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Friday, August 26, 2011

DIARY:Melo @ Puspakom Car Inspection Centre

Have you ever wonder what actually happen during a car inspection process at puspakom? i went there to do car inspection for "tukar hak milik" thingie. Right at the entrance gate, you will drive your car to a queue line, then the guard will ask your purpose of car inspection. for trade in process, you will be filing up B5 & B7 form. Dont ever forget to bring A PEN beforehand or else you going to end up bagging for pen cause its usually a long queue.

see the long lines?

bring some snacks,books,handful of good CDs or else you gotta make fool out of yourself out of boredom!

okay, then you will eventually reach a drive in counter, where you gonna submit the two form, pay RM90 and you will be getting a receipt. you also going to handover your 'geran kereta'(temporarily)

you then going to continue queuing untill you reach the inspection area and from then you will let the puspakom guys do their inspection and you wait till your car inspection is complete.
after that, you wait till your acknowledgement or result certificate is ready, you will then require to submit the receipt and you then can go home with the certificate. The simple process usually going to take a half day. senang jek! then you will then proceed with the 'tukar hak milik' process at JPJ.

Puspakom also offer privaate car inspection process FREE OF CHARGE during hari raya season, thorough check on brakes,suspension,emission test and what not. So just make a lil time for your car for your own safety :)

more info visit their website lah ok? http://www.puspakom.com.my/


Sunday, August 21, 2011

TUNES:The Book Of Morris Johnson - Zee Avi

Zee Avi(Courtesy of Universal Music Malaysia)
turtle clipart cartoonturtle clipart cartoon
The turtle moves slowly and is happy with his pace of life,
The Flamingo walks with elegant grace
she knows she’s one of a kind,
if you can’t stop in, least smile as you go by,
if you can’t stop in, least smile as you go by,
sometimes you just gotta know how to feel...
lesser flamingo.giflesser flamingo.giflesser flamingo.gif
animal clipart crab
The happy crab dance on the beach to a calypso beat
the happy mullet jump for the pure joy of being alive
if you can’t stop in, least smile as you go by,
if you can’t stop in, least smile as you go by,
sometimes you just gotta know how to feel
Click to view
The gator grinned as he dream of his next meal...
every good fisherman has a pelican watching over him,
if you can’t stop in, least smile as you go by,
if you can’t stop in, least smile as you go by,
sometimes you just gotta know how to feel
Grey animation pelican bird clipart face.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

DIARY:Contest yang Comel!

browsing browsing pagi nie terjumpa contest "baju melayu & baju kurung" nie kt blog KUCING. BLOGSPOT. first time visit.igtkan blog pasal kucing, rupernye tak!,Tapi contest dia comellah! sempena raya kan. i like. sebab comel sgt i tlg promote lah, nak join sah sah kalah awal2 lagi(ekekeke), jadik sesape yang nak join contest nieh silalah join sekarang senang je. ikut arahan dia je. hadiah ape menang tu tak penting janji happening.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

TUNES:12 Shades, Nadhira

Freshly emerged in the local music scene last year with the birth of her debut album "from malaysia with love" under the management of "the movemint". Nadhira Nishaa or simply known as Nadhira slowly stampede her steps in the country doing live performances at cafes,clubs and music festivals, where she then later begins to have her own loyal followers and admirers and attention from the local medias.
Admiring Sheila Majid as her favourite local artiste, its not a surprise if you caught some similarities upon listening to her smooth jazzy pop vocal which also has some rnb hip hop flavor smilar to the international artistes like che'nelle, ciara, nivea to name afew. However she stand on her own originality where her vocal tone is still very Nadhirah.

Knowing that the industry moves fast like a blink of an eye, she doesnt need to wait another year to begin the work on her new album,with assistance of Indonesian producer, Wizzow. Her 2nd album "12 Shades" was launch on July 28.The 14 tracks album packed with songs containing urban flavours from jazz,hiphop,rnb to reggae.

For her new album, she also explore the possibility to expose her talents overseas with the collaboration with Australia's new artiste Ron E Jones and producer Tom Diesel as well as collaborators from Indonesia such as reggae artist named Ras Muhammad and canadian's Vandal.

The album not only contains infectious urban melodies but also two beautiful malay tracks "sendiri" and "rindu". From the happy clappy singing along song like "rindu" and slow tempo "sendiri", both songs will surely will make it way into the playlist of local bahasa radios.

Her crystal clear vocal easily translate the message of her songs,making it an enjoyable pleasure to understand what she singing about. There are some shiny tracks with haunting melody such as "god made it this way", "XXL", "make it right", "tears us apart" among others, making "12 shades" a strong album, worth every cents you spent on it.
The first single off the album "tear us apart" is now on radio rotation on FlyFM, Hitz and other local english radio. You might have listened to it(but might mistaken it to a international singer!)
The video was shoot in the centre heart of bukit bintang and KL city,a simple video but was done tastefully. Its an improvement to Nadhira first video "do it again" where in "tear us apart"both Nadhira and Ron acted quite well bridging the emotional vibe of the song to the screen.

I hope Nadhira continues to evolve in her style selection and experiment on whats best for her which best relates to her music,transforming herself into an urban singing princess, with designer clothes, killer shoes, while experimenting with colors,patterns and labels, injecting more stylish elements into her clothing which currently not many local female singer bother to take high attention to.

As self proclaim entrepeneur, hopefully she can become a high sought artiste with tasteful musical talent but focusing also on the possibilities to establish her talents and music into a higher standard in every album release.considering the improvement from debut and her current sophomore outing,it is quite a positive improvement with above average qualities in terms of productions but the creative direction. The album is now now currently made available on amazon,itunes, etc a proactive effort from the movemint label to promote their artiste.In hope, Nadhira will be ready take the center front of a bigger a stage. But then its up to you to take a listen and appreciates what has she got to offer. If you do not give her a chance to even listen, she might join zee avi, shayna zaid, ze! or yuna venturing their steps oversea where they are usually be more accepted.

RM29.90 @ rock corner outlets
Nadhira 's 12 Shades now available not only at rock corner outlets, but also available via digital downloads at amazon, and itunes.

more info:


Friday, August 5, 2011


It has been quite a while for me to watch chinese movie in cinema. However i found "wu xia" an irresistible movie to say no. With Takeshi Kaneshiro & Donny Yen stared as the two lead role and beautiful cinematography seen in the trailer "wu Xia" definitely a worthy movie to spent my money on.

The movie basically a beautiful movie with dangerous kungfu meets CSI meets crouching tiger. A properly executed movie with an interesting storyline. It tells about how xu baijiu(takeshi) a crime investigation officer during a period era in china accidentally discover the real identity of an ordinary papermaker named liu jinxi(donny) after he accidentally killed a dangerous criminal in a robbery.
set as a period movie, you will be amaze by the film set and the locations in support to the movie fictional storyline, the movie not only offer action packed kungfu scenes,but crafted with amazing visuals and superb acting, something that might appeal for academy awards next year. check out on the two trailers below:-

"wu xia" is now out in malaysian cinemas. Dont missed it!


Thursday, August 4, 2011


This is new food joint, just recently opened at lorong rahim kajai 13, Taman Tun Dr Ismail. The cafe owned by Mr Haris, due to his passion of food. His specialty? Nasi Ayam. His nasi ayam reminds me of my mom's cooking. Dark soy sauce marinated chicken. I tried once and must say, his nasi ayam is one of the best ive tasted in KL.

His nasi ayam ramadhan promotion price at RM12 for 1 person which includes sirap selasih, pudding( made by his wifey). If your not into nasi ayam, then there are few other food choices to select on from the menu.

The cafe deco is ala kampung with wooden bench and tables complete with rumbia leaves roof, also available are single seating areas nearby the cashier(i always love restaurant who has single seating areas where you do not need to waste two more seat when couples occupied a four seating tables during peak hours.

he also serve nasi ayam delivery nearby

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lelaki Tak Guna by TIGA

I loved them since the first time i saw them at EC event in wangsa maju, i always easily hooked by independent strong girls, plus they are spunky off and on stage. Their debut single "lelaki tak guna" are not just catchy but encourage the girls to stand on their two feet strongly.

"Lelaki Tak guna by Tiga"
(words/song by Edry KRU)

Berdesing telingamu ditenking,
ditohmah dan dicerca, kau pergi terima
kau sangka bahawa itu cinta, tandanya kau setia(baik diam saja...)

setiap hari kau fikir...
esok lebih baik...
kau tunggu punyalah tunggu
tapi dia masih(masih begitu)

bila hati asyik terluka,
putus harapan pada cinta,
kalau dah lelaki tak guna,
lebih baik kau tinggalkannya(tinggalkannya...)
oh tinggalkannya!

semua masalah yang menimpa
kerana mengaku salah(dia yang betul saja)
biarlah harus aku terima,
banyak telah bersabar atau telan menadah

setiap malam menangis
dihati terguris....
kau tunggu punyalah tunggu
tapi dia masih(masih begitu!)

bila hati asyik terluka,
putus harapan pada cinta,
kalau dah lelaki tak guna,
lebih baik kau tinggalkannya(tinggalkannya...)
oh tinggalkannya!

< bridge >
perlukah diberitahu
kau seorang individu, yang punya perasaan?
tunjukkanlah padanya, hingga dia tersedar siapa menang akhirnya?!
kau tunggu punyalah tunggu(tapi dia masih,masih begitu)

bila hati asyik terluka,
putus harapan pada cinta,
kalau dah lelaki tak guna,
lebih baik kau tinggalkannya(tinggalkannya...)
oh tinggalkannya!

if you like them please LIKE their facebook and show your love and support!


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Suzuki Alto

Hey,I found another option. Cheap and and affordable in terms of usage/annual insurance/after sales etc. Its Suzuki Alto.Priced at RM54(full spec, accessories & leather seat).I love the front aerodynamic design so much, with smileylike face on the front grill. Cute Gile!
A petite city compact car. it has won numerous awards on fuel efficiency and was also last year Fuel Efficiency Awards 2010 winner for Compact City Car. Which means its a echo friendly car,extra added safety features such as dual airbags and such and so call to claimed stronger steels body compared to it peers(Viva,MyV etc) and With leather seats and full spec accessories, owning and maintaining an alto definitely is affordable, just like my kelisa. However i just dont like two aspect of the car that i really dont like :(

I dont like it dashboard drawer. Its wide open, where im gonna hide my mess? Plus i dont want the eye looker going to have a peek on my CDs! and it doesnt have in yellow(nak kena catla plak?) my oh my :(

Im going to test drive personally at the nearby showroom and see how it goes. And i also wonder, does it really save money on the fuel ?do share please :)