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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

David Archuleta wardrobe over function!

Omg i was browsing through pictures of David Archuleta asian tour 2011 and suddenly i felt so sad knowing that he wore the same outfit on stage in Manila(18th July),Hanoi(24th July) and KL(26 July 2011).

Archuleta in Manila (click to see more photos)

Archuleta in Hanoi(click to see more photos)
Archuleta in KL (click to see more photos)

Funny, in the phase of costume changes, over the top stage outfit from lady gaga to Justin Bieber, its almost heart wrenching to see him in the similar clothes. i wonder if that outfit were dry cleaned and reused to save cost or simply because he just love the clothes? Anyhow Archie, i think you will look good in clothes, wear as many new clothes as possible okay, get sponsors or better yet maybe any fans can donate some spanking new clothes to him next time? cause the outfit that he keep wearing in KL, Hanoi and manila might be over function by time he reach home in the USA. oh well :(