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Monday, July 25, 2011

Biophilia by Bjork

i have high respect for Bjork. Personally to me, she embodied an artiste that able to smartly adapt in a highly competitive music business and at the same time able to channel through her artistry by adapting to the latest form of technology.

From her debut in 1993 until the release of her latest album to date "Biophilia",she has survived the era of cassette, CD, mp3s and now she pioneered the App technology by working with Apple team in finding ways to connect her creativity made available in the form of App.

Bjork and a team of developer designed the apps to plunged the listeners into the album cosmology theme where the suite is stacked with interactive games,visuals and musical tools. Her fascination with Ipad started when she suppose to collaborate with movie director and visual arts expert Michel Gondry to launch materials from "Biophilia" as a 3D movie. However when the project was put on hold due to his busy schedule working on the "green hornet". Bjork and her team has approach Apple team to continue the project as an album utilizing App as another platform for art, due to Bjork fascination to Ipad.

Bjork then reach out to her favourite App developers, emailing them on her creative directions and presented them with unique financial opportunity leveraging on her market segmentation. She promised them with no label intervention attached to her app project, hence promising a better revenue to the developers, and so they buy in the idea.

and yeah, she supervise the projects ensuring every creative aspect of the project is according to her requirement, by emailing sometimes hundreds email per day and meeting them, to ensure her goal to succesfully portrayed the elements of each songs to own apps.

Yes,"Biophilia" will be still be on sales in a form of CD, digital downloads and what not, Dont you worry, but if you want to enjoy how the album will be translated into an App, you gotta own and Ipad :), with such partnership, she will not only be making more money to fund her next album projects but she lead a step further and prove to other artiste who fear of everything(including record label), that if you have a brain up in your head(think out of the box), technology isn't an enemy to your music but is a friend!

"Biophilia" will be release on september 27th in a form of CD, Digital downloads and now App.

official website:http://www.bjork.com/