I wouldn't want to miss it. Isn't this the purpose of Urbanscapes? To bring to communities together by being with your friends and making new one.

I would bring my best friends who I've known for nearly 5 years, Kevinjit Singh. He has always been there no matter what. Eventhough we had our troubles but then our friendship is still strong and I would like to bring him to show him how much he means to me. He would enjoy Urbanscapes!!!"

Congratulations to both of you. i will contact you guys to arrange for the delivery which will be send via poslaju. you'll receive the tickets before saturday :)

Hope you have a spanking great time at urbanscapes 2011 !


Friday, July 8, 2011

Swell Window, Zee Avi

like a swell window,i will wait for you
right the moment till i catch you again,till i catch you again
oooooh oooooh oooooh oooooh oooooh oooooh

i met with the young man who has an ocean romance and he calls it the way of life,
he tells me how he feels when hes alone with the raging sound of calm, the raging sound of calm
fully untainted sacred place...

like a swell window,i will wait for you
right the moment till i catch you again,till i catch you again
oooooh oooooh oooooh oooooh oooooh oooooh

like a swell window,i will wait for you
right the moment till i catch you again,till i catch you again
oooooh oooooh oooooh oooooh oooooh oooooh

little doses count, this time will come around,
we're all riding the same waves...
we're all riding the same waves...
soon we're all be face to face

like a swell window,i will wait for you
right the moment till i catch you again,till i catch you again
oooooh oooooh oooooh oooooh oooooh oooooh


"swell window" tu pusar ombak kat tepi pantai,bagi seorang surfer, saat muncul 'swell window' merupakan saat yang paling masyuk untuk surfing. Seperti setianya sang surfer menunggu 'swell window' begitulah setia seorang pencinta menunggu cintanya.<3


Wednesday, July 6, 2011


ok im feeling generous today.

im giving away 1 pair of ticket to URBANSCAPES ! How?
very simple! all you gotta do is to give your comment at the bottom of this entry page and tell and 'story' me....

"why you wanna go to urbanscapes and who you wanna bring and why?"

most interesting entry that capture my attention will get the ticket! senang kan?!

dont forget to give your mail address or phone number
(if you wanna keep your phoen no private, just give me your email address, i will call you personally if you win for ticket delivery arrangement)

closing date is 11 July 2011!

remember Urbanscapes 2011 will be held at Padang Astaka, PJ on 16 July(saturday) 2011. 12pm - 12am!


Monday, July 4, 2011

Malaysia Airlines & Airasia Cabin Crew Vacancies!

Those who are interested to join malaysian airliners as cabin crew, malaysia airlines and airasia are now conducting interview this month!

So if you fit into their criteria,groom yourself up a bit and head to the interview points as below:-

Malaysia Airlines

-Malaysia citizen age 18 - 24 years old
-Minimum SPM with proficiency in english and BM
-Fluency in other language is added advantage.
-minimum height 165cm(male), 157cm(female)
-healthy, good eyesight(not color blind)
-pleasant personality and genuine passion in customer service.

Interview time: 8.30am - 12noon

what to bring: resume,IC, original or certified copy of academic certificates and most recent passport size photograph and completed malaysia airlines job application form(must download and print)

what to wear: male(office attire) female (office attire or kebaya)

What to expect: if your selected, than you will be offer MAS training bond with 5 years service contract after training.

Interview locations:-
(click photo to enlarge)


-Malaysia citizen age 18 - 35 years old
-Minimum SPM credit in BM & english,with proficiency in both language.
-Fluency in other language is added advantage.
-minimum height 170cm(male), 157cm(female)
-healthy, good eyesight(not color blind)
-good communication skills,genuine interest to serve people,boundless energy with inexhaustible smiles, outgoing and fun!

email your resume,recent photos to jobs@airasia.com. Succesful candidate will be notify for an interview!

Dont wait till you gets old! apply now !
good luck! :)


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Takutnya Karak...

KRU did it again ! Releasing movie after movie, this time 'Karak' made it debut as their first scary movie.However other than the detail cosmetic composition and meticulous CGI rendering of the flying ghost, it is quite a despair when i couldn't find a complete enjoyment of watching a movie with a smooth execution of an interesting storyline.

Despite being commercially promoted as one of the scariest local scary movie, throughout the middle part and the end i found myself laughing, or shrink myself on the couch trying to handle the cheesy predictable storyline.

The movie kick off with quite a hopeful intro scene, of a lady with a baby and her husband stranded in karak highway,in some part of the scene did made me accidentally screaming in shock. But then, soon after the movie kick off, my good feeling of having a good scary movie simply falter away from my expectation.

It wasnt scary anymore, all i see then,were just marketing ploys to lure audience to hook them to the movie, where shahir AF, Kila Fairy totally utilised in many ways for some eye candy entertainment.Only a few of them shine, for example Shera Ayob(zura) and the Sidek hussain(Pak Malam).

Just when i thought the movie will develop further among the infamous Karak ghost story (yellow volkswagen) or perhaps other karak scary stories that will spooks me to the bone, i was then left with confusion after confusion, while trying to justify if the old lady hairy ghost is the wife of tok malam or not?what ist gotta do with Zura and the necklace? and why suddenly towards the end of the movie the two other characters were killed to serve justice as their past sin?

It get more irritatingly preachy when the ending of the movie suddenly becoming a preaching session,where suddenly we discover the ghost haunted Zura as revenge since she doesnt pray(tak sembahyang) and doesnt understand Ayat Kursi(but only knows to recite them). It gets even funnier when the character Zura recite the words of Kursi with the ghost around her acting like they dont fear any words of it. (suddenly chinese ghost movie projected in mind)

The ending? i just end up laughing and cringe into the sofa when suddenly the movie turned becoming like one of those 'ghost whisperer' movie where we discover later that Nik(shahir AF) is actually a ghost, and then he disappear into the light soon after confessing his love to Zura.

My oh my.Thanks to Astro First(Courtesy of Miss I) Thank god i didnt watch this in cinema, or else im gonna end up spending my time twitting in the cinema hall!:)

Sometime i just felt that the KRU Film should just fund the movie project and leave the director seat to someone else who can do better, a movie after a movie, KRU Film just keep on producing movies with compang camping weak storyline but focusing more on the heavy effort on the cosmetic side(CGI and effects). On a positive note, i really like when they give room for new talents to act in the movie.Creating more colors and platforms in disovering the blockbuster actor and actress of the future.

Anyway i wont lose hope, perhaps better movie next time? I tunggu.....^_^