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Monday, July 11, 2011

Melodica's Urbanscapes Contest Winners!

Hiee all!

thanks for submitting your entries. love reading them all( i love reading stories!).All of them are great, i can feel the weight of your hopes and interest to attend Urbanscapes with your lovely friend!
i picked two winners instead of one just because i felt the emotions and honesty in their writings.
so the winners are...

"first before anything else... :) i have to say i love your music choice streaming on your site. thanks for introducing me to Scotty and the reverbs. they made me smile. :)

and yes. urbanscapes. everyone's trying to escape from somewhere. i guess i am no different but this event offers a chance of bittersweet mind, body and soul distraction. it would be amazing just to get lost in the sea of creativity, basking in the all the voices, beats and music glory. everyone would be inspired, i know i will.

and i know who exactly i will bring along... a dear friend with the biggest personality, heart and body that i've ever known. :P she just shaved the right side of her hair and wanted a fresh outlook on life and desperately in need of any kind of salvation. i know she would enjoy urbanscapes as much as i do. doesn't everyone need a little love, creativity and inspiration in life? :)"

Boy with the broken smile(afriafro@gmail.com)
"i really want to go to Urbanscapes this year because two of my ex bandmates will be performing on the day with their band "Stonebay". It would also be my first time going to Urbanscapes and I've heard that it is one of the events that showcase the best local scenes from the fields of MUSIC, FASHION, ART, DESIGN & PHOTOGRAPHY. Most of my close friends would be there and this will be like a gathering for us. I wouldn't want to miss it. Isn't this the purpose of Urbanscapes? To bring to communities together by being with your friends and making new one.

I would bring my best friends who I've known for nearly 5 years, Kevinjit Singh. He has always been there no matter what. Eventhough we had our troubles but then our friendship is still strong and I would like to bring him to show him how much he means to me. He would enjoy Urbanscapes!!!"

Congratulations to both of you. i will contact you guys to arrange for the delivery which will be send via poslaju. you'll receive the tickets before saturday :)

Hope you have a spanking great time at urbanscapes 2011 !