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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Takutnya Karak...

KRU did it again ! Releasing movie after movie, this time 'Karak' made it debut as their first scary movie.However other than the detail cosmetic composition and meticulous CGI rendering of the flying ghost, it is quite a despair when i couldn't find a complete enjoyment of watching a movie with a smooth execution of an interesting storyline.

Despite being commercially promoted as one of the scariest local scary movie, throughout the middle part and the end i found myself laughing, or shrink myself on the couch trying to handle the cheesy predictable storyline.

The movie kick off with quite a hopeful intro scene, of a lady with a baby and her husband stranded in karak highway,in some part of the scene did made me accidentally screaming in shock. But then, soon after the movie kick off, my good feeling of having a good scary movie simply falter away from my expectation.

It wasnt scary anymore, all i see then,were just marketing ploys to lure audience to hook them to the movie, where shahir AF, Kila Fairy totally utilised in many ways for some eye candy entertainment.Only a few of them shine, for example Shera Ayob(zura) and the Sidek hussain(Pak Malam).

Just when i thought the movie will develop further among the infamous Karak ghost story (yellow volkswagen) or perhaps other karak scary stories that will spooks me to the bone, i was then left with confusion after confusion, while trying to justify if the old lady hairy ghost is the wife of tok malam or not?what ist gotta do with Zura and the necklace? and why suddenly towards the end of the movie the two other characters were killed to serve justice as their past sin?

It get more irritatingly preachy when the ending of the movie suddenly becoming a preaching session,where suddenly we discover the ghost haunted Zura as revenge since she doesnt pray(tak sembahyang) and doesnt understand Ayat Kursi(but only knows to recite them). It gets even funnier when the character Zura recite the words of Kursi with the ghost around her acting like they dont fear any words of it. (suddenly chinese ghost movie projected in mind)

The ending? i just end up laughing and cringe into the sofa when suddenly the movie turned becoming like one of those 'ghost whisperer' movie where we discover later that Nik(shahir AF) is actually a ghost, and then he disappear into the light soon after confessing his love to Zura.

My oh my.Thanks to Astro First(Courtesy of Miss I) Thank god i didnt watch this in cinema, or else im gonna end up spending my time twitting in the cinema hall!:)

Sometime i just felt that the KRU Film should just fund the movie project and leave the director seat to someone else who can do better, a movie after a movie, KRU Film just keep on producing movies with compang camping weak storyline but focusing more on the heavy effort on the cosmetic side(CGI and effects). On a positive note, i really like when they give room for new talents to act in the movie.Creating more colors and platforms in disovering the blockbuster actor and actress of the future.

Anyway i wont lose hope, perhaps better movie next time? I tunggu.....^_^